Why Do People Still Believe in the Hoax?

Answer: Because they don’t read Revisionist research and writings.

lies make money smaller

MAYBE HALF the people who believe in the so-called Holocaust have never given it any real thought. They would be shocked if they read a good selection of the main points made in Revisionist research. Just a summary won’t do, though; they have to read the actual written words of good Revisionist books and articles, but they don’t have to read a whole book — although they may want to after they read selections from one.

The fact is, people have been led astray by “holocauster” propaganda (in large part through Hollywood films) and do not know anything about what really happened (although they think they do). We have to reach these people, and one of the best ways is through the presentation of Revisionist material at the website Its long title is: “Jan27 — International Day of Commemoration in Honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz ‘Death Camp’ Narrative.”

Our work is of great importance. As the editors of Auschwitz: The case for Sanity remarked: “What we have come to understand is that the holocaust is the secret weapon of psychological warfare of the Powers That Be, which they use to expand and maintain their militaristic empire, to justify wars and subjugation, to foist their financial, economic and cultural system upon others against their will.”

At, the newcomer will find basic explanations in the Revisionists’ own words for all the main themes of the Auschwitz legend, and in easy-to-swallow portions — not too long, not too short. Plus three book features and a number of very select videos. Everything at is top of the line. This is the week to introduce it to someone you know — who doesn’t yet know.

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29 January, 2016 2:14 pm

Imagine if we could have someone dressed in a concentration camp outfit, standing outside every Holocaust Museum in the United States, holding up a big professionally made sign with this web site ( or ) address and some slogan (Find out why a growing number of forensic scientists and historials believe the Jewish Holocaust is a Hoax) . When people pass by they are handed a very professional business card that asks them to be open minded and check out the web site. The business card should have a hotline number on it, where people can call and listen to speeches. Press 1 to learn about the Aushwitz Hoax, Press 2 to learn about the Treblinka Hoax, Press 3 to learn about the and off 9 or 10 different… Read more »

Reply to  Henry
15 November, 2020 2:53 pm

Greetings Henry. The January 27 commemoration should be preceded by a commemoration on January 19 to acknowledge the invention on that day in 1944 by Eliezer Unger of the “six million” Jew holohoax/holycost, based on no count whatever.