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Dinesh D’Souza Teaches White Americans to Despise their own Great Men

by Hadding Scott

DINESH D’Souza makes unsubstantiated categorical assertions and invalid arguments in support of reckless false conclusions.

When somebody produces a counterexample to one of his categorical assertions, his typical reaction is to minimize its importance and to continue making the same general assertion. After I spent weeks in 2017 battering D’Souza on Twitter with the fact that eugenic sterilization a century ago was mainly a Republican cause, he included the fact that Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant were Republicans in his 2018 book, but marginalized them as “RINOs,” which they clearly were not. He also has put qualifiers on some of his other sweeping assertions. It is now not “all,” but “the vast majority” of KKK leaders that he says were Democrats, and he no longer says that no Republican ever enacted a segregation law, but instead no Republican after the 1880s. With these and other examples in mind, I knew that D’Souza was not going to admit being wrong on this occasion either.

In this video I go into detail about one example, D’Souza’s argument that the Democrats were “the party of slavery,” which employs bad logic and pretends to be based on the spurious assertion that no Republican owned a slave in 1860.

The text for this presentation was written on 9 June 2019, after I noticed that someone had adduced the name of Francis Preston Blair as a slaveholder who was not only a Republican in 1860 but had helped to found the party. It was obvious to me that D’Souza would wriggle out of simply admitting that he was wrong, because he had done it in regard to several other questions already. On the following day, Dinesh D’Souza did as I predicted, minimized the importance of the counterexample that he had tauntingly solicited for several years, and asserted that he was essentially correct in spite of it.

An important principle in dealing with a dishonest interlocutor like Dinesh D’Souza is not to let him set the rules of discourse. The leftist “twitterstorians” arguing with D’Souza made this mistake. They foolishly allowed D’Souza to tell them how they must approach his argument, and now — surprise, surprise — after they’ve jumped through his hoop D’Souza is still not admitting that he was wrong.

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16 June, 2019 7:12 pm

The golden rule is not to “take advice” from racial aliens living in your own country, specially jews.
No matter their apparent good intentions there is always a veiled conscious or unconscious self interest, which most likely wont concur with yours.

17 June, 2019 1:59 pm

Mr. Dinesh D’Souza, the comedian.

1900 to 1920: The Dunning School of scholars were trained at the history department of Columbia University under Professor William A. Dunning. These historians wrote literally in terms of white and black:

“Reconstruction was a battle between two extremes: the Democrats, as the group which included the vast majority of the whites, standing for decent government and racial supremacy, versus the Republicans, the Negroes, alien carpetbaggers, and renegade scalawags, standing for dishonest government and alien ideals.”

Reconstruction was a failed project from the beginning. The Project Managers were criminals.

All by itself, Louisiana put in service a shadow government complete with paramilitary.

Zagnut Bar
Zagnut Bar
22 June, 2019 11:17 am

Can anyone tell me why Dinesh D’Souza’s head is mimicking a “Hershey’s Kiss”?

James Clayton
James Clayton
22 June, 2019 3:17 pm

(Britain, derogatory) In skinhead culture, the act of physical or verbal attacks by non-Asians against people originating from the Indian subcontinent.