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Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong

by David Sims

ON THE Kyle Rittenhouse case: It has been revealed that the gun that 17-year-old Kyle used to defend, first, a shop owner’s property from arson and, later, himself from attack by the rioting arsonists, belonged to a friend of his who lived in Wisconsin. Contrary to what you might have been hearing from the lying leftist/Jewish “mainstream” media, that gun never crossed state lines.

Here’s a possible repeat of the lesson that the controlled media should have learned, but didn’t learn, from their lies about Nicholas Sandmann. Sandmann is the teenager who the media falsely accused of racially disrespecting a native American, resulting in death threats, massive harassment, and unjust penalties against himself. When the truth came out, Sandmann began suing the media institutions who had lied about him and had refused to retract those lies with a suitable apology. And he has won probably millions of dollars in out-of-court settlements from controlled media corporations.

Now here we go again. Probably, after he is exonerated from his politically motivated first-degree murder charges, Kyle Rittenhouse will have standing to sue the media corporations for defamation. And I hope that he wins, too.

One of the rioters that Kyle Rittenhouse shot, but did not kill, was a felon in possession of a gun, which was, itself, a felony. One of the more instructive illustrations of how far the left has corrupted our legal system is that this felon who had a gun in violation of our laws has not been charged with a crime, whereas Kyle Rittenhouse, who had no previous criminal record, has been charged with first-degree murder because he used a legal gun to defend a shop owner’s property and, again, to defend himself from attack by the rioters who had been trying to burn down the shop.

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Mike Mann
Mike Mann
2 September, 2020 12:20 am

The message here is clear: If the white man is going to enter the fray, and he must, he better be ready to fight back and then be ready to face the full weight of the Jew-controlled justice department as it uses its limitless resources to destroy him.

2 September, 2020 12:36 am

La objetiva realidad de que si Kyle Rittenhouse hizo algo mal o no hizo algo malo es antes. El nod’s West multicultural ha terminado. El caso semítico ya ha secado a su presa y debe estar buscando otras presas.

Los blancos racialmente conscientes de Occidente deben ser su planear reagrupamiento, defensa y lucha, si quieren durante sobrevivir décadas.

Los rusos y los chinos estoy al mundo durante los próximos mil años.


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Mencken's Ghost
Mencken's Ghost
2 September, 2020 1:28 am
Charlie Prime
Charlie Prime
2 September, 2020 6:09 am

Kyle is great for propaganda purposes, but as a practical matter, he will go to prison for breaking numerous laws.

Follow https://www.gminority.org on GAB to support our guys currently in prison for resisting.

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Reply to  Charlie Prime
2 September, 2020 5:23 pm
2 September, 2020 8:19 am

6 million shekels says Trump will do nothing as ZOG executes him
for murdering chosenties
and the retarded boomers and trump tards and Q tards will still make excuses for their ZOG emperor
I have come to realize that these people are way beyond hope they are even worse than the left
one of them told me the other day that the commie fist was the same as the Roman salute and that antfia are the same as “nazis”

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
Reply to  joe
2 September, 2020 9:57 am

If he is convicted, which I seriously doubt, I think that Trump WILL pardon him. Trump has already taken his side.

As his lawyer, Lin Wood, said, this is huge—if a man cannot defend himself against assailants, then we have crossed a line. It will not stand. It will cause Whites to abandon the system in droves, and to maybe even embrace violence against the system.

Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
2 September, 2020 9:33 pm

I don’t think so , the boomers and most normies believe every word the bagelbaums and shekelsteins on FOX jews tell them to believe like i said above they believe that antifa are “nazis” FFS how the hell do we even go about deprogramming this kind of kayakery you just can’t deprogram retarded these people are so brainwashed and hopped up on the kosher kool-aid this person even brought up how “they want to take the guns” i didn’t dare try to explain to him who THEY are or even ask if he knew he told me the OYYID-6,000,000 will go away come November and that the virus is all just a plot by democrats to “get Trump” i asked him ,then why are the lockdowns happening all across Europe… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
2 September, 2020 3:43 pm

Notice how the jew media has only been showing photos of Rittenhouse that make him look white. You can see in other photos that he looks more mixed race than white and I read somewhere that he says he is Hispanic.

Dr. Vajayjay Gupta
Dr. Vajayjay Gupta
Reply to  pj dooner
2 September, 2020 9:11 pm

Better for him if he says he’s hispanic, now. The clash between the magical loss of his white-privilege mark, and the fact that he shot white Antifas, will conflict snowflakes who’ll have to zoom their microaggression-resolution-complex at WSU from their safe-spaces, after Game of Thrones of course.

Last edited 4 months ago by Dr. Vajayjay Gupta
3 September, 2020 9:35 pm

Odin bless this based Bolshevik bagel remover

Angry Swede
Angry Swede
10 September, 2020 7:28 am

We can talk about choices. Rittenhouse made a choice going there and placing himself in a potentially very dangerous situation; this a fact.. But the savages roaming the streets beating up people, killing people, vandalizing and looting, they also made a choice! And they are the reason why this happened in the first place! I have seen the video, I saw that Rittenhouse had to defend himself and who can blame him? Of course, as I said, he made a choice to go there and that choice will most likely affect him for the rest of his life. He and his friends came to protect private property from the beasts and savages. I don´t feel the slightest sympathy for the beasts, couldn´t care less about them and their well-being, but… Read more »