Orbán, Morawiecki, Kurz, and Salvini Call for New “Axis” in Europe

Viktor Orbán joins right-wing leaders’ plan to take over EU — and predicts there will be “two civilisations” in Europe in the future

Unfortunately, these leaders do not — in their public statements, at least — acknowledge the Jewish power structure as Europe’s main enemy, and the tentacles of the Washington/Tel Aviv octopus are wrapped tightly around their nations, especially Poland.

MATTEO SALVINI, the right-wing Interior Minister in the Italian government, recently called for a Rome-Warsaw axis to build “a new Europe” that was against migration.

“I’d like to create a pact, an alliance for everyone who wants to save Europe, the more of us, the better,” he said. Poland’s right-wing Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said earlier this week that “with Mr Salvini we are on the same page with regards to many European matters”. Austria’s right-wing chancellor Sebastian Kurz last year called for an anti-immigration “axis” using the same language. He then cited Italy and Germany as possible allies.

And now Hungary’s Prime Minister has welcomed the creation of an anti-immigration “axis” in Europe as well. In a speech, Viktor Orbán said he wanted to see an anti-immigration majority in the EU institutions and that he would team up with countries like Italy and Poland to change the bloc’s direction.

The right-wing leader said there could be no “compromise” on the migration issue and that he would have to “fight” leaders such as Emmanuel Macron to “respect Hungarians’ decision not to become an immigrant nation”. Mr Orban also said he believes there will be “two civilisations” in the EU: “one mixed Muslim-Christian in the west and one traditional, in central Europe”.

The far right is expected to make significant gains across the continent in this year’s European parliament elections. If the UK leaves the EU as it is set to do on 29 March 2019 it will not be able to participate in the European parliament elections. The previous round of European elections in the UK were won by Ukip in 2014.

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Source: Voice of Europe

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