Sweden: Jews Call for Ban on Nordic Resistance Movement

I ALWAYS LIKE to take note of Jewish organisations calling for bans on immigration resistance parties. You could say “Why bother? We’re surrounded by Jews screeching for White Genocide in various, usually artfully disguised, ways. This is just another twig on the bonfire.”

This is true. But arguments about the JQ and its relationship to White minoritisation are open to various kinds of objection. You can quote this or that Jewish journalist calling for open borders or abolishing White people. Objection? “It’s just one guy; no proof he’s representative of anything other than himself; besides, he’s making a legitimate argument that’s open to democratic debate.”

That is why calls for bans on political parties assume a special moral significance. It’s a demand for the suppression of debate. And when it comes from an organisation that claims to be representative of Jewry, and that claim goes unchallenged, then a special moral culpability attaches to the Jews.

If you were building a prosecutorial case for use in some future tribunal, this is the kind of evidence you would use.

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Swedish Jewish Leaders Call for Ban on Neo-Nazi Party (from the Jerusalem Post)

Leaders and prominent members of the Jewish community in Sweden have renewed calls to ban the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement, following the latest of several demonstrations by the party in recent months.

Approximately 300 far-right activists participated in a demonstration held by the NRM on Saturday morning, designed to attract attention to the party in the lead-up to Sweden’s general election scheduled for September 9.
Saturday’s rally follows a demonstration it staged in July during an annual political conference, and a rally held in September last year in Gothenberg.

Despite advocating policies restricting citizenship to “Nordic” people, “repatriating” immigrants who are not of Nordic ancestry, and working “to regain power from the global Zionist elite,” the NRM has not been banned.

Jewish Community in Stockholm President Aron Verstandig said neo-Nazi activity in Sweden has been on the rise “for some time,” and described NRM as “an openly violent” party which should be outlawed.

“I see it as extremely troubling that we have a rising neo-Nazi movement in Sweden, and the politicians should do whatever they can to ban these organizations,” said Verstandig.

“The government hasn’t done enough to limit this group and legislation needs to be passed” to proscribe the party, he said.

Verstandig said the Jewish community had felt “very intimidated” by Saturday’s march, even though the demonstration was not directed specifically against Jews.

“This community is largely made up of Holocaust survivors and their descendants, so to see people openly saying they are Nazis in public is very scary,” he said.

The NRM describes itself as a “National Socialistic organization,” which seeks to establish a National Socialist society and has a specific policy agenda item of retaking power from the “global Zionist elite who have economically and militarily occupied the greater part of our world.”

Their policy platform says “global Zionists” not only “promote” the State of Israel, but also “work [for the] long-term for instability in all nations that could be a threat to their power structure.”

Despite the demonstration and rising visibility of the NRM, Verstandig said in general there is a “good environment” for the Jewish community in Stockholm, and that it does not feel any sense of discrimination, noting that Jewish summer camps and educational institutions are fully attended.

He said the community nevertheless feels threatened by the neo-Nazis, as well as by Islamist extremists who have been blamed for the majority of antisemitic incidents in the country in recent years.

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, a journalist and political consultant, described the NRM demonstration as “incredibly uncomfortable” for the Jewish community, particularly because counter-protestors included elements from the far-left who have also been involved in antisemitic incidents and sentiment in Sweden.

She said NRM’s efforts to label certain people, including herself and other prominent public figures as “betrayers” of Sweden and Nordic people, represented a significant danger to her and others they have singled out.

Hernroth-Rothstein said, however, the NRM was not a significant threat to the Jewish community or society at large since it has very limited public support, and said that Islamists in Sweden represented a much bigger problem.

She said Jews are unable to freely identify as Jewish in public due to safety concerns, are banned from conducting religious slaughter for kosher meat, and cannot establish Jewish schools due to prohibitions on religious schools.

She also noted legislative efforts to ban the import of kosher meat, which is still currently available, and to ban circumcision are further evidence the Jewish community feels under siege.

“Antisemitism is the herpes of Europe, it goes away for a while and then flares back up,” she declared.

“Diaspora Jews are a tribute to society, and we are the canary in the coal-mine for all civilization, and by that measure this country and this continent are going down the drain.

“The Jewish community cares about the country and loves it, and it’s really upsetting that this love is not reciprocated,” said Hernroth-Rothstein.

“No one would care if the Jews would leave,” she said. “We’ve told them what is needed, like allowing kosher meat, allowing people who make themselves identifiably Jewish the ability to move freely, allowing religious schools, but no one does anything.”

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Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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  1. Gail Raubal
    23 March, 2019 at 4:07 am — Reply

    I feel the judens are “openly violent,” they are the herpes that stays dormant and then flares up. Their remarks are opressing as is and ludicrous.

    • Truthweed
      17 August, 2019 at 6:21 pm — Reply

      Gail, I am sure you are horribly offended by their evil hate-speech.

  2. Bancroft Hall
    23 March, 2019 at 2:47 pm — Reply

    The excellent English-language internet site

    is a daily, must-read for Aryan Patriots. I’ve been reading it daily for months.
    But today it suddenly stopped functioning. I’ve notified NORDFRONT folks. Hopefully it comes back. ZOG is not pleased that NORDFRONT exists and that is has become HUGE and HIGHLY effective

  3. Brainsturmführer
    23 March, 2019 at 6:04 pm — Reply

    “Antisemitism is the herpes of Europe, it goes away for a while and then flares back up,” she declared.

    Change “Antisemitism” to “Jews”, and it all makes sense.

  4. Truthweed
    24 March, 2019 at 12:06 am — Reply

    Almost all Jews were ‘Holocost survivors”.

    How dare those evil Swedes want Swedes to rule Sweden and how dare those evil Nowegians want to rule Norway. Who do they think they are? And how dare Jews want to rule Palestine/Israel?

  5. Truthweed
    24 March, 2019 at 12:11 am — Reply

    Actually anti_Semitism is the antibody that combats the Herpes.

    • Truthweed
      17 August, 2019 at 6:17 pm — Reply

      Ethnic Russians are Nordic people. They are survivors of the Jewish holocaust against them.

  6. Sethmoto101
    27 March, 2019 at 9:15 pm — Reply

    “No one would care if the Jews would leave,” is the most important take-away. By now, the jews should’ve learned that if that’s their status, they’d better leave now. Muslim refugees are the Europeans’ Semite of choice, for now.

  7. Hans
    28 March, 2019 at 7:31 am — Reply

    “The Jewish community cares about the country and loves it, and it’s really upsetting that this love is not reciprocated,” said Hernroth-Rothstein.

    Lies ! More Jewish Lies.
    And the lies will never stop, EVER, until every one of us, every non-Jew, is DEAD !

  8. 31 May, 2019 at 4:21 am — Reply

    Which 6m do we have to suffer –


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  9. 31 May, 2019 at 4:23 am — Reply

    “This is a salute to the memory of those “blind sided patriots”, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh who factually” Yet, unknowingly fought under the auspices against “hate and racism” for the criminal banker families in order to sustain their (((Usury))) system” over the advancing interest free banking system advocated by those who knew race mattered/s to the (((misleader’s))). This is the compound debt based Usury system that we saved which is now the guaranteed inheritance we are leaving for our children to live their entirety in debt slavery.

    Solution! We need to demand” or more so force forward a “Gottfried Feder economic system” for our use or if we don’t an inevitable disaster is pending.

    Lets give a big thank you to the Marxists/communists, mislead patriots and bleeding heart liberals for securing all our loans and mortgages into infinity for Zio-democracy = Marxism = Judaism … Didn’t we do well !!!

    Obviously when denouncing one side …. you must offer solutions in the other or else the public, without solutions will just mosey on by….Fact!

    The heckles heel of the J’sh criminal banker families “The Gottfried Feder economic model” all done without gold!!

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    Voice, and demand it out loud or the public will remain ignorant of the “ultimate remedy” for “world peace”.

    Lets hope it’s true “Once the cost of lodging, food and fuel hits a certain point the public will be universally galvanised by the force that builds up from the pressure of their arses against the wall” Snordster 2011.

    The ideology is in the last throws of the inevitable implosion. The Jw’sh criminal bankers, unable to sustain the illusion of stability need, and so are continuing to draw us into chaos and disorder.

    Remember… WWII was fought over who would control the monetary system after the war ….the choice was either the retention of Jw’sh Usury burdened with “infinite compound interest” which the (((Allied powers))) fought for, against the Axis alternative who were holding the ultimate remedy for world peace… their “interest free” system (labour and production), inspired by the moral economist Gottfried Fedar which would have halted the dispossession and what we now see today as the racial genocide of the Europeans.

    We fought for Shetar Usury to burden our country and ourselves with “infinite compound interest” to have it personally loaded onto us, the preferred stock and guarantors. It was a Yiddish sleight of hand…. Didn’t we do well!!

    So the only way the (((money changers))) can sustain their forever control over humanity is through their manufactured immigration deluge against their ultimate enemy ‘Europeans’ which continues to herd us all into a race, religious and gender war. A Yiddish toxic mix of Goy/gentiles objectively to kill off diversity and eradicate what remains of our European kin.

    ‘I would like to thank the German people for the sacrifice their grandparents made during the liberation of Europe from the Jewish criminal bankers families who had to send forth their Bolshevist and communist military to take back control and have Usury foisted back onto us. I’m so sorry for the burden you have carried since 1945’

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