Pink Floyd “Anti-Semitic”?

PINK Floyd’s Roger Waters is under fire from the Anti-Defamation League for the use of a Jewish symbol in his new stage show. During each performance of “Goodbye Blue Sky,” Stars of David and dollar signs are among the symbols dropped like bombs from aeroplanes.

“Of course, Waters has every right to express his political views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through his music and stagecraft,” said the League’s director, Abe Foxman. “However, the images he has chosen, when put together in the same sequence, cross a line into antisemitism … We wish Waters had chosen some other way to convey his political views without playing into and dredging up the worst age-old antisemitic stereotype about Jews and their supposed obsession with making money.”

roger-waters-3The sequence, which comes as part of Waters’ new The Wall Live tour, does not just include Jewish symbols. Although dollar signs are directly followed by Stars of David, crosses, Islam’s crescent moon, and logos for Shell and Mercedes are among the bombers’ payloads.

[Fox News is reporting that last year “Waters reportedly used a tour of Israel to highlight his criticism of the country’s controversial barrier surrounding the West Bank, characterizing it as an “awful thing” amounting to a land grab and openly hoping that it would be ‘destroyed soon.'” — Ed.]

Read the full article in The Guardian

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