A Letter to an Aryan Mother

by Karl Radl

I wrote this letter in reply to a long email I received from a female friend of mine who asked me for advice about her feelings of personal despair for the Aryan Race after completing graduate studies, getting married to a fellow National Socialist and having children. I reproduce it here because I hope others may find value in my words to her. I have changed her name for obvious reasons, but otherwise my reply is intact. -KR


Long-time no speak! First off, let me preface my remarks by saying that I am a hard-line National Socialist. I actually help run a fairly sizable community of Nat Socs — most in their early-20s to mid-30s — so I am going to be a little bit biased in my commentary. You are also welcome to join and ask for advice as we have ladies as well as guys if you’d feel that would help. I can also put you in touch with other National Socialist ladies — also well-educated — to talk through things if you like.

I don’t have a psych background, but I have read plenty of psych stuff in my time as I had to iron out a bunch of issues with my childhood and becoming — as one author would have it — the best version of myself. We all have issues and we have to address them. To give you an example: I had to address my own issues of selfishness (by forcing myself to give up things/be charitable to others), feeling ‘nothing is ever good enough’ (by recognizing that what I do is beloved by many and seeing positives not negatives and that many others suffer more greatly than I do/have and get on with it) and so on. It isn’t easy and it is a process, not something that just happens overnight.

To me you sound like you have a kind of ‘survivor’s guilt’ because you were born into a post-Reich world and you are haunted by the suffering of your people that could have been avoided had the Third Reich been victorious in the Second World War. A genetic echo of pain and suffering, if you will. You are aware one of your ancestors took up this struggle as his own and joined the Waffen-SS then was martyred and ascended to Heaven/Valhalla (whichever you believe in). You want to assuage your guilt and have tried to do by your graduate work — yes I remember looking over your Masters dissertation — by ‘telling the stories’ of German suffering. You say ‘people don’t want to know’, but I disagree. They do want to know. What you mean is that some people don’t want to know — those who have been deluded by the Jew — and prefer to think of the Germans and their many European allies in World War II as unabashed monsters following an inherently evil philosophy.

Neither is true, as you well know.

I cannot give you the answers to your questions per se, but I think there are two separate issues that you’ve articulated that seem to me to be the source of your spiritual pain. I will attempt to address these for you from my perspective as an outsider with limited knowledge of the specifics of your situation.

You are not just ‘a girl from Wisconsin’, but rather you are a proud descendant of the Aryan race who is unapologetic in her love of her people and has shown that love in the greatest way imaginable. You have given birth to Aryan children and are raising them as best you can with your husband. That is not the behaviour of a White Nationalist — let’s face it: White Nationalism is an inherently weak and vague philosophy without much, if any, ability to apply itself to past or present — but rather a National Socialist mother. Indeed, some of the best National Socialists I know are those who wouldn’t label themselves as such but simply follow their racial instincts in such a way that they live a life that is incredibly rich and fulfilled, and I’d say you are the same way. The difference is that you need to admit what you are because you feel a historical, political and racial responsibility to fight for your people like any tigress will defend her cubs, but you cannot reconcile that with ‘just being a girl from Wisconsin’.

You are a true ‘Bearer of the Eternal Flame’ as Hitler wrote, Eva. You must own that fact and see your children as being both the ultimate purpose in life and also as the ultimate revenge against the Jewish-led destruction of your people at the end of the Second World War. They are the light of the future and the sword of vengeance against the perpetrators of unspeakable horrors against the German people before, during, and after that war.

Your graduate work documenting the German folk of Wisconsin was a contribution to the understanding of your people and is related to the work that Ahnenerbe did. It might seem to be a small thing, but it is not. You have created something unique and special that will last far after your bones are dust and your children’s children’s children walk upon this earth. It is a monument to your folk and an additional piece of the puzzle of Aryan scholarship that means that someone else doesn’t have to do the leg work that you had to because you took the time to do it for them. In ages to come, National Socialist scholars can draw upon your work to inform their own.

That might not create a new Fourth Reich by itself, but by contributing it you have added yet another brick to the foundation of the new Reich that we both long for. That is not a small thing, Eva, and you do yourself and your people a disservice by labeling it as such.

You are a good Aryan wife and mother, Eva. Don’t get disheartened by the trials and tribulations that your folk have had to go through and will have to continue to undertake. For, these trials are but the labours of Hercules that are acting as the furnace through which the ore of our people has to pass, leaving only the gold to remain as the base metal melts away.

You, your husband and your children are part of that mound of gold. You not only stand strong and unbowed in the face of unadulterated and unprecedented evil, but say — as Martin Luther did over five hundred years ago — ‘Here I stand, I can do no other.’

Heil Hitler,


* * *

Source: The Purity Spiral

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Marty West
Marty West
24 June, 2019 2:26 pm

When did Karl Radl write this letter?