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federal-reserveby David Sims

A LOT OF people have come to realize that the Federal Reserve is a fraud by usury. The Federal Reserve “System” is a way for a small group of bankers to steal the money that should have rewarded the labors of working Americans.

Money is supposed to originate with the government as payment to people engaged in public works: building roads, bridges, dams, parks, mines, spaceflight, defense, delivering the mail, and so on. It is supposed to issue as their paychecks, upon which no interest shall be due. The money gets into circulation among the general public when the government workers pay money in trade to private businesses. There never is any deficit. There never is any public debt. There never are any interest charges on a public debt. The financial future of the country is secure.

That’s how the Founders of the United States set things up in the US Constitution. But in the Federal Reserve System, money originates as interest-bearing loans. The government borrows money that bankers simply “invent” as bookkeeping entries. The bankers never do any work to justify the money they grant themselves permission to create. They simply create it. As much as they want.

But that isn’t why the bankers are rich, since by itself their paper banknotes are worthless. No, the reason the bankers are rich is because the government has agreed that the bankers must be repaid, with interest, from taxes upon the incomes of Americans. So the bankers print money, the government borrows it, wastes some of it, spends most of the rest doing what we don’t like, and then sends around the tax-collector to present us with the bills. It isn’t a coincidence that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified only 10 months before a rump Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. It was all planned, in a timed sequence of events.

Now, remember that the Federal Reserve’s loans to the government bear interest, whereas every dollar the Fed prints is principal. When the government took out its very first Federal Reserve loan in 1914, it doomed the United States to eventual bankruptcy, absent legal repudiation, simply because it would never be possible to repay the entire loan. The originally small amount of interest would inevitably grow over time, until its exponential increase brought the national economy down permanently.

But, of course, once the government had borrowed and was addicted to borrowing, the debt just grew and grew. And it will continue to grow until the interest that must be paid on the national debt becomes crippling and becomes fatal to our nation’s ability to function.

The men who passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 weren’t stupid. They were traitors. In December 1913, when most of our legislators had gone home for the Christmas holidays, a small group of Representatives and Senators remained secretly in session. That is when they passed the Act. When the bulk of our federal law-makers returned the next year, the first thing they should have done was repeal it. But they didn’t. Instead, they were either paid off or intimidated into playing along. Men who spoke out against the Federal Reserve, such as Representative Louis T. McFadden, were assassinated.

The Fed’s current boss, Janet Yellen, is Jewish. She is the Fed’s 15th Chairman, and the 9th Jewish Chairman. Of the remaining six, two Chairmen were of near-Jewish ancestry. And we can probably assume that the other four were very friendly toward Jews. The population of the United States is only 2% Jewish. The Chairmen of the Federal Reserve will have been 100% pro-Jewish/Zionist, of whom 73% will have come from Jewish families, and 60% of them will have been Jews in their specific selves.

The Federal Reserve System is a Jewish creation. The conspirators who planned it at their meeting at Jekyll Island in 1910 and prior thereto were mostly Jews. Its Chairmen and its directors are mostly Jews. Its affiliates, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, are likewise Jewish creations controlled mostly by Jews. Is it any surprise that the United States ambassador to the United Nations routinely uses the US veto in the Security Council on behalf of Israel?

The Jews have been robbing us via the Federal Reserve System and its usury-laden banknotes for over a hundred years. They say that we are indebted to them to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars, at the least.

However, is that really true? Morally speaking, what obligation do we have to pay debts that were imposed on us without our consent, and, at first, without our knowledge? I see none. Most of the public debt is the work of fraud and treason, the like of which the law should never treat with friendly hands. The debt is a fiction that has been improperly given legal cognizance.

Anyone who invested in the US public debt (such as the government of China) did so in the expectation that Americans would be impressed into slavery and stripped of their wealth and property by a rogue federal government. The people who did this to us should not be paid. They should be executed. Tried first, of course. But convicted and executed.

Then the debt should be repudiated, and any creditor who wants to fight about it should be asked whether he wants his repayment in 10, 20, 50, or 100 megaton denominations.

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
6 March, 2016 9:22 am

“Then the debt should be repudiated, and any creditor who wants to fight about it should be asked whether he wants his repayment in 10, 20, 50, or 100 megaton denominations.”

That is what you call hard currency!

6 March, 2016 7:51 pm

Brilliantly terse, David.
I’ve been trying to relate this imperative information to people for the last 15 years. It’s so simple and the history does not lie. However, most people still just kinda gaze at you, nodding their heads and then go right back to their routines in a ho-hum fashion. No outrage… no anger. Only when the fridges start to run empty and their federal reserve notes become very noticeably more worthless will they flinch. The same thing happened to the Germans after the First World War with the terrible hyperinflation. THAT got the ball rolling for a man and movement of ACTION. The same thing will occur again. We can only hope that the NEXT time it happens, the international usurers are on the losing side.

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
16 July, 2017 1:36 pm

One of the best articles on the Fed Reserve System I have read. Although it didn’t say in some many words, which I think is necessary, that it isn’t “federal” (it’s private cartel) and there isn’t any “reserve” (such as specie) and it isn’t a “system” implying that member banks have any power/authority; they don’t. The top bank makes all decisions.

Will Williams
Will Williams
16 July, 2017 5:53 pm

Aware White Racial Loyalists have long repudiated the Jew’s fractional reserve scam. That Jew debt is as good as cancelled when enough of us join together in the National Alliance. We will demand and exact reparations from the hakenozzled money changers. If someone has a better solution, let’s hear it!

Donald Trump is surrounded by Jew economic advisers (often described by Jew-controlled media as “white males”). He’ll replace current Fed Jewess Yellen with another Jew, perhaps his buddy Gary Cohn, making it four Yids in a row. No Gentile Fed Chair in the last 30 years. The Jews are so good with money, you know. :oP

23 August, 2019 5:31 pm

As I understand it, the US Government can still create coins, Trillion Dollar coins to repay it debt to the US (it isn’t) Federal (it isn’t) Reserve (it isn’t) system.

6 July, 2021 2:03 am

You are only in debt to the jews! Money is a human invention! It’s basically paper instead of chains