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“Sephardic Judd” Is a Jewish Parasite

“Sephardic Judd” Apatow; artist’s conception

by Ryan Cavallius

AN OBVIOUS PRODUCT of Jewish nepotism in the entertainment industry, Judd Apatow is another Hollywood Jew with no real creative ability who has nevertheless somehow managed to become rich and famous. Apatow’s films showcase his degenerate, stereotypically Jewish mentality, with his eponymous production company being responsible for movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Pineapple Express, and Bros — all of which invariably promote drug use, homosexuality, miscegenation, and everything else harmful to our people.

Always lavished with praise by other media Jews, Apatow is a self-described physical weakling who identifies with the sick, feeble, cowardly, emasculated, and half-dumb characters in his movies. The movies themselves are unimpressive. Essentially just exaggerated displays of idiocy and decadence, they are unremarkable in terms of creativity and show no signs of being products of a high artistic sensibility.

On top of his culture-poisoning activity in Hollywood, Apatow actively supports “liberal” political causes and has a history of working closely with extremist Jewish organizations known for their radically anti-White agendas.

Sephardic Judd” Apatow: a Typical Hollywood Jew

Though most White Americans probably wouldn’t recognize his name if asked, they have probably seen at least one of his series episodes or films. Founder of his own production company, “Apatow Productions,” Judd Apatow – or, as he has been known to call himself, “Sephardic Judd”1 – is one of the leading movie and television producers in Hollywood. As such, he moves in circles infested with other famous Hollywood Jews, including Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Adam Sandler, Nicholas Stoller, and Pee Wee Herman.2

Apatow’s movies are popular with the masses and therefore very influential in American culture. In 2016, the Hollywood Reporter gave him the number fifty-two spot on their list of the 100 most powerful people in entertainment3 – a list the Times of Israel says is “packed with familiar surnames.”4

Apatow possesses absolutely no genuine creative talent whatsoever – something of which he actually seems somehow painfully aware, something evident in his interviews. Perhaps it is not too much of a stretch to say that he got to where he is today, not based on the quality of his productions, but rather based on his “connections” in the film industry: In other words, because he’s Jewish. A perusal of his biography, his current professional activity, and the quality of his work tends to confirm this conclusion.

Filth, Ressentiment, and Moral Decay

Apatow’s movies really do fail to impress and are without exception degenerate. They’re filled with immature innuendo and drawn-out but poor plots. Unrealistic dialogue ruins practically every scene and makes all relationships appear artificial, and the overall awkwardness is accentuated by a largely stale ‘comedy’ that gets an actual laugh only once in a while. In Apatow’s films, one sees a lack of artistic ability hiding behind cinematographic bells and whistles made possible by Aryan-created technology.

“I like filth,” Apatow once admitted5 – and if you’ve read my article about the film Bros, which he produced,6 then you know he is telling the truth. Bros is a pro-homosexual propaganda film which attempts to depict the queer lifestyle in a positive light. Horrible sexual perversions are portrayed as fashionable or good in the movie, including a homosexual “relationship” between three men, and the indoctrination of children with the idea of “gay sex.” Released last year, the film reportedly flopped, but it never should have been released at all — and if it weren’t for “Sephardic Judd” and his Jewish buddies, it wouldn’t have.

It’s really no exaggeration to say that Apatow’s entire professional career revolves around the pushing of filth, ressentiment, and moral decay. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Apatow has spearheaded a return to R-rated, profane comedy — stocked with more than its fair share of pot-smoking, sex-obsessed slackers who live to amuse each other in ribald camaraderie. Into this world of arrested adolescence wander women who are way more self-possessed, self-aware, confident, and good-looking. Yet, despite this apparent inequality of social cachet, the frog princes always win the day. Geeks rule — particularly after they learn to release their inner mensches.”7

That’s right: Everything this Jew produces is trash. His movie Knocked Up is loaded with profanity, sexual innuendo, pot-smoking, and crass humor. Another one is said to be “probably the dirtiest high school movie of the last 30 years. It’s about three hapless, sexually panicked teenagers hunting for liquor to impress girls.”8 Yet a third has been called “a triumph of flaccid penis jokes.”9

Of course, all things considered, Apatow’s behavior really should not surprise us. Here is a man who reportedly once vowed to “include a penis” in every single one of his movies.10 Such a declaration is characteristically Jewish, as anyone who has studied their role in art and culture throughout the ages well knows. Dietrich Eckart observed that Jews were the “evident vermin” in the “downright sewer of vileness” that was pre-Revolutionary Russia11 – a country they subsequently took over – and Adolf Hitler called Jews the “eternal fungus of humanity.”12 That was a century ago, and yet even today many Jews’ preoccupations with all things perverse can almost be called obsessive.

Physically weak with a broad nose and rat eyes, Apatow knows what it’s like to be “angry at attractive people… angry at healthy people, at physical people.”13 He’s consumed by inimical feelings and poisonous thoughts. His inborn character prevents him from ever producing anything good, healthy, brave, or strong. Apatow’s is not a life-affirming morality, but rather one of ressentiment,14 riddled with jealousy and infatuated with covert schemes. This is an ages-old psychological trait which seems especially Jewish and can in fact be traced back to ancient Jewish history.

Apatow’s Movies: “Unabashedly Jewish”

The fact that Apatow is a Jew is not incidental here, but rather the main variable in this whole equation. This is very important to keep in mind, for Apatow himself readily admits that his work is inseparably interwoven with his Jewish identity. In one interview, Apatow said the characters in his movies are embodiments of “Jewish values” and went on to say, “People talk about writing diversity in the movies. But I don’t know if I can write anyone but the Jews. I’m Sephardic – I can’t even write [about] an Ashkenazi Jew.”15

That last quote alone should be enough to give one an idea of what we are dealing with here. This is not merely an unfortunate case of a degenerate Hollywood filmster who “happens to be Jewish.” No. Rather, Judd Apatow – “Sephardic Judd” – is pumping this trash into our formerly White culture because he is a Jew and cannot do otherwise. All personalities and psychological predispositions are largely rooted in the genes and are therefore racially conditioned, including Apatow’s. He produces Jewish movies because he is a Jew, which is only natural — but, unfortunately for us, those movies are cultural and spiritual poison for our people.

Of course, other Jews happily laud this filth and recognize it as their own. This can be seen from the lavish praise they bestow upon it. A writer at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency said one of Apatow’s movies gave him feelings of nostalgia and Jewish pride.16 The Australian Jewish News gloated over the fact that Apatow’s movies are “unabashedly Jewish.”17 And, of course, Apatow and his productions are regularly fawned over by Jewish rags like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Hollywood Reporter.

Outside Work, Still Anti-White

Like so many other Jews, Apatow fancies himself a philanthropist. He and his Aryan wife Leslie Mann have donated a lot of money to 826LA, a charity whose mission is teaching non-White youth how to write.18

And, of course, Apatow actively supports Zionist and Jewish supremacist causes. In response to the first Unite the Right rally in 2017, Apatow organized a comedy show in support of the Anti-Defamation League which purportedly raised almost $9,000 for the group, and he has helped them in many other ways as well.19 He also participated in a so-called “Love-a-Thon” to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, and the extremist Earthjustice.20

The Bottom Line

Apatow’s poor-quality productions promote every rotten vice imaginable, yet he and his idiotic films receive regular fawning praise from Jewish publications and organizations with notoriously anti-White agendas.. They support him simply because he is a Jew and he supports them on the same grounds. They consider his work typically Jewish and his movies make them proud to be Jews, filled as they are with little more than debauchery, sexual deviance, anti-White racism, and other filth, since those things – in the Jews’ own words – reflect Jewish values.


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Robert Ferrara
Robert Ferrara
18 January, 2023 2:24 pm

It’s always rather curious, that throughout history, the same observations about these tossers is always the same. It’s almost a pattern of their obnoxious behaviour in over one hundred and ten countries.

Reply to  Robert Ferrara
19 January, 2023 12:16 am

They can’t help it. It IS who and what they are. They cannot be anything else. That is why (in their case) history repeats itself.

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairmanman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairmanman
19 January, 2023 10:40 pm

Never heard of that Jew before. Good job of exposing him and the industry in which he swims and those by name who swim with him. I like that you provide extensive sources to back up your findings, and that only one is from WikiJews — number 18, about his wife, which is worth reading for more of the same.

25 January, 2023 12:19 pm

Jews inundate Hollywood and Hollywood attempts to inundate us. I am so sick of hearing about Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Judd Apatow, and 90% of that gang in movie production, distribution, and all the actors involved. I recall Seth Rogen was involved in the movie ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno.’ What a piece of trash that was! Not even so much for the beyond ridiculous premise, but for the bad jokes, storylines, and ultimate degeneracy it pushed. It was not even a funny flick.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  B.Y.
25 January, 2023 12:29 pm

You’re clearly seeing the problem B.Y., now how about being a part of the solution?