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A Crucial Loss

Offices of the Duverus cult and The American Sunbeam circa 1977, from a collection by Jewish photographer Max Hirshfeld, who was allowed to spend three days photographing and interviewing the workers and residents there.

by Revilo P. Oliver (1986)

THE American Sunbeam has ceased publication. This is a calamity because that newspaper published each week Jim Taylor’s reports of his observations in the Near East and Africa, and it was the only publication in the United States that did so. And Mr. Taylor was the only American journalist who, as a foreign correspondent, frequently visited the countries that the Jews are now destroying or planning to destroy and had the integrity and courage to report what he observed. He was usually our best, and often our only, source of unvitiated information about current and impending events in those regions of the world.

Mr. Taylor is the author of Pearl Harbor II (Washington, D.C., Midwest Publishing House, 1980), a book which takes its title from the consideration that 8 June 1967 was, like 7 December 1941, a day of infamy on which American enlisted men and officers were betrayed and killed by the conscious and prearranged acts of traitors who were the President of the United States and his immediate associates. The book describes the Jews’ efforts to sink the U.S. Navy’s reconnaissance vessel, Liberty, while their agents in the White House by specific orders kept the American fleet from going to the assistance of the unarmed Liberty, in the hope that the Jews could succeed in sinking the ship and killing all Americans aboard it, which would make it possible to tell the American serfs that the Egyptians had attacked and sunk the vessel. Putting over that typically Jewish hoax would have permitted a “peace keeping” attack on Egypt and facilitated a Jewish victory over the Semites of that nation. When the Jews’ best efforts failed totally to destroy the ship, the traitors in Washington tried desperately and for some years successfully to prevent their American subjects from learning what had happened.

Mr. Taylor had held for twenty-four years a highly responsible position as editor of one of the largest regional sections of the most widely circulated guide to television programmes in the nation. The Jews, however, wreak vengeance on lowly Aryans who dare state facts that do not bear the Kosher seal of approval, and while they for many decades had done so by stealth, intrigue, and bribery, their occupation of the United States was so nearly complete that little pretense was used to cover their punishment of Mr. Taylor by depriving him of his position and using their banks to ruin him financially. He, undaunted, began a precarious career as a foreign correspondent, investigating by personal observation conditions in the Near and Middle East, where the Semites, braver and more provident than mush-headed Aryans, are still trying to resist the World Conquerors. Needless to say, events in which the Master Race is vitally interested are never truthfully reported by the media of misinformation the Jews provide for Americans, although some slivers of fact do come through the net now and then.

If you wish to measure the distance the United States has gone beyond the Point of No Return, perpend the fact that Jim Taylor’s weekly reports were published only in one very small weekly newspaper, the Sunbeam. So far as I know, the only other American periodical which has dared to publish anything by an author so hated by Yahweh’s Holy Race is Liberty Bell, which carried two articles by him in May 1984 and another in August 1986 and is presenting his latest report in the present issue.

The decease of the Sunbeam came without warning and surprised all its subscribers and contributors, and the persons who had made subventions to keep it alive. Their first intimation of the disaster to the “right wing” came from a bizarre sheet dated Friday the thirteenth of June, by coincidence or design, and mailed the next day. It was entitled “The Silent Crucifixion” and signed “Delamer Duverus,” the pseudonym of the editor and publisher. It began:

The Atonga for Delamer Duverus always said that history repeats itself and so it does, as we come to the dividing of times. The crucifixion of that Christ-spirit is not hung upon a cross, but it is the same. The Atonga for Duverus lies in a hospital bed… trapped within a body that is ceasing to function.

That was scarcely intelligible. An Atonga is a member of a Bantu tribe that infests the western shore of Lake Nyasa, but no such nigger had been seen in Seligman, Missouri [where the Sunbeam was published — Ed.], a village of less than five hundred inhabitants, in which such a creature could not have escaped notice. It seemed reasonable to guess that the strange word had been coined as an equivalent of the ‘astral soul’ of Theosophists or the atman of Hindu religions (most familiar to Americans in the title ‘Mahatma,’ assumed by fakirs who claim to have oversized souls with magical powers). But even so, can we speak of a soul “for” someone? I leave the puzzle to those who may wish to waste time solving it.

One guessed, of course, that “Duverus” had suffered some kind of stroke. I have ascertained from a kind informant that he was buried on 21 June.

There was no doubt about the essential meaning of a paragraph half-way down the page: “The American Sunbeam will no longer be published. It has accomplished its purpose as the Atonga for Duverus told us himself.” Subscribers were invited to purchase a book on “teleology” to compensate for the unfulfilled part of their subscriptions.

Thus ended a unique enterprise in journalism in this country, and one of which I regret that I cannot give you the history. “Duverus,” alias Roberts, was an individual who had solved the mathematical complexities of “teleological time patterns” and so knew what Mr. Je Sus (his spelling) and Associates were going to do. He derived from his teleology a whole slew of metaphysical discoveries that I have never tried to catalogue, much less understand. On these grand verities he based an organized cult of which the members improved their souls (or ‘atongas’?) by working in his printing plant to publish his books of up-to-date revelations and a weekly newspaper, which was at first called the Ozark Sunbeam.

“Duverus” was able to discern through his metaphysical fog the outlines of the decline and fall of the United States, and he evidently believed, as few do, in freedom of speech and writing. He was willing to publish communications from a bewildering variety of American “conservatives” and “rightists,” some of whom found in the little weekly their only means of expression in print. The small subscription list grew, warranting the change in name, especially after the periodical had the good fortune to obtain the reports of Jim Taylor, for which many, I am sure, subscribed, as I did.

Many readers of Liberty Bell doubtless subscribed for that reason. For those who did not, I remark that an issue of the American Sunbeam consisted of eight newspaper-size pages until recently, when it was reduced to four pages to compensate for one of the increases in second-class postage by which Washington intends to eliminate all periodicals except the ones of mass circulation, which, of course, are all owned or effectively censored by Yahweh’s Predatory Race. Each issue was a bizarre conglomerate. In addition to Jim Taylor’s invaluable reports, one sometimes found other articles or letters that were worth reading, such as discussions of the Federal Reserve swindle or news of the progressive imposition of Communist rule on the American nitwits by the Federal government’s pseudo-legal terrorists and scoff-law thugs. The rest of the pages were filled with a wide variety of nonsense, from the editor’s teleological fantasies to the maunderings of a whole rout of Christian cultists and the absurd claims of Russian impostors and low-grade mystery-mongers. Having to glance at a few lines of patent nonsense, however, was a small price to pay for the really valuable information that one could obtain nowhere else in this country.

The American Sunbeam is no more. How can we now obtain accurate information about what is happening in the parts of the world in which our future calamities are being industriously prepared? How can Jim Taylor continue to provide information for the tiny American minority that believes that Aryans are still a viable species of mammals and may possibly have a posterity?

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, September 1986

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