“Closed Due to Subversive Activity!”

Nest 2 recently cordoned off a series of buildings used by organisations engaged in obscene and degenerate activities. Below follows a report.

THOSE OF US who have not succumbed to the destructive propaganda that’s pumped out by the state and Jewish media naturally recoil at the sight of a so-called “Pride parade”. Similar reactions are no doubt shared by the schoolchildren who are forced to suffer through a visit from the RFSL/RFSU*, or the employees whose company for some unknown reason must be “LGBT-certified”.

According to these lobbyists, it isn’t just heterosexuality that is natural but all conceivable and inconceivable sexual orientations and deviations. The majority are so natural that it’s a crime to criticise them, as certain sexual deviations are classed as “ethnic groups” according to “incitement to racial hatred” laws.

To demonstrate that not everyone ignores the activities of organisations that spread such obscenity and degeneracy with the aim of subverting our people, Nest 2 activists symbolically cordoned off a number of their places of operations. This included RFSL buildings in Halmstad, Gothenburg, Borås and Skövde; a pornography cinema in Gothenburg; and an “LGBT café” in Uddevalla.

Below is the statement that was put up at the various locations:


This location is a base for the spreading of homo-lobby propaganda, which promotes the construction of unnatural families and by extension the destruction of the Nordic people. Via cooperating with the homo lobby and other pro-LGBT subgroups, you support an abnormal sexualisation of children and an increased acceptance of sexually deviant individuals who are far from healthy and natural. The connection between the homo lobby and paedophilia has long been apparent, not least in the cases of well-known homo lobbyists like Kjell Rindar, Mattias Helander and Stig-Åke Petersson, who have both advocated and been sentenced for attacks against children.

We in the Nordic Resistance Movement will never accept the targeting of children in your sexualisation campaigns.

This time this is only a symbolic action, but the day will come when your operations are shut down for good and you will be held responsible for your crimes against the people.

*Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights / Swedish Association for Sexuality Education

* * *

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

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  1. JM/Iowa
    17 April, 2019 at 12:08 am — Reply

    “According to these lobbyists, it isn’t just heterosexuality that is natural but all conceivable and inconceivable sexual orientations and deviations.” These other sexual ‘orientations and deviations’ might be natural (they were born that way), but whether or not it is natural lacks relevance.

    Non-heterosexuals or those who fail to have children do not serve the Creator’s purpose as productive heterosexuality does. Only heterosexuality can beget life into the future, life which can be consciously shaped to strive for godhood. The others are dead ends and thus worthless.

    • James
      17 April, 2019 at 6:53 pm — Reply

      ‘These other sexual ‘orientations and deviations’ might be natural (they were born that way)’ – look up phthalates and other man-made chemicals which are proven to ‘alter’ people from a very young age onwards.

      Equally unnatural is the brainwashing stemming from the children’s very own parents; some deliberately attempting to create a “non-binary child” out of their own flesh and blood. Until recently, this would be tantamount to child abuse and enough for the authorities to step in. Rather, it has fast become a practice encouraged by the state.

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