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Janet Yellen: Habitual, Systematic Jewish Liar

Janet Yellen

And what, pray tell, are the chances that she and all her recent predecessors-in-untruth would be of the same Middle Eastern tribe?

by David Sims

FEDERAL RESERVE Chairman (and Jewess) Janet Yellen (pictured) is promulgating a fictional summary of the US economy, pretending to observe a robustness that it doesn’t really have. To acquire talking points, she’s making assumptions that she knows to be false. For example, of several hundred thousand people who have gained temporary (and mostly minimum-wage) employment over the holiday season, and who will be unemployed again come January, Yellen insinuates that these people have found good, permanent jobs.

That’s the kind of story-telling the federal government has been vending for quite a long time. They’ll say anything to keep you dumb.

Shadowstats is an organization which specializes in uncovering the real numbers behind deceptive government disinformation pretending to be statistics. Here they show the official "feel-good" unemployment rate, compared to Shadowstats' best estimate of real unemployment.
Shadowstats is an organization which specializes in uncovering the real numbers behind deceptive government disinformation pretending to be statistics. Here they show the official “feel-good” unemployment rate, compared to Shadowstats’ best estimate of real unemployment.

Janet Yellen is Jewish. Jews are 2% of the US population. The probability that one Federal Reserve Chairman would be Jewish at random, without the collusion of a conspiracy to achieve that end, is 0.02, or 1 chance in 50.

Yellen’s predecessor in that office was Benjamin Bernanke, who also was Jewish. The probability that two consecutive Federal Reserve Chairmen would both be Jewish, were the choices random, would be 0.0004, or 1 chance in 2,500.

Benjamin Bernanke’s predecessor as Chairman of the Federal Reserve was Alan Greenspan, who also was Jewish. The probability that three consecutive Federal Reserve Chairmen would all be Jewish, were the choices random, would be 0.000008, or 1 chance in 125,000.

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Source: David Sims

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    14 November, 2015 at 5:23 pm — Reply

    And what can be said about the Jews that has not already been stated in the writings of white men and white women. For me everything about the Jew is ugly.

    They are physically ugly
    They are emotionally ugly
    They are spiritually ugly

    Even a virus has some internal beauty when one views it from the perspective of chemistry and molecular biology.

    Like a virus the Jews are a parasite, but unlike the virus there is nothing beautiful about Jews – everything about the Jew is just ‘bug’ ugly.

  2. 18 November, 2016 at 6:13 am — Reply

    Dear David Sims:

    I am writing to you concerning your comment concerning that woman — yes, the Fed Chairwoman you described here in your article (I have included a footnote at the bottom for you to reflect on).

    It troubles me, that although your are correct on several of your comments, you have faulted on one, that is her ancestry. She is not from a Middle Eastern background; they all wish to be, of course some of them have now in present times been born there, but still, their ancestry is European, or Euro-Asian, totally different than us Middle Eastern Jews by ancestry; them I despise for the corrupt precondition and family and cultural conditioning and behaviour, as lying and exaggeration of the facts is something practiced by them to dominate by deceit. Too bad most of the goys, although intelligent and smart, are asleep to this trait of these criminals, these corrupt ill social parasites who should be imprisoned by a rightful legal system. Unfortunately, we have experienced a deeper corruption amongst those in power here in this Great nation as well, as many of those politicians are in fact liars, caring specifically about their self-interest, not that of the people.

    If we are going to be honest about one thing, we must be honest about others; I am sure you agree with me. See, I can trace my family history to the time of that criminal called Moses, in fact, before him — and, on the other side of my family, to King Ferdinand of Spain, whose wife was Jewish herself. That is why it troubles me when people, most of you writers, address those Euro-Asians as being Middle Eastern Jews, when in fact they are not — e.g., Ivanka Trump, a convert with no Jewish blood in her, for even if she had a blood transfusion, that would not make her a true Jew, as many of those calling themselves are in fact not! These criminal parasites have given the true Jewish culture a bad rap — many of us, don’t even come out to say I am, our names have changed due to ancestors’ persecution, and you know the stories. Anyways, I am not critiquing you, for I agree with your article. I would appreciate however, that although our ancestors indeed were a culture to beware of, thrown out of many countries, be just: classify those converts to our ancestor religion for ulterior reasons, those committing financial and social crimes, as much as the genocide being carried out in the Middle East in a different category — for many of us do not consider them Jews, not even their Rabbinical liars, any of whom are indeed converts also. Thanks for your time. Have great weekend

    Note: Yellen’s name meaning — English: probably a variant of Yelland or Yellin; Americanized spelling of Norwegian Hjellen, from the definite singular form of Old Norse hjallr ‘terrace’, ‘ledge’ (see Hjelle). Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant spelling of Jelen.

  3. Jimmy McJimmerson
    6 June, 2017 at 11:07 am — Reply

    White Americans historically have never been more than 89.8% of the US population. The probability that one US President would be White at random, without the collusion of a conspiracy to achieve that end, is no more than 0.898. This means that the upper bound for the probability of 43 presidents in a row being white is (0.898)^43, or just less than 0.009793 (that’s a little under 1%).

  4. Gary Allgood
    11 December, 2018 at 10:33 pm — Reply

    Nailed it. She wreaks of lie!. A 5th grader could see it a mile away, but not the 100s of millions of American Adults. Her “general” quotes today about historical interest rates brought me all the way down to this site! There is no historical. There is what is required! We will not see interest rates go up as they cannot. The US economy has nothing to support that scenario. The US has 22,000,000,000,000$ in debt and climbing by the minute! There will be no rising interest rates. However, Yellen and her banker thieves raised rates just enough to squeeze all she could out of the American citizens. She also did so to stop any momentum the Trump economy had going. Notice the GDP has been going down since these rate hikes? Don’t be fooled by her BS about “Historical” rates. There is nothing historical about 22 Trill. We are in it now and it is just a matter of time. The FED will however continue to print as much money as they need to, cuz gee they can do it. The world has to be supported and propped up by someone…..right?

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