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American Evil: An Interview With Thomas Goodrich, part 3

Here we see US soldiers murdering helpless captured German troops on April 29, 1945. American Col. Howard Buechner, who researched the incident yet did not condemn it, says 520 disarmed German POWs were slaughtered over the course of a day in this one incident alone. Another US officer, Gen. Felix L. Sparks, tried to minimize the massacre by claiming that the German POWs were shot “by a nervous US soldier who thought they were trying to escape” and that the total number was “about 30.”

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 23 March, 2019

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

THIS WEEK WE present the concluding part of our interview with researcher and writer Thomas Goodrich, who has dedicated his life — and sacrificed an establishment career as a writer and often-cited authority — in order to bring the truth to his people and to all the peoples of the Earth — the truth about the almost incredible evils perpetrated by the Jewish-controlled American Empire.

When we left off last week, Mr. Goodrich was about to tell us how his new book amplifies and adds further proof to his documentation of Allied barbarity in World War 2. We rejoin that discussion now — listen.

To hear what Mr. Goodrich has to say, listen to the audio version of the program.

In 1991, American soldiers did this to retreating Iraqis, who were obeying American/Jewish commands — but obeying them slightly too slowly according to the regime in Washington. As far as the eye can see, every human being was literally roasted or boiled alive.

The topics we discuss today include:

• Some of the Soviet soldiers who raped and tortured Germans were directly encouraged — in some cases forced — to do so by their own officers, many of them White-hating Jews.
• Not all had to be forced, however — every army that has ever existed contains a certain percentage of sadists who are “living out their dreams.”
• And it also wasn’t just the Soviets perpetrating this, the largest mass rape ever recorded in human history — American soldiers also raped German women on a huge scale, a fact that has been covered up by our court historians and the Jewish-controlled media.
• Another event that has been intentionally obscured is the deliberate policy of the Allies and of “war hero” Eisenhower personally to starve the German civilian population to death after the war was over.
• In contrast, and due in large part to the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the Germans treated captives and defeated populations very well, striving to scrupulously adhere to the standards of the Geneva Convention.
• Did you know about the orders given to American pilots to fly low over German fields, villages, and schools and literally “shoot anything that moves”? It was little different in Japan. No wonder some World War 2 veterans refuse to speak of what they did in that war.

The Works of Thomas Goodrich
Hellstorm Audio Book

* * *

Thank you, Thomas Goodrich, for being a guest on our program and for all the vitally important work that you do.

This has been part 3, the concluding part, of “American Evil: An Interview With Thomas Goodrich.”

You can read articles and essays by Mr. Goodrich at and the new audio version of his book Hellstorm is available at And be watching Cosmotheist Books online at for Mr. Goodrich’s Scalp Dance, Hellstorm, and his new masterpiece Summer, 1945 — the book we’ve been discussing here today — and all of these works by this superb, truth-telling author will soon be available at

This is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to be with us again next week on American Dissident Voices.

* * *

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Listen to the broadcast
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23 March, 2019 1:20 pm

In Max Hasting’s book “Overlord” he mentions that French citizens began sniping American soldiers due to the rapes and looting that were occurring once allied troops landed and began working their way into French towns. Contrast this will all the (((Hollywood))) war movies where French citizens are blowing kisses, hugging and throwing flowers at cigar chomping and fun loving U.S. soldiers.

James Clayton
James Clayton
23 March, 2019 1:57 pm

Jared Taylor is fluent in Japanese. His parents were missionaries and he grew up in Japan.

And, bless his heart, he’s familiar with and has mentioned here an old friend, the late Garrett Hardin (

23 March, 2019 11:59 pm

As I recall it, during WW2 the German Army raped fewer women than the US Army did within America.

18 April, 2019 4:21 am

I have my uncle’s war diaries [ 5th SS Wiking Division ] a complete set from 1943 to May 1945, standing orders were all rapists when found were to be executed in German ranks. No exception, no rapes occurred in my uncle’s unit , he was Commander for 4 tiger 1 tanks, civilians were to be respected, but treated firmly if needed. I could say a lot more, but , most people accuse me of being a “Nazi lover,” why would I alter or change diaries written 70 years ago ? — moreover why would a soldier write lies 70 years ago ?, they wouldn’t !. I detest liars and half truths I have spent most of my life searching for the truth, most of the propaganda against the German… Read more »

19 April, 2019 1:28 am

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