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“Six Million”: The Video, Authorized Edition

by Malcolm P. Shiel

JOHN NIEMS has produced a thought-provoking video to go along with his ground-breaking song “Six Million.” With hardly a false note, Mr. Niems and his video producers show us that the story we’ve been told about alleged atrocities against Jews during World War 2 have some very strong parallels in literally dozens of similar atrocity claims by Jews against various Gentile governments — all of them, astoundingly, also claiming that “six million Jews” were involved — as early as 1906.

Niems also moves us with a brief presentation of some of the unsung and un-mourned victims of that war: the Germans who were murdered in the largest civilian firebombing campaign the world has ever seen, the hundreds of thousands raped and left for dead, and the millions who were expelled from their homes after war, many of whom died — and no one cared.

Mr. Niems describes his awakening to these truths as being due to “Many truth books — and the Internet. And I have a circle of many knowledgeable friends, as I’ve been researching truth since the 80s.”

With tongue firmly in cheek, he recently announced “My holocaust video just reached 6 million views! Okay, 20 thousand, but who cares about historical accuracy…”

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