Jews Experiment on Children, Yet Fabricate “Nazi Atrocities”

With some Jews you don’t need to do any further research or editing to show what they’re like — the Wikipedia entry by itself is more than enough to understand their “ethics.” But we should say was more than enough; the 2014 text used here has been toned down a great deal by today’s Wikipedia.

THE SON OF Russian Jewish immigrants, Saul Krugman was born in the Bronx on April 7, 1911. He began his undergraduate studies at Ohio State University in 1929 and, after taking time off following his junior year to earn money so he could complete his studies, graduated from the University of Richmond in 1934.

Dr. Krugman began his medical studies at the Medical College of Virginia and later went on to pursue research at the New York University (NYU). Krugman was the first to distinguish hepatitis A from hepatitis B and made great strides in describing their different characteristics and behaviors. While examining blood samples from patients with hepatitis at NYU, Krugman discovered that heating blood containing hepatitis B would kill the virus while preserving an antibody response when used as a vaccine.

From 1958-1964 Dr. Saul Krugman injected disabled children with live hepatitis virus. After infecting the children, Krugman would then experiment with developing a vaccine to be used to protect United States military personnel from the chronic and often fatal disease. In addition, feces were taken from institutionalized children with hepatitis and put it in milkshakes, which were then fed to newly admitted children. This, despite the morbidity and mortality of the disease, which causes cirrhosis of the liver more frequently than excessive consumption of alcohol. Poor families were often coerced into allowing their children to be included in these “treatments” as a prerequisite for admission into the state school which was the only option for working-class families needing care for a child suffering from mental retardation or other disability. (“Surely, the duress upon these parents with children so defective as to require institutionalization was far greater than the duress on prisoners given tobacco or paid or promised parole for their cooperation.” Paul Ramsey, ethicist. Dr. David D. Rutstein adheres to a stricter standard in regard to research on infectious hepatitis: “It is not ethical to use human subjects for the growth of a virus for any purpose.”)

Staff at Willowbrook, who later quit in disagreement or disgust over the experiments, testified to the pressure put on families and the false reassurances they got from the doctors. When the school was finally closed, the children who once resided there were often refused entry to regular school’s programs for Special Needs Children because they were infected with the hepatitis virus. Krugman was not only never censured for these abuses, but was awarded the Lasker Prize for Medicine. In the words of the Lasker Committee, without any mention of the children who gave their health and lives for Krugman’s ego:

“Dr. Krugman’s most far-reaching achievement concerns viral hepatitis. In a long and elegant sequence of studies beginning in the mid-1950s, he proved that “infectious” (type A) hepatitis, transmitted by the fecal-oral route, and the more serious “serum” (type B) hepatitis, transmitted by blood, body secretions, and sexual contact, were caused by two immunologically distinct viruses.” These studies were sponsored by the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board, Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Army and approved by the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene. The ethics of the Willowbrook Studies have been widely debated.

In early 1972, Geraldo Rivera, an investigative reporter for television station WABC-TV in New York City, conducted an investigation of Willowbrook (after a series of articles in the Staten Island Advance and Staten Island Register newspapers), uncovering a host of deplorable conditions, including overcrowding, inadequate sanitary facilities, and physical and sexual abuse of residents by members of the school’s staff.

In 1972, Krugman became the president of the American Pediatric Society. [And Krugman — and Koprowski, mentioned below — are just a minuscule fraction of truly sick Jews in this heavily-promoted field.]

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Source: White Biocentrism

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John M
John M
13 May, 2020 1:48 pm

While Krugman and Koprowski were probably the worst Jewish psychopaths to have conducted vaccine experiments on helpless children, they weren’t the only ones. The media-consecrated Jonas Salk was another, having tested his worthless polio vaccine at the D. T. Watson Home for Crippled Children and the Polk School for the Retarded and Feeble-Minded in western Pennsylvania in 1954. How many people know that, shortly after the tumultuous April 12, 1955 press conference that made Salk an instant scientific god, and sparked a frenzied nationwide vaccination campaign, his associate, Julius Youngner, warned him that vaccine lots manufactured by Cutter Labs in Berkeley, California were likely contaminated, but Salk did nothing to stop their release? And that as a result, more than a hundred children and family members came down with full-blown… Read more »

Reply to  John M
15 May, 2020 2:26 am

Yes it’s a huge huge problem, mass murder and maiming delivered in plain sight by the health system. Those Vaxxed TV videos are enlightening and heartbreaking. I got muted on their channel though for calling out a jew Shelley Zzorfas pictured wearing basically a court jesters jacket and plugging her book on the channel. She began saying “this is what the Nazis did”. I was in the live chat, woke a lot of people up but then they didn’t want to know me lol. I didn’t know about the 77 million in the USSR. The Jews have so much bad karma coming to them.

13 May, 2020 6:27 pm

Was Koprowsi a coprophage? Did he test stuff on himself?

gregg marchese
gregg marchese
14 May, 2020 4:13 pm

In recent years, I am not sure of the date but recently, Jewish foremost vaccine promoter in the US Stanley Plotkin stated that it was acceptable to experiment with vaccines on Down’s syndrome children because they are ‘human in form only.’ Plotkin may be the worst Jewish supremacist promoting vaccines in the US today, though he has competition from Peter Hotez, who openly speaks of ‘Science Tikkun’, Paul Offit, and Walter Orenstein.

17 May, 2020 7:32 am

Everyone has heard the name Mengele. How many have heard the name Krugman?
If you look at the wiki page for Krugman, they mention the child experimentation in one line below the main description, barely a footnote, then continue gushing about his accomplishments.

Just one of a plethora of examples of Bolshevik bias in modern media – heck, even the term Bolshevik is unfamiliar to the average person where I’m from, but all have a very visceral response to the term nazi, despite the fact that the Bolsheviks killed several times more people than the National Socialists, and were notorious for their cruelty.

8 July, 2021 11:54 am

I believe that one of the main reasons , for the Jew’s to infiltrate the White world and pass themselves off as White is through all of the pollution into our minds and bodies , and blood , destroying our spiritual ability to recognize them and expose them and see them as they really are, an alien , being within our midst. They infiltrate all societies through out history and use them to survive and destroy it if they can when people wise up to them. The Russian Czars could never please the Jews and they took advantage of WW1 to take a third chance to overthrow the Russian government and succeeded. They destroyed Germany and experimented on Japan with the atomic bomb to see its real affects on a… Read more »

8 July, 2021 12:00 pm

In an issue , about 1981 ,I believe of the Jewish Forward is an article about the cancer drug , Inferon, being made from penis foreskins. Once , when I decided to glance at the papers given to me to sign for the birth of one of my children, there was a paper to sign giving permission to circumcise , if it was a boy. This is another example of how we are subtly led into the Jewish fantasy world.

LH Collins
LH Collins
24 March, 2022 3:33 pm

To think, I used to feel bad for those Sh**ny scum!