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The Federal Reserve: a Jewish-Dominated Institution

Janet Yellen, who was the fifth Jewish head of the Federal Reserve, and is the current (and third consecutive Jewish) US Secretary of the Treasury

by David Sims

THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE of B’nai B’rith is a Jewish organization created to defend a Jewish murderer, Leo Frank, from posthumous acknowledgements of his guilt. They’ve failed to convince most people that Frank was innocent. But they’ve tirelessly continued the attempt.

In the 110 years since Leo Frank’s conviction, the ADL has branched out into many other matters involving living Jews, Jewish history, and Israel. Although the ADL isn’t always lying, it is usually trying to convince whomever it can about the myth of the eternally innocent Jews.

One of the ADL’s most persistent deceptive narratives pertains to the Federal Reserve. The ADL wants us to think that the Jewish control of the Federal Reserve is a “classic anti-Semitic myth.”

One of the founders of the Federal Reserve was Paul Moritz Warburg, born in 1838 into an Orthodox Jewish family. While working for Jacob Schiff (another Jew), Paul Warburg formed the opinion that the US banking system was too “disorganized.” (That is, it lacked a mechanism for central control.)

Warburg wanted a central bank that could issue currency, backed by gold. Of course, to Warburg’s ilk, “backed by gold” really means “backed by the illusion that gold can be paid to everyone having a claim to such payment” — when that is never the case.

That illusion is, in fact, the fundamental deception of Jewish banking.

In December 1907, Warburg teamed up with Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, who was notorious for doing dirty deals in smoke-filled rooms. The two men began conspiring together to form what would later become the Federal Reserve System (FRS).

One of their meetings took place in 1910 on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Warburg, Aldrich, and several other men, travelling separately and incognito, and pretending that they were on a duck hunt, met there to lay plans to promote their central bank idea and get it passed into law.

The FRS idea was originally Warburg’s. It gained its first approval by another Jew, the aforementioned Jacob Schiff.

There were also non-Jewish financiers of a predatory nature who could appreciate the benefits of controlling the economy of America. But the instigator and prime movers were Jewish.

The Jewish chairpersons of the Federal Reserve were:

  • Eugene I. Meyer [5th]
  • Arthur F. Burns [10th]
  • Alan Greenspan [13th]
  • Ben Shalom Bernanke [14th]
  • Janet Yellen [15th]

For the 17,494 days following Arthur Burns’ appointment in early 1970, Jews held the Federal Reserve chairmanship for 16,978 days.

In other words, Jews held that office 97.1 per cent. of the time in which that office had an incumbent, from 1 February 1970 to 25 December 2017 (the latter date being shortly after Trump nominated Jerome Powell, a non-Jew, to be chairman, which was also the date on which I did the research).

About 2 per cent. of the US population is Jewish. Demographically, Jews are wildly over-represented among Federal Reserve chairmen. And, obviously, the Federal Reserve has been controlled by Jews for about the past fifty years — and it was heavily influenced by Jews even before that.

This is a topic on which the Jewish pressure groups like the ADL are sensitive, and they frequently engage in obscurantism regarding the use of the Federal Reserve as a mechanism by which Jews exploit Gentiles through usury: taking profit by interest charges upon money lent into existence.

By law, the Federal Reserve must remit most of its profit back to the US Treasury. But what the Fed does is just where the mischief starts. Tremendous private profits are made by the fractional reserve banks operating under Fed supervision and control, based ultimately on Fed policies.

And Jews are often chosen to be Secretaries of the Treasury.

Janet Yellen, following her tenure as Fed chairperson, is the first woman and is the third Jew in a row to be the US Treasury Secretary (not counting temporary “acting” stand-ins), succeeding Steven Mnuchin and Jack Lew.

(Other Jewish Secretaries of the Treasury include Stuart A. Levey, Lawrence Summers, and Robert Rubin.)

The Jews have another scam going, of which all tax-paying US citizens are victims: Congress makes an annual multi-billion dollar loan to Israel, and then passes a law to convert that loan into a gift. It happens every year.

The Jews funnel some of this money through Jewish groups in the United States to influence US elections. The influence from the “American Israel Public Affairs Committee” (AIPAC), for example, is so strong that none of our elected legislators dares oppose the Jews when making laws dealing with US foreign and domestic policy.

Once in a while, the Jews demonstrate to a defiant American politician why he should not have defied them. At the next election, either at the primary or in the general, or both, the disobedient US politician will have an opponent whose campaign has been extremely well-financed.

No other lobby has this much power over the US government. And the Jews have it because of the way American tax money is siphoned off to Israel, and then partially returned to Jewish groups in the United States through the back door, to keep the scam going. Other countries subservient to the Washington regime and Jewish power get rewarded with our money, too. Ukraine, for but one example, is currently being run by Jews. Volodomyr Zelenskyy is himself Jewish. The American money sent to Ukraine also fuels this international Jewish scam.

The Federal Reserve System is a kind of regulator, or stabilizer, that helps keep the Jewish scam going, at additional cost to the taxpayers.

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
30 March, 2023 10:40 am

Small coincidence that around the turn
of the last century, Jews began to have
their way with the banking system – along
with thirteen-year-old female factory