Vladimir Putin Says America is Lying


Russian leader accuses U.S. of using Iran nukes as cover to build missile “defense” shield; suggests mockingly that the “moderate” Syrian terrorists supported by Washington “behead people softly.”

AT THE TWELFTH annual Valdai Discussion Club meeting in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed — to over 900 representatives of the international scholarly community — that Iran’s nuclear problem has been resolved (if it ever existed in the first place).

“Iran’s nuclear problem has been solved. From Iran, there is no threat and there never had been,” Mr. Putin said. “The only reason that was used by U.S. — to start building the Missile Defense Shield — disappeared. We [Russia] might have expected that a system of MDS development to be halted.”

Mr. Putin believes the United States lied to Russia and the world on the threat of nuclear danger coming from Iran.

“Some days ago, the first tests of USA’s MDS were conducted in Europe. What does that mean? It means that when we were arguing with our American partners we were right. Russia was right from the beginning that the American Missile Defense Shield program was being developed with the goal to destroy strategic balance and to have a way to dictate her power to everyone. They were trying to deceive us, and the whole world, once again. And, to put it simply, we were lied to.”

To the notion of America helping the “moderate opposition” in Syria, Mr. Putin responded that the division of “moderate” and “non-moderate” leads to the empowerment of Islamic terrorists.

“We shouldn’t play with words here and divide the terrorists into moderate and non-moderate,” Mr. Putin said. “The difference, according to the ‘specialists’ [a jab to the Obama advisors], seems to be that ‘moderate’ bandits behead people softly.”

To Mr. Putin, the groups fight not because of ideological differences but because of money. Lately, he said, the terrorists’ infrastructure has grown, along with the territories they control. Armaments the U.S. gave to the “moderate oppositionists” inevitably ended up in the hands of ISIL fighters — the “moderate” fighters, supported by the U.S., desert to ISIL camp with “orchestra’s greetings.”

It’s better to fight terrorists in Syria than to wait for them to come to Russia, Mr. Putin told the audience. The terrorist threat for Russia has not increased as a result of Russia’s bombing in Syria. “Terrorists hate Russia for what it is, not because of Syria.” To Mr. Putin, the American goal in Syria is limited to the removal of Assad. Russia’s goal is to fight terrorism.

On the possible transfer of anti-air defense missile systems by the U.S. to the anti-Assad forces, Mr. Putin said, “I hope this is not going to happen. This will create danger also for American pilots. American leaders are sane people, after all.”

Mr. Putin also unveiled the secrecy behind his talks with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

“I asked him, What would be your attitude if we will find in Syria even the armed opposition that would be ready to stand against and really fight against ISIL? What your attitude will be if we will help their efforts in the fight against terrorism, the same way we support the Syrian army? He answered: Positive.”

“The territorial division of Syria [as a solution to the current crisis] is unacceptable. It is not going to resolve the conflict. The conflict will acquire a permanent character. Nothing good will come out of this,” Mr. Putin said.

“Just imagine that in case of taking Damascus or Baghdad, terrorist bands might have received, practically, the status of the official government. The bridgehead for global expansion could have been created. Does anyone think about that?”

Anyone, meaning, in the White House.

* * *

Source: Observer

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3 November, 2015 1:52 pm

This bitch (Putin) started war against Ukrainian brothers, turning the whole country into misery. He had no right to do it regardless of his dislike of the coup in Ukraine. Western fools support in the so called movement support him, primarily because of their ignorance and naivity. We’ll never forgive.
I’m an ethnic Russian from Ukraine.

Bill Deverius
Bill Deverius
Reply to  dalex
3 November, 2015 8:56 pm

I am not a Putin-worshipper. There are many things that trouble me about modern Russia — its ridiculous WW2 rah rah “anti-fascist” “patriotism” — its anti-racist rhetoric — its pro-Jewish rhetoric — and more. But still, it is clear that Russia is checkmating the US/Jewish power structure on the world stage these days, and the Jews are enraged about it and slathering for Russian blood. So it is clear that Russia IS an independent force. It is, I think, the ONLY significant independent White nation on this planet. So, in any conflict in which the unremittingly evil forces that are holding us in slavery — the Jewish power and financial structure, and its captured “US government” — are opposed by Russia, one has to be sympathetic to Russia and hope… Read more »

Reply to  Bill Deverius
4 November, 2015 8:27 am

Moscow kills the White race too – Russia is deeply infested with non-White scum, that’s why we here in Ukraine don’t like it. Any association with Russia will rapidly turn our cities into Muslim-dominated areas just like they are in Russia, with all those rapes, murders etc. All of you simply don’t know anything about real Russia. Europe is not the answer but we talk about Russia here. Don’t forget that it was mainly the Russians who put an end to the White race’s future in WWII. I don’t know about any ethnic group that benefited from being in Russia (i.e. the Germans who moved to Russia in 18th century and what happened to them) and know many groups that did from getting away from it (the Finns etc). Russia… Read more »