500,000 Attend Historic Nationalist Speech by Hungarian Leader Orban

Prime Minister says Western nations have surrendered, but other European peoples have not. Inspiring, moving speech was implicitly though not explicitly racial; attacks Soros without directly naming organized Jewry as the primary enemy; unfortunate bow to Middle Eastern religion imposed on us over 1,000 years ago.

WESTERN EUROPE has raised its hands and has laid down its weapons in the face of the invasion from Africa and the Middle East, and will never again decide its own fate, and have the history of its defeat written by others, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a half-million strong rally in Budapest this week to mark that nation’s National Day.

Speaking to the massive crowd which congregated around the capital city’s parliament, Orbán said that the “greatest battle that we could fight together is still ahead of us. And every indication is that it is immediately ahead of us now.

“The situation, Dear Friends, is that there are those who want to take our country from us. Not with the stroke of a pen, has happened one hundred years ago at Trianon; now they want us to voluntarily hand our country over to others, over a period of a few decades.

“They want us to hand it over to foreigners coming from other continents, who do not speak our language, and who do not respect our culture, our laws or our way of life: people who want to replace what is ours with what is theirs.

“What they want is that henceforward it will increasingly not be we and our descendants who live here, but others.

“There is no exaggeration in what I have just said. Day by day we see the great European countries and nations losing their countries: little by little, from district to district and from city to city.

“The situation is that those who do not halt immigration at their borders are lost: slowly but surely they are consumed.

“External forces and international powers want to force all this upon us, with the help of their allies here in our country. And they see our upcoming election as a good opportunity for this.”

Referring to the upcoming election in Hungary, Orbán said that it was not just about another four years in power, but “our future. Europe — and within it we Hungarians — has arrived at a turning point in world history.

“National and globalist forces have never squared up to each other so openly. We, the millions with national feelings, are on one side; the elite ‘citizens of the world’ are on the other side.

“We who believe in nation states, the defence of borders, the family and the value of work are on one side. And opposing us are those who want open society, a world without borders or nations, new forms of family, devalued work and cheap workers — all ruled over by an army of shadowy and unaccountable bureaucrats.

“On one side, national and democratic forces; and on the other side, supranational and anti-democratic forces. This is the situation in Hungary twenty-four days before the election.”

“Europe and Hungary stand at the epicentre of a civilisational struggle. We are confronted with a mass population movement which is an imminent danger to the order and way of life that we have known throughout our lives up until now.

“So at one and the same time we must defend our achievements so far, and enter battle to ensure that there will even be any point in continuing.

“Unless we protect our way of life, the meaning of everything we have achieved will be lost. If in the future the country is not Hungarian, what is the point of progress?”

Dismissing all the opposition parties as “anaemic,” Orbán said that the real fight was with “an international network which is organized into an empire.

“We are up against media outlets maintained by foreign concerns and domestic oligarchs, professional hired activists, troublemaking protest organizers, and a chain of NGOs financed by an international speculator, summed up by and embodied in the name ‘George Soros.’

“We have grown from Christian culture, and we make a distinction between a person and their actions. We have never hated anyone, and we shall not hate anyone. On the contrary, we continue to believe in the power of compassion and solidarity.

“But we shall fight against what the empire of George Soros is doing to Hungary, and what it wants to do to Hungary. This is our homeland, this is our life, and we have no other. Therefore we shall fight for it to the end and we shall never surrender.

“We know that ultimately in every electoral district they will stand against our candidates. Their task is to win power and implement the grand plan: to break Hungary, which stands in the path of immigrants; and first to settle thousands, then tens upon tens of thousands of immigrants in Hungary within a few years.

“These numbers are no exaggeration. Europe is now under invasion. If we allow it to happen, in the next one or two decades tens upon tens of millions will set out for Europe from Africa and the Middle East.

“The western half of Europe looks at all this with its hands raised in surrender. Those who raise their hands have laid down their weapons, and will never again decide their own fate. The history of the defeated will later be written by others.

“The young of Western Europe will see this when they become minorities in their own countries, and they have lost the only place in the world that could be called home.

“Forces are appearing, the like of which the world has not seen for a long time. In Africa there will be ten times as many young people as in Europe. If Europe does nothing they will kick down the door on us.

“Brussels is not defending Europe and it is not halting immigration, but wants to support it and organize it. It wants to dilute the population of Europe and to replace it, to cast aside our culture, our way of life and everything which separates and distinguishes us Europeans from the other peoples of the world.

“It will be small consolation that the peoples of Europe will not forgive those leaders who completely changed Europe without first asking its people.

“Let us be proud of the fact that we are the only country in the European Union which has asked people whether or not they want mass immigration.

“Everyone knows that we Hungarians opposing immigration are in the majority. Our opponents only have a chance if they manage to divide our camp, and if they manage to dismantle our unity.

“Their goal is for any subject to come up for debate except the danger which threatens Hungary. Our opponents also know that now Hungary’s fate could be decided for decades to come.

“I know that this battle is difficult for everyone. I understand if some of us are also afraid. This is understandable, because we must fight against an opponent which is different from us.

“Their faces are not visible, but are hidden from view; they do not fight directly, but by stealth; they are not honorable, but unprincipled; they are not national, but international; they do not believe in work, but speculate with money; they have no homeland, but feel that the whole world is theirs.”

* * *

Source: New Observer

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24 March, 2018 3:16 pm

Bravo! Herr Orban is a true leader of his people, and a true Nationalist. That is something the alleged leaders of western democracies can’t understand. He needs to be extra careful. The last time a European leader talked like he does, was in 1932, and the world went to war with him for his Nationalist and anti-bolshevik policies.

24 March, 2018 4:00 pm

what a speech! so inspiring and courageous! i hold out hope for a potus with this type of guts, insight, and passion!

25 March, 2018 1:17 pm

“Their faces are not visible, but are hidden from view; they do not fight directly, but by stealth; they are not honorable, but unprincipled; they are not national, but international; they do not believe in work, but speculate with money; they have no homeland, but feel that the whole world is theirs.”

Wowser. Ya can’t get much more explicit than that!
I wish this brave man and the people of Hungary much good fortune and sincerely hope what they have spreads throughout what’s left of the White world!

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  JimB
3 October, 2021 3:04 pm

hell yes!

this is as close as it gets to
facing Kike reality.

25 March, 2018 9:31 pm

Hats off to Mr Orban.

The only thing I am afraid of is that he is too small to fight successfully. But I very much hope that succeeds and that he will be generous to offer refuge to western whites fleeing the disgrace in the West.

29 March, 2018 8:43 am

The Teutonic Knights defended Hungary against invaders. Now, Germany is leading the invasion.

22 November, 2018 8:04 pm

That is a great speech.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
3 October, 2021 2:44 pm

incredibly inspiring!

try to imagine a speech like this being made in this filthy Jew-poisoned playpen we call Amorica?

i am completely ashamed of the USSA.

F…..G Nightmare .