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Do Jewish Men Like Black Women?


A question answered by Mr. Sims on Quora, and a debate with a Jew that follows.

by David Sims

I WISH THAT all Jewish men preferred Black women. But it isn’t true. Jewish parents actively try to prevent their sons and daughters from marrying “svartses,” which is a Yiddish word equivalent to the often censored “N-word” in English.

I suppose that there are some Jewish men who will date anything, but as a rule Jews stick with their own. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg married an Asian woman, he caught a lot of criticism from Jewish religious leaders who felt that Mark was betraying his race. I wrote him via Facebook and congratulated him, told him that his wife was very pretty (which she is), and said that he should not listen to stupid rabbis.

But that just goes to show you that Jews (in general) frown upon race-mixing between Jews and others. However, they definitely do approve of race-mixing for goy Whites, and they promote it with the mass media for news and entertainment just as often and as persuasively as they can. You’d almost get the impression that they were trying to blend out of existence every race except their own.


Here’s the record thus far of an ongoing argument with Marc Lipshitz on this topic:

Marc Lipshitz said:

Oh look, an anti-Semite lying about Jews. Jews don’t care what race a person is, but what their religion is! Jewish law requires a Jew to marry another Jew — Zuckerberg got flack because he married a non-Jew. He would have gotten exactly the same flack if she had been Caucasian and not Jewish! The same applies to blacks — if they are Jewish no one cares, if they aren’t the objection is to their lack of religion, not the fact they are black!

David Sims said:

Oh look, a Jew trying to lie to obfuscate a truth about Jews that he does not wish to be exposed. I got my information (that Jews frown on race-mixing and call Blacks svartzes) from a man who grew up Jewish. I notice that you did not actually contradict anything that I said about Mark Zuckerberg; however, you used a tone and a context that suggested that you did. How deceitful that was.

Marc Lipshitz said:

Yes, I actually DID contradict what you said about Zuckerberg or did you miss the fact that I said he got flack for marrying a non-Jew, and would have gotten the same flack regardless of the race of the woman! But hey, no wonder an anti-Semite lying about Jews deliberately tries to misrepresent what I said!

David Sims said:

No, you did not. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg got flack for marrying a non-Jew, but he got flack specifically for marrying someone who is not Jewish by race.

The objection that Jews have isn’t toward someone practicing Judaism who marries someone who does not practice Judaism. There are lots of Jews who are atheists, politely called non-observant, though in fact they are entirely non-religious. Hence, the objection that the Jews have is when someone who is racially Jewish marries someone who is not racially Jewish. Those rabbis don’t mind at all if an observant Jew marries a Jew who is not observant.

See how Jews deliberately try to misrepresent what their critics say!

Marc Lipshitz said:

You really are an anti-Semite aren’t you? There is no such thing as a Jewish race. Zuckerberg got flack for marrying a non-Jew and would have received exactly the same flack as anyone marrying any non-Jew regardless of the non-Jew’s race. There are Jews from every part of humanity — including Chinese Jews who used to be based in Kaifeng and have since mostly moved to Israel. As far as Jews are concerned a convert is 100% Jewish and it has always been this way — we even have a book in the Tanakh number [sic; named? — Ed.] after a convert — Ruth, and she was the grandmother of King David and ultimately the ancestress of the mashiach! There is a portion in the Torah named after a convert — Yitro.

You, however, just try to push the standard anti-Semitic line, the same one that the Nazis used to justify their killing of Jews, that Jews are a race.

David Sims said:

Of course I am an “anti-Semite” — in the sense that Jews hate what I say. You seem to have a very common kind of confusion, Marc. You think that every anti-Semitic statement is also a false statement. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anti-Semitic utterances are merely utterances that the Jews don’t like: Calling them “anti-Semitic” says nothing about whether they are true or false.

You intentionally made an invalid comparison. Let me straighten things out by providing the correct comparison. Mark Zuckerberg was criticized for marrying outside the Jewish race. If he had married someone who was Jewish by race but who was not Jewish by religious faith, then he would not have received any criticism.

Indeed, I don’t really know whether or not Mark Z, himself, is an observant/practicing/religious Jew. What I do know is that he is Jewish by ancestry, which means Jewish by race.

Also, if Mark Z had married someone born a Jew, which is to say if he had married someone who was Jewish because she had a Jewish mother, but his wife was an atheist and did not hold to the religious faith of Judaism, then Mark Z would not have been criticized.

Therefore, the reason that the rabbis criticized Mark Z is that he married a woman who was not Jewish by race. Although a very ignorant person might suppose that the rabbis cared more about the religious faith of Mark Z’s wife than about her race, the contrary is really the truth.

Only with a Jew would I have to belabor this point with such a magnitude of pedantry. Whew!

There is certainly a Jewish race, genetically distinct from the race of European Whites. The landmark study of in that field, The History and Geography of Human Genes, reveals that the typical Fst genetic distance between member groups of the White race is 0.005. The genetic distance of a typical member of the White race and (Ashkenazi) Jews is about ten times greater than that. There are other pale-skinned ethnic groups, besides Jews, that are genetically distinct from the White race. The Turks are another example. White people are more closely related to the Iranians than they are to the Jews.

You do indulge in the fallacy of “Persons In Political Disrepute Said It And So It Must Be False.” When the National Socialists said that the Jews were a distinct race, they did so without the benefit of modern forensic DNA analysis, but, as it turns out, modern forensic DNA analysis backs them up 100%. The Jews are not Whites. And sometimes, when the academic Jews are in the proper mood, they will tell you so.


Certainly, there are religious Jews, also, who may be of any race. But these are, in Venn diagram terms, different sets of people. Ashkenazi Jews aren’t defined by their religion, but by their race, i.e., by whom their ancestors were. The same is true of Sephardi Jews. Members of either of those groups might, or might not, also be members of the set of “religious Jews.”

Likewise, any specified “religious Jew” might, or might not, also be an Ashkenazi Jew. His religion is his own choice, but his race depends on whom his ancestors were. One can claim to be “a Jew” for either reason, and this is why the word Jew can be confusing.

Troublesome Jews desire that non-Jews remain confused on this point. It’s a kind of protective coloration for them: It is political camouflage.

When White people say things that you regard as anti-Semitic, they aren’t saying them because the Jews practice a different religion. They say them because they have been provoked, injured, exploited, harmed. Anti-Semitism does not arise without good reason. When Jews construct financial systems based upon usury, such that Whites see control of their politics taken from themselves, and taxes imposed on themselves, and a gargantuan web of lies and deceit swallow their governments and turn their culture to the toleration of vice, then they’ve been harmed in such a way that anti-Semitism is guaranteed to rise.

Jews have done this time after time, and they are doing it now.

So it isn’t religion that gets Jews into trouble. It’s their habit of sowing corruption as a cover for their parasitism that does this. Yes, National Socialism was a reaction to this corruption and parasitism. But it was far from the only one. All reactions against the Jews were provoked by the Jews.

It’s rather sad that the Jews think they can throw the blame for anti-Semitism on everyone else except themselves. Imagine that you have one sorry troublemaker in a large group. The troublemaker makes one member of that group after another hate him through repeated provocations. Then along comes God, who asks: “Who started all this trouble?” All of the fingers, except one, point in exactly the same direction. The troublemaker tries to use one finger to indicate everyone besides himself. Who, I wonder, will God believe? Whom, I wonder, should God punish?

Note: I am an atheist, so I don’t believe in God. But this makes a good end to my story.

Marc Lipshitz said:

Thank you for proving your anti-Semitism with your continued unsupported claims that Zuckerberg got flack for marrying someone for their race as opposed to their religion and your blatant hatred in claiming Jews are parasites. With that statement you proved to everyone you are nothing more than a hate filled anti-Semite with zero proof for any of your claims but like all anti-Semites hoping that people will just believe your hate filled drivel.

David Sims said:

“Unsupported claims?” Nonsense. Did you not see my reference to The History and Geography of Human Genes, by Luca Cavalli-Sforza and others? Did you not see the link I gave to a Web page on Ashkenazi Jewish genes plotted in allele space? That’s “support,” O Jewish deceiver. That’s how evidence is presented in a text such as this. Just because you chose to ignore it does not mean that I didn’t make it available to you.

Jews are parasites. Their biggest scams have been (improperly) legalized and have dignified-sounding names, such as “Federal Reserve System” and “Bank of England.” But the Jews have lesser scams, also, such as the international trade in sex slaves, in pornography (especially child pornography), in drug trafficking, in money laundering, in the illicit market for human organs such as kidneys. And much more.

Do you want examples?

Yes, Jews are parasites, in general. With exceptions. But the overall effect of Jews on Gentile societies is similar to the effect of a vampire riding on somebody’s back.

My words aren’t “hate-filled drivel.” My, how you Jews turn to personal attacks when you lose an argument. I’ve been explaining the behavior of Jews to a Jew, who tells me (knowing that others are reading) that I’m a liar. Not so. I’m the one telling the truth, and the Jew Marc Lipshitz is trying to prevent readers from recognizing that this is so.

* * *

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4 November, 2016 6:39 pm

I do not normally engage in name calling, but I do make one exception – when dealing with kikes. The kike in question – Marc Lipshitz – has a wonderfully cryptic name. We know that Jews change names to conceal their true identity or alternatively adopt names that tell something about their predatory nature, for example Rothschild. In my neck-of-the-woods the name LIPSHITZ would reduce to lipshit – a title used to describe an untruthful person such a shyster lawyer. Interesting – is it not???

Linda Davis
Linda Davis
7 November, 2017 8:31 pm

Jews are not a race of people but a religious group that is represented among many races, including blacks.

Reply to  Linda Davis
8 November, 2017 4:48 am

“Jews are not a race of people but a religious group that is represented among many races, including blacks.”

…yet, if someone (you, for example) tried to immigrate to Israel under the “Right of Return” act, claiming to be Jewish, the authorities in Israel would require you to prove you’re a Jew THROUGH A DNA TEST but have little interest in your religious affiliation.

Sorry, Linda, but you’re wrong. While it’s true that there are several sub-sets of Jews, due to “Semitic” (although the term denotes a language rather than a people) admixture with various non-Jews of other racial stock… there ARE definite combinations of chemicals in their DNA, to less degree or more, which are particular to JEWS ONLY, no matter the non-Semitic admixture.