Racially Driven Terrorism

The United States on Monday designated the ultranationalist Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) group as a terrorist organization, in what the State Department called the first such move against a white supremacist group.

WHILE YOU’RE in the midst of economic suicide, “invisible enemy” panic and the collapse of any remaining trust in our institutions or each other, it’s important to focus on what actually matters: formally condemning an “ultra” nationalist (viddy well, brother!) group on the other side of the globe. Thanks ZOG, I feel a lot safer after this bizarre act timed to coincide with my homeland bleeding out via failed kosher monetary voodoo. We will fight against “RIM.” They hate our freedom. I sure hope they don’t “hack” muh hypocritical Semitic democracy.

These designations are unprecedented,” Nathan Sales, Coordinator for U.S. Counter Terrorism, said in a statement.

Yeah. You could definitely say that. Today the Russian boogeyman, tomorrow the Thought Criminals here at home. This is an excellent new direction for a country in the final stages of spiritual syphilis.

“RIM is still very much in the business of providing training to like-minded Neo-Nazis and white supremacists across Europe. We know that they have recruited individuals from other countries in Europe and continue to do so,” he said in a teleconference with reporters.

The monsters are coming. This evil secret society is controlling the future of Europe to our detriment. A wildly unrepresentative minority is waging a shadow war against the indigenous population. I’m obviously talking about “RIM,” what else could it be?

Monday’s measure comes after the State Department in its latest annual terrorism report last November said ethnically and racially driven terrorism had risen alarmingly in 2018 both worldwide and in the United States.

No kidding. And guess what? It’s not Russians in a group named after part of a toilet, it’s “isolated incidents,” “robberies gone wrong,” self-driving trucks, grooming gangs, machete attacks…

The greatest threat to our kosher globalist bodega.

Russian Imperial Movement’s members cast themselves as Russian Orthodox nationalists who favor restoring the monarchy and privileging the interests of ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and Belarussians.

You’re probably wondering how these backward and provincial interests threaten the land of the flu and the home of the Jew and there’s a really good answer I’ll give you at some later date.

Russian Imperial Movement, Sales said, had “innocent blood on its hands” and cited a series of attacks from late 2016 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg carried out by two members of RIM who Sales said had received paramilitary-style training in Russia.

This wasn’t even the worst thing to happen in Swedenistan on that particular day, but on the other hand Russian Man Bad.

Sales declined to say whether or not Monday’s designation was communicated to the Russian government ahead of time. He also did not say whether or not Washington believes the Russian government is linked to the group.

After a bizarre digression into Evil Ukraine that has been sent down the memory hole, it’s back to basics with the fear mongering from our great ally the traveling merchant.

The State Department was aware of public reports that RIM was among the forces that fought in Ukraine on behalf of pro-Russian separatists, Sales said, but did not elaborate further apart from repeating the U.S. stance that Washington has supported Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We still support this experiment in kosher terror, even though we tried to impeach our phony tough guy President over it. I know this all gets very confusing, but just remember that Whites are bad and deserve genocide.

Terrorist base looks like where I went for karate lessons when I was ten.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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10 April, 2020 2:41 am

The Russian lads have woken up. Only a matter of time before this awakening spreads throughout the whole of Europe. Damn the Jews and their freemason traitors and all their imported rapefugees. How dare we not stand by and see our woman raped and Nation befouled, lol – Jews have no shame, they’ve made it so easy to wake up now.

10 April, 2020 7:57 am

This designation of “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” towards RIM is of immediate importance to pro-Whites here in the US. Any act of communication, financial transaction, and/or “help” (aka making a “link”) between White Americans and members of or affiliated people associated with RIM can be (will be?) used to bring a host of other law enforcement tools against the former by this country’s Secret Police: the FBI. I believe, and this may be speculation, that the idea here is simple: begin the process of putting American pro-Whites into the category of international terrorists in order to deprive anyone so designated of due process or other protections of law and subject to whole panoply of actions we’ve become familiar with in this phony war on the Jews/Israel’s enemies (“Terror.”) 3am raids… Read more »

Sic Semper
Sic Semper
10 April, 2020 1:04 pm

What better way to celebrate the jewish holiday of Child Murder, where the kosher monsters paint their doorways with the blood of kids to commemorate the ritualistic slaughter of gentile infants than to paint an unknown group in a foreign continent of ‘whites’ as monsters?

10 April, 2020 1:16 pm

I wrote a long time ago that one of the best possibilities of liberation in Europe was the Russian factor, since if there were a conflict between Russia and Western Kosher Europe, the patriotic European nationalists would fight alongside their Russian white brothers, they would never support Zionist governments, anti-white traitors. Surely a white continental Eurasia could be born, and then conquer the stars.

10 April, 2020 1:25 pm

“America” simply needs to die if the White race is to have a future.