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The Stars in Their Courses

Dick Cheney (left) and the elder Bush: doing the Jews’ bloody bidding was the essence of their “careers.”

by Revilo P. Oliver

BUSHY’S HOMICIDAL spree in Iraq has taught us lessons that must be learned by everyone who is interested in his own future.

The American boobs were given a conclusive demonstration of the serfdom which they have brought upon themselves. There was not even a pretence of consulting them — or even the den of thieves in the Capitol whom some gullible Americans imagine to be their representatives — before Bushy sent his army to the Persian Gulf and, in effect, imposed on his slaves a special tax, variously estimated at between seventy and one hundred billion dollars. His only regard for his subjects was shown in the routine use of the national lie machine to spray slime in their stupid faces. (1)

(1. I am informed that a well-known journalist, Martin Yant, has written a book to be entitled Desert Mirage, the True Story of the Gulf War which will be published by Prometheus Books (now at 59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, New York; 14228) in the autumn of this year. The book, according to my information, will expose in detail the total dishonesty of the “news” about Iraq that the captive press and television injected into the consciousness (euphemistically called minds) of the American public — but that will be no news to anyone who has watched the operations of the lie machine in recent decades, although a few details may be of some passing interest. The book, it is said, will also expose the means by which Saddam was trapped by the treacherous Americans, and will review the infliction of death or prolonged suffering on millions of Iraqis during and after Bushy’s spree. How far the author will dare to go in hinting what forces Bushy served is uncertain; neither he nor his publisher could afford candor on that subject.)

The whole world was taught what the Jews’ American janissaries will do to any nation that seriously offends the Holy Race.

The whole world was also treated to an object lesson in the terrible power of the technology that provided the janissaries with weapons more effective than any of the writers of “science fiction” had imagined.

One obvious inference from that lesson should be taken to heart by Aryans who dream of an organized resistance to the Masters of the World, whether in this country or elsewhere, and are still thinking in terms of the Eighteenth Century, when frontiersmen and farmers with rifles proved themselves a match for the disciplined troops with which Great Britain tried to restore order in her colonies. Equally anachronistic are men who base plans on the almost insurmountable difficulties encountered by the highly efficient German Army in mountainous territory (especially in the region called Yugoslavia) or, more recently, by the Soviet troops in Afghanistan, where the terrain made it impossible to annihilate guerrilla bands, and the conquerors had to be content with occupying cities and defending their lines of communication from constant harassment by irregular forces that could emerge from and retreat into mountainous wilderness into which tanks and other motorized equipment could not follow them, and observation from the air was largely futile.

Everyone knows, of course, that Saddam had no chance whatsoever of defending his country (assuming he so desired) from the American aggressors, but in the various discussions of the ‘miracle weapons’ provided by high technology, celestial espionage is given little prominence, so that few now perceived that Saddam would have had no chance, even if the Americans had not had tanks that aim their guns by infra-red rays and planes that can send bombs accurately down the ventilation shafts or into the front doors of hospitals and schools — if, in short, they had used only the weapons available in the World War of 1939-1945. A convenient summary and appreciation of the effectiveness of the Americans’ means of observation is given in The New Scientist (London), 27 July 1991.

Long before Bushy attacked it, Iraq had been under continuous observation by the many artificial satellites that the Americans had in orbits that passed above that doomed land or were stationed permanently above it. Saddam had no opportunity whatsoever to make military preparations or move troops without observation. His ability to do anything of importance secretly was no greater than that of the proverbial goldfish in its bowl.

The most phenomenal American device for celestial espionage is the optical “Keyhole’ (KH-11), which, in daylight, can, from an altitude of 150 miles, locate, identify, and photograph objects that are nine inches across when it is surveying an area of about six square miles. At night, the Americans relied on “Lacrosse,’ which operates all the time and is unaffected by darkness or weather, since it uses radar, and can locate and identify objects that measure four feet or larger — obviously adequate to locate a tank or a missile launcher, a truck, or a piece of conventional artillery. Other satellites picture larger areas with resolutions of thirty feet in an area of about 2,200 square miles and ninety feet in an area of 21,000 square miles, thus permitting the making of maps that are both detailed and comprehensive, showing not only military installations, factories, hospitals, and other large buildings, but even ordinary houses.

Satellites stationary above Iraq permitted American ships, airplanes, helicopters, tanks, and large vehicles constantly and regardless of weather to determine their exact position on such maps, or to guide missiles to desired targets, with a tolerance of about forty-five feet. Other satellites operate by infra-red rays and determined the trajectory of Saddam’s “Scud” missiles a good two minutes before they reached their targets, thus making it easy to destroy them.

According to General Merrill A. McPeak, Chief of Staff of Bushy’s Air Force, the operation in Iraq “was a first war of the space age.” That is an exaggeration, but it was certainly the first slaughter of a practically defenceless people by use of “space age” technology. It will not be the last. The janissaries will have to do a great deal of slaughtering before all the earth’s goyim are content to become docile and mindless livestock needed for the New World Order.

The poor Iraqis had no satellites of their own, of course, but their land was under observation from the satellites of other nations: Russia, France, and independent corporations, known as “SPOT Image” and “EOSAT,” which, according to the declared international policy of “open skies,” sell to their customers (for very high prices) photographs taken by their satellites. All these sources of information were closed to Iraq, a nation so wicked it had displeased God’s Chosen Predators. Whether the independent corporations’ righteousness was stimulated by threats from the world’s bullies to destroy their satellites if they sold to Satan, is not known.

Professor Peter Zimmerman, now at George Washington University, eventually obtained pictures taken by a Russian satellite on 13 September 1990, the day on which the corps of trained liars in the Pentagon assured Bushy’s serfs that they knew that Saddam had in Kuwait an army of 250,000 troops with 2,000 tanks and thousands of support vehicles, all poised for an invasion of Saudi Arabia. The announcement from the Pentagon was believed by many Americans who did not know, and neglected to ascertain, that Iraq was a poor country with a total population of about 14,000,000 Iraqis plus about 4,500,000 domestic enemies. Professor Zimmerman’s pictures show a country at peace. Roads and airfields were virtually deserted. Saddam had occupied Kuwait, as the Americans had encouraged him to do, and there were doubtless Iraqi soldiers — how many we shall probably never know — in possession of the occupied territory, but of extensive military forces or preparations there was no sign whatsoever. The great accuracy of the Americans’ celestial espionage precludes all possibility of an honest error. The Pentagon’s announcement was simply hogwash for Bushy’s boobies, and should provide a lesson for Americans who still believe that official pronouncements by their rulers in Washington have any relation to truth, other than by coincidence.

The majority of artificial satellites now in operation are owned by Russia and the United States, but the cooperative European Space Agency, Japan, and Canada are now preparing to launch some improved models of their own. Whether the Holy Land has satellites of its own or relies on its captive nations is not known. India and China are believed to be technologically capable of building and launching satellites.

What is now quite clear is that no country on earth can hope to prepare to defend itself from American-style aggression so long as it is under observation by its enemies. A nation that wants to be independent will have to begin by destroying all satellites that pass over its territory or near enough to it to obtain clear pictures, and by destroying them, it will announce its purpose and so expose itself to “preemptive strikes” to ensure its continued servitude.

The only powers that, so far as is known, now have technological equipment to destroy intrusive satellites are Russia and the United States. It is possible that Japan could provide herself with such equipment quickly.

The only powers that could be ready for war when they destroy satellites are Russia and the United States. Whether a terribly destructive conflict between them is included in the plans for the New World Order is uncertain.

These are data to be taken into consideration when you try to guess the shape of things to come.

Incidentally, it is astonishing that our evangelical dervishes have not seen the opportunity to use theological skill in distortion words and falsifying contexts to produce a wonderful example of “Bible prophecy.” In the largely mythical account of the events by which Yahweh’s Yids first grabbed Palestine, it is written, “They fought from the heavens: the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.” (2)

(2. Judges, 5.20. The antecedent of ‘they’ is ‘stars,’ as is obvious from the corresponding passage in the Septuagint.)

Now artificial satellites are tiny stars, aren’t they? — if not in our normal use of the word, certainly within the meanings of KWKB in Hebrew (and, for that matter, of its equivalent in the Septuagint). And they move in orbits that are courses, don’t they? Now doesn’t that prove that Sisera portended Saddam? And that old Yahweh invented artificial satellites to help his godly race dominate the planet that he gave them?

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, October 1991

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