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The Media’s Niagara of Lies About Charlottesville

by David Sims

THE “MAINSTREAM” media’s lies about “violence from the right” in Charlottesville continue to pour out of ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC, and from leftwing telecasts in European countries.

Most of the lies probably were invented by Antifa members, which the media accept uncritically and without checking the facts. Some of the lies might have been invented by the media’s bosses or editors. A very small percentage of the media’s current deceptions regarding what happened in Charlottesville on 12 August 2017 might have their origin in truth, but by the time the media have finished adding embellishments and removing inconvenient details, it might as well be considered a lie, also.

Here’s one small example of the media’s currently ongoing deceptions: One of the Antifas had a stroke five days after Charlottesville. The media have hopped all over the theory that the White nationalists caused him to have that stroke. Stress, you know. (For examples of real stress, see the video below.)

We’ve seen all this before, in 2012. Remember the days following the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman? That’s what’s going on now, too.

Expect this to continue. The mainstream media are locked into a narrative now, and they aren’t going to change it. At most, if the narrative fails to bring about the misguided social change that the media’s bosses want, they’ll just stop talking about it at some point. They never admitted that they were wrong about George Zimmerman. They will never admit that they are wrong about Charlottesville, either.

If Donald Trump were to assign all the blame for the violence in Charlottesville to the alt-right, he’d be lying. And apparently he doesn’t want to do that. [This piece was written before Trump said of the antifa and their allies attacking free speech in Boston, “I want to applaud the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will soon come together as one!” — Ed.]

Now, any thorough examination of the video evidence available on the web, as opposed to the redacted, edited, and censored subset of that evidence that the mainstream media are using, will convince any reasonable person that most of the blame belongs to the Left, to Antifa and to Black Lives Matter. Donald Trump would be telling no lies if he said so. The media leftists should be grateful that Trump has been vague, so far, about the precise apportionment of blame in connection with the Charlottesville violence.

But, of course, the leftists in the media are never satisfied unless they get someone to bow to their falsehoods in their entirety.

Someone needs to tell Ronna Romney McDaniel that everybody has the right to exercise his freedom of speech. Even the KKK. Even the “Nazis.” That isn’t just my opinion. It’s constitutional law as rendered by the US Supreme Court all the way down to United States District Court Judge Glen Conrad.

Leftist groups, such as Antifa, have created a contra-factual ideology that holds that White nationalist speech is “hate speech” — which, mostly, it isn’t — and that “hate speech” is not “free speech” — though, mostly, it is: just ask the ACLU or the federal judge who reinstated the Unite the Right group’s rally permit. These leftists use their self-serving ideology as a justification for using threats, intimidation, and violence to prevent groups that they don’t like from using their own freedom of speech.

Now, arguably being a counter-protester is just as much within the scope of the First Amendment as being a protester is. You can indeed say that you don’t like the kind of laws that some other group is asking the government to enact. If Antifa had never crossed the moral line from reasonable behavior to unreasonable and violent behavior, the White nationalists would have had their torch-light parade and would have left town. Nothing bad would have happened.

The rights of counter-protesters should never extend to the point of impeding the rights of the protesters that they are counter to. And that’s usually what Antifa does. Antifa uses threats, intimidation, and violence to prevent other people, with whom they disagree, from using their own First Amendment rights.

Historically, when there’s a street clash between activists on the political Left and activists on the political Right, the fighting is instigated by the Left. The activists on the right might, at some point, fight back, but they have never, to my knowledge, started the fighting. The track record of the far-Right for exercising their freedom of speech and freedom of assembly is incomparably better than is the track record of the Left. White nationalists don’t use these freedoms as a means to group up their forces in preparation for a riot that leaves a section of a city with broken windows, burned out businesses, and injured or dead people. But leftist groups, such as BLM and Antifa, have certainly done so repeatedly.

As far as President Trump goes, I’d have to say that the media have earned his enmity. They can’t expect him to cater to their preferences after they’ve treated him as they’ve been doing since before his Inauguration. You reap what you sow in politics. And I’m laughing at their lack of foresight. If they want presidential favor now, then they’ve got to go a long, long way to earn it. Personally, I hope Trump takes official cognizance of the ideological monopoly in the mainstream media and acts, either through Congress or by executive order, to bust up the leftist media empire with an antitrust order for the sake of US national security.

Learn one thing. The mainstream media, while it isn’t impotent yet, isn’t nearly the irresistible opinion-shaping powerhouse that it was in the 1970s. They’ve been thoroughly undercut by the peer-to-peer information sharing Internet media. They’re in decline. They can’t always have their way anymore, no matter what slick tricks they pull. They miscalculated very badly in 2012, tipping their hand about how readily they lie, how determinedly they set forth to deceive, when they are in pursuit of a leftist goal such as gun control. They will never get back the credibility they had prior to their massive defamation of George Zimmerman. They’re not the major player in the opinion-making game anymore, and they never again will be. To them I say: Learn your place, or your media business will be destroyed in the natural course of things.

Below is an excellent explanation of what really happened in Charlottesville, by someone who lived through it all.

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    22 August, 2017 at 5:36 pm — Reply

    The concept of left-wing and right wing makes me sick, very sick. The issue is not with which wing does the flapping, but rather in which direction the bird flies. This is the salient point some pro-white nationalist do not fully understand. Let me elucidate with a few examples.

    I believe that when a white man or a white woman reaches a certain age, say 60 years old, they should be allowed to retire on a stipend (pension) if they so wish. I do not care about the source of the stipend – government or community – this of course makes me a ‘left-winger’ in the parochial sense.

    I believe that we should send back to the third-world, by force if necessary, all non-whites. This view makes me an extreme ‘right-winger, also in the parochial sense.

    I believe university education should be free for those bright and gifted individuals who are willing to work hard at their studies. This view of course makes me an elitist.

    The direction I fly is based on a simple concept – what is best for white people, all white people – and only white people.

    If this concept was better understood by ‘all’ white people we might increase our support base geometrically and then exponentially in a very short time.

    • JimB
      25 August, 2017 at 9:55 am — Reply

      “…what is best for white people, all white people – and only white people.”

      Pure, distilled and concentrated medicine right there!

  2. 22 August, 2017 at 6:58 pm — Reply

    Excellent article, David, and the video is priceless. I have a new heroine in Avialae. She and her brave young friends will discover soon enough that our struggle is not about “Constitutional rights.” She’s almost there.

    Speaking of the Jew-controlled “mainstream” media, yesterday at the dentist’s office I read some of the usual Charlottesville-driven tripe in a local paper, quoting the SPLC about the proliferation of hate groups in Tennessee, written by a recent graduate from journalism school, with a specialty in investigative reporting. Her name is Brittany Crocker. She was easy to track down. When I find her email address I’ll send her my comments about her “journalism,” here: http://whitebiocentrism.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=2922 and make sure she gets a link to Avialae’s first hand observations.

    • Anthony Collins
      23 August, 2017 at 2:36 am — Reply

      I agree with Will Williams: the struggle is not about “constitutional rights.” While White nationalists in the United States need to exercise and defend their constitutional rights (such as they apply to speech, assembly, association, and firearms ownership), a conservative or constitutionalist approach is not enough — not when the state has been captured, the culture has been corrupted, and the population has been transmogrified.

      • JimB
        25 August, 2017 at 9:48 am — Reply

        Transmogrified. A very apt word for what has taken place. We often say that they’re (normies) “zombies”, and they are, to a great extent, but it’s more apt a description to say that the public has been transmogrified: altered greatly, suddenly… and even made more grotesque in their “non-racism”.

        • 25 August, 2017 at 3:10 pm — Reply

          Who needs Transmogrifcan-Americans? They need us! We hold nothing but contempt and derision for them, and count only our friends who are with us.

          When there are more of us resolute normies than there are “respectable,” race-denying zombies, it’s over for them and their (((handlers))).

        • Anthony Collins
          26 August, 2017 at 4:31 am — Reply

          I was seeking a word to characterize what has been done with the population in America (which is not the same thing as the American population), one that would match the other items in my sentence (“when the state has been captured, the culture has been corrupted, and the population has been . . .”). “Transmogrified” (“to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque . . . effect”) was the best word I could think of; I probably picked it up from Calvin and Hobbes. The population in America has been changed, greatly, grotesquely, and maliciously, and this has changed what is possible in the political environment. Constitutionalism is doomed to fail in such an environment; one might as well advocate constitutionalism in Liberia.

          Thomas Carlyle’s Latter-Day Pamphlets might be worth citing here:

          “Cease to brag to me of America, and its model institutions and constitutions. To men in their sleep there is nothing granted in this world: nothing, or as good as nothing, to men that sit idly caucusing and ballot-boxing on the graves of their heroic ancestors, saying, ‘It is well, it is well!’ . . . No: America too will have to strain its energies, in quite other fashion than this; to crack its sinews, and all but break its heart, as the rest of us have had to do, in thousand-fold wrestle with the Pythons and mud-demons [and Richard Wagner’s ‘plastic demon of decomposition,’ i.e., the Jews], before it can become a habitation for the gods. America’s battle is yet to fight; and we, sorrowful though nothing doubting, will wish her strength for it. New Spiritual Pythons, plenty of them; enormous Megatherions, as ugly as were ever born of mud, loom huge and hideous out of the twilight Future on America; and she will have her own agony, and her own victory, but on other terms than she is yet quite aware of.”

  3. cc
    24 August, 2017 at 1:50 pm — Reply

    I profess the Alt-Right is the biggest con on White racism in the history of North America. I don’t trust that outfit. No experience. Too self-righteous like the republican party that it promotes. It’s not healthy like the NA.

    “By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes.”

    • NR
      25 August, 2017 at 4:10 pm — Reply

      In organising and promoting the downfall of European culture, they denounced everyone who even slightly disagreed with their plan. Everyone denounced was pigeon-holed into a ‘nazi’. As being their ‘nazi’ was unattractive and marginal, many people were scared even looking into that direction. However, things are changing. Even as I assume these ‘nazis’ are heavily infiltrated, they have a purpose, maybe even a new purpose. As they are the ‘extremists’, other groups can organise themselves at the ‘Right’, even call themselves moderates compared with the extremists. The Left has been very successful in this strategy. Saying they were not extremist as the extremist Left, sometimes even ‘denouncing’ them, and all the while getting what they want. When a group became obsolete, a new one pops up, buzzing around your head. The more groups arising on the ‘Right’, the better, even when ‘not to be trusted’. More groups with slightly different tone, causing more confusion on the Left.

  4. JimB
    25 August, 2017 at 9:38 am — Reply

    Donald Trump, no matter his “civic Nationalism”, is no better than our worst enemies in my book. He is weaker than cat piss as a President and as a person. When push comes to shove, he’s shown himself to be a coward. There’s just no way that he, a man with a million ways to get information, and intelligent man at that, is somehow “misinformed” about exactly who started the violence in Charlottesville. He can joust with the (((media))) until the cows come home, calling them fake news, etc., but I’ll never have another grain of faith in him. He is playing us (which includes “normie” White America) for fools, dog-whistling certain terms when he thinks it’ll garner him crowds but absolutely cucking to the people who openly hate his guts when the chips are down. He’s just like those pieces of dung “cops” in Charlottesville… He’s standing down every time we need him desperately to stand up for us.
    If Hillary represented White America being instantly butchered upon the altar of anti-White Communism, Trump is proving to be a creeping death via a million small (and not-so-small) stabs in our backs. And I believe he signed up to do just what he’s doing, knowingly. No one could be as intelligent as he obviously is yet be so stupid… so ruthless a businessman, such a mover-and-shaker, yet so pitifully weak facing his (((Leftist))) “enemies”… HE IS CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. HE ALWAYS WAS. We need to ABANDON this orange haired, fish-faced bag of hot air, cut our losses, count our gains (there have been some, despite Trump not because of him), and figure out alternate ways of engaging our enemies from here on out. Trump is on Team Jew. Period. The “enmity” between them and himself is as real as the hatred between one WWW professional wrestler and that wrestler’s stage-enemy.

    • Tjm
      23 September, 2017 at 11:24 pm — Reply

      JIMB my friend, you are right on the mark, and it is refreshing to read.

      From early on I knew Trump was a zionist puppet, for one reason, he was divisive. The key to the Zionist beast is divisiveness. Trump could have been a uniting force in America, because he represented many people who want US out of wars, and to stop mass immigration. But Trump was always stirring the pot, never working on a common theme that people could support. Trump appealed to the worst part of people not the best.

      Trump comes from Zionist New York, he owes his fortune to Zionists, and has surrounded himself with Zionists, yet we are to believe Trump is an American firster, please, he is all about Israel.

      Those who control the media control Trump, and they are the ones writing the script, a script that may lead to the end of America. They wrote a script for Obama, painting his a “peace President”, and once in office he was anything but. They have done the same for Trump, but if they do the opposite of the narrative they have created for him, God help us.

      I believe Trump will grant amnesty to the 40 million illegals, start a war with one of Israel’s many enemies, and declare Marshal Law in America, any of these acts will mark the end of America, this division shit is just a build up…

  5. NR
    25 August, 2017 at 11:24 am — Reply

    While one could wish for an honest or objective reporting by the mass media, I fully support their absurdly biased reporting. The more biased the better, as people are starting to see through it. The more they go into overdrive, the faster they’ll alienate the normal people. More tantrums, more lying, and more holocaust movies. Let the people who promoted and disguised themselves as peace loving and do-gooders show what they really are: hostile, violent, genocidal. While I have always been bothered by the poison of these, now I actually want more of it. The louder they scream, the deeper their own grave.

  6. NR
    25 August, 2017 at 8:34 pm — Reply

    Is there a way of giving financial support to Mr Fields, the driver, as he will surely need it?

  7. BW
    27 August, 2017 at 8:52 pm — Reply

    The Jews are afraid of any expression of white solidarity and will do anything to smear pro-whites as supremacist, racist, hateful, and violent, completely ignoring or under-reporting violence perpetrated by blacks or antifa. Very often,otherwise peaceful white protesters are incited to violence by the incessant bullying by counter protesters and may engage in violence to defend themselves from bodily harm, but the media certainly won’t mention that. They want to create this false or one-sided picture so that there will be no popular support of the pro-white cause which threatens their agenda for America. The nazi symbolism doesn’t help matters, although even without it, the media would still be able to scare people away from collective support for the white right with their social media smear campaigns and their deliberate and consistent use of the term white supremacist. I mean, we all know this, but it helps to articulate this fact over and over.

  8. The Unknown WN
    29 August, 2017 at 2:48 pm — Reply

    Will Williams said: “Excellent article, David, and the video is priceless. I have a new heroine in Avialae.”

    I agree; David Sims is one of the reasons I come to this site, for his high-quality articles and insightful commentary. I miss his old “Jerry Abbott” website, with its wood-paneled backdrop. Anyway, everything Sims brought up is true, and we all know it. Many Americans do too.

    On another note, I like Avialae “Based Southern Belle” Horton’s videos too, but the fact that she posted a video confessing to being a lesbian was a big disappointment. That makes her forever unsuitable as a white nationalist.

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