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Emergency Food on a Budget

by David Sims

MY PATRIOT Supply Co. is possibly the least expensive source of prepackaged emergency food. But it is still about five times more expensive than what you can provide yourself with by smart shopping. You can, for example, buy white rice for 43 cents per pound. You can buy parbroiled rice for 64 cents per pound. You can buy green split peas for $1.02 per pound.

The shipping will be free if you buy more than $35 in the same order.

One five-gallon food-grade plastic bucket costs about $13. It will hold 37.5 pounds of rice or quinoa, or 40 pounds of split peas or lentils, or 32.5 pounds of whole wheat or dark rye flour.

There are 640 calories in a cup of rice (volume when dry). There are 480 calories in a cup of split peas (volume when dry). There are about 2.5 cups per pound of either.

Let’s assume, as My Patriot Supply does, that you will eat 2000 calories per day during a food shortage emergency.

If you get half of those calories from white rice and half from green split peas, then you will use 0.625 pounds of rice and 0.833 pounds of split peas each day (weights before cooking, i.e. when dry). Your daily cost for food will be 27 cents for the rice and 85 cents for the split peas, for a total of $1.12. So a four-week supply of this kind of food, for one person, would cost $31.36.

What does My Patriot Supply want for the same amount of food? A lot more than that!

The five-gallon bucket of rice will feed you (at the 1000 calories per day rate) for 60 days. The five-gallon bucket of split peas will feed you (at the 1000 calories per day rate) for 45 days. Let’s assume that you eat more rice so that both buckets reach empty at the same time, so what you really eat is 1000 calories of split peas with about 1333 calories of rice as your daily ration. The cost of the rice becomes 36 cents per day, raising your total food cost to $1.21 per day.

How many buckets do you need to feed yourself for one year? 365 divided by 45 is about eight. So 8 five-gallon buckets of rice and 8 five-gallon buckets of split peas, including the cost of the 16 buckets, costing in total $649.65.

What does My Patriot Supply charge for a year’s supply of food? When I checked, just now, it was $3297, which is five times higher than the cost of the same amount of food obtained through smart shopping.

Despite what My Patriot Supply and the other, even more expensive, vendors of emergency food say, they aren’t a good deal. They do offer variety, but if you are buying in volume then you can shop smart on many things besides rice and split peas. You can get good deals on lentils, on whole wheat flour, on coconut oil, and lots of other things. I focused on split peas and rice because these are the least expensive of the dietary mainstays. You can, if you need to, get by on them (and an occasional vitamin C tablet) alone.

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Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
2 June, 2021 9:07 am

The no.1 most crucial item most ‘prepper’ videos, books and lists overlook is water. You can – at least theoretically – survive several weeks without food (barring medical conditions such as hypoglycemia), but only a few days without water. Not an issue for country people who are likely to have their own natural supply somewhere nearby, but virtually impossible for city apartment dwellers, who don’t even have room to store more than maybe a couple of weeks worth of water. Even those who live in houses but are dependent on a municipal supply will be hard-pressed to hoard more than a few months’ worth. Agreed that those companies selling emergency food supply are hugely overpriced – even military MREs cost several times more than the same foods bought at supermarkets.… Read more »

2 June, 2021 5:32 pm

Thank you David Sims. Let’s all have emergency food stockpiles before wee need them.

Ted Truewil
Ted Truewil
5 June, 2021 2:26 pm

What is the most important issue here? When nations have a food crisis, they typically outlaw the hoarding of food. And if America has a food crisis, how would the government know who is hoarding food? By seizing the sales records of survival food companies like MyPatriotSupply. All of my food storage comes from the grocery store. None is in bulk and none needs any kind of processing. Typical pantry items that I use everyday. I keep everything rotated. If there was suddenly no food available, my diet would not change much and I could make it a good three months, if not more.