Nazi Rabbits and Interspecies Friendship

by Helmut Stuka

THE RACE-MIXERS and “integration” preachers always cry about “fairness”. So before discussing interracial cooperation, first let us talk a bit about fairness.

You people have each other. I have nobody, in that sense: For I do not share with you or any other race both common ancestors and common descendants. I am alone, an atomized individual. No, that is not fair to me. But the unfairness is not the fault of you people; therefore what would be even worse unfair, is to expect you to compensate for it. My exclusion from every racial group is the direct fault of my parents, who chose to mix the races, and above all of the Jew, whose mass lie-propaganda poisoned their natural instincts and seduced them into mixing the races. You people had nothing to do with it (except those of you who failed to fight the Jew and ban the crime of miscegenation many decades ago — omissions for which you are now being punished by Nature — or worse, fought to destroy the man and the nation who stood up and defied the Jew agenda). Why should you be obliged to sacrifice the integrity of your community for the sorry byproduct of the crimes of others?

The foregoing is a matter of simple logic — which is likely the principal reason why niggers just do not get it. It is also a matter of elementary justice — which is why the Jews are opposed!

The shame of the matter is that Aryan peoples can be much more accepting of other races when they are secure in their own homes and homelands. For example, in Adolf Hitler’s Germany, Germany was for the Germans. Thus and only thus was the following possible; and personally, I think it is a beautiful exemplar of both high culture and interracial cooperation:

ADL/SPLC caption: “Racist White Supremacist Nazi German Laughs at Asian Woman, Steals Violin From Her.” (Filed under: HOLOCAUST.)

As for you, I believe you may have faith in Dr. Goebbels’ authoritative credentials as an ideologically sound racialist. He could enjoy building diplomatic and cultural bridges with his Japanese friends, then go home to his German family in a German community in a Germany populated with German people under a German leader.

Looking further, “race” at the (arguable) White-Yellow-Black level is really a misnomer for what ought be termed different species — and yes, I am aware of some pertinent history. So I should also point out that the German National Socialists cultivated friendship between many different species. From the Führer-birthday edition of Allgemeiner Wegweiser für jede Familie, Nr. 16 (Berlin, dated 1939-04-19, physical sheet 17/numbered page 449), I bring you more Nazi racists ominously titled in the sinister-sounding German language as “Ungleiche Freunde”:

Look particularly to the puppy and rabbits on the left. Observe the malevolence writ deep in those twisted, hateful faces! You just know that the rabbits are thinking about only one thing: Killing Jews. And as Elie Wiesel’s ghost testified on a long-distance telephone call from Hell, the dog joined the SS and personally put 666 of his relatives into gas chambers. You know this, because the rabbits and the puppy are German. Really. And the magazine has a picture of a picture of Adolf Hitler on the cover. No, I did not make a typo: A photo of a portrait of Adolf Hitler. Gasp. Did you hear me? Adolf. Hitler! (1,2)

(1. Cf. how on certain important mass-propaganda sites like Jewipedia, the mildest suggestion that Jewish editors or sources may not always be entirely unbiased is drop-kicked with a sneer about “JOOZ”. On account of their natural honesty and respectfulness, Aryans are rarely adept at deploying the typically Jewish weapon of ridicule. I suggest they learn; but that is a subject beyond the scope hereof.)

(2. I have made carefully cropped desktop wallpaper out of this, and a number of other NS images; please inquire if you are interested.)

Even whilst propagandizing all mammals with nasty “hate speech” and “anti-Semitism”, the National Socialists brought about friends between rabbits and dogs, kittens and piglets, lambs and lions, Asians and Europeans. Such interracial and interspecies harmony was possible because Germans did not pretend to be Japanese, and Japanese did not pretend to be Germans. Germans had Germany; Japanese had Japan; and they could be friends, because they were secure with their own racial families.(3) Rabbits were rabbits; puppies were dogs; and they certainly did not try to cross-breed with each other! But when you are forbidden your own community — when you and your children are perpetually assaulted by forced association with non-Aryans who do not act as guests, and certainly not as friends — then your every instinct is raised to the defensive.

(3. Another exemplar of this aspect of National Socialist racial thinking is the 1937 film Die Tochter Des Samurai (Japanese release title: The New Earth (新しき土)), a German-Japanese co-production. I recommend it highly. In addition to subtler cues, note how Gerda Storm, the beautiful blonde German, is careful to “clarify” her friendship with the Japanese man, Teruo Yamato — who is from start to finish meant for Mitsuko, the Japanese woman. Miss Storm does try using chopsticks, in a scene sure to amuse both Easterners and Westerners; but she wears European clothes while commenting that Japanese women look better in kimono. The imagery of Japanese industrial production will be be recognized by anybody familiar with German NS propaganda films of German workers — but here, with Japanese workers; and Teruo is so honest toward his European friend as to say of magnificent Japanese machinery, “Woe to our old Nippon if we had not learned that from you; there would probably be no free Japan now.” The end is heartwarming! Watch it with the whole family; again, I suggest that you can trust the imprimatur of the “Nazi” Reich’s Propagandaministerium (which only allowed racist hate films in 1937). While you are on a download spree, snap up Ohm Paul, too. P.S., support the Boers.)

The Jew knows this better than you do. His deliberate objective is to destroy genuine interracial friendships, cultivate the very “xenophobia” he so loudly condemns, and incite race war(4) by forcing people of different races to mix and mingle and worst of all, mongrelize!

(4. Are you aware that General Otto Ernst Remer, the German hero who crushed the 20 July Treason, was in the post-War era an advocate for friendship between Europe and the Muslim world? This was a boots-on-the-ground field officer who was wounded in action numerous times defending Germany and by extension, all Europe from invasion. A lifelong fighter who died in exile because even as an octogenarian, he insisted on telling the truth about the “Holocaust”. Well, year by year and day by day he is now spinning ever-faster in his grave. What hath those poisonous sowers of discord wrought?)

* * *

Source: Helmut Stuka

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16 April, 2019 7:32 pm

I remember watching “The World At War” BBC series in the late 70s on my local PBS station. Being a history buff even in my youth, I remember the episode where they interviewed Remer about the chaotic situation in Berlin immediately following the attempted assassination of Hitler on July 20, 1944. He asked to speak to Hitler on the phone to verify that he was still alive in order to carry out Goebbels’ orders to round up the traitors. Anyway, what I remember most is the homosexual lickspittle narrator, Lawrence Olivier, stating how Remer, after showing doubt about Goebbels’ original claim, was – quote “reprogrammed” – by Hitler to carry out the official orders of state. At the time, I gave no thought to this script as it affirmed my… Read more »

3 January, 2021 12:41 pm

Excellent essay, outstanding work.