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Homeless Jack: “Expand Our Code”

by H. Millard

“LOOK, MAN,” said Homeless Jack, “we gotta expand our code. That’s why we’re alive. That is the meaning of our lives. That is our purpose.

“If we don’t expand our code, we might as well not have lived at all. We are born to breed. We are born to expand.

“And this is no different than it is with all other life forms. The basic core code of life that is carried by DNA is programmed to expand always and contract never.

“The basic core code of life has been sent forth on automatic pilot. It adjusts to changes in various environments and keeps modifying the life it creates to compete better. It always competes. It never rests. It always tries to be better. It always adapts. It ‘wants’ to fill all of existence with itself. It never stops tinkering, mutating and evolving to bring forth new models. It is tireless.

“As with all organisms, we are the carriers of that core code. But the core code has been lifted higher in us because of our brains. At our level of consciousness, we should be consciously trying to fill all of existence with our kind of life — with our version of the code. Arman says we should call our version of the code Code A, just to distinguish it from other versions.

“See, this is one of the major parts of our religious beliefs, man. Expand always, contract never. If we do nothing, the automatic pilot continues. But, with our brains, we are supposed to take the controls, man, so we can steer ourselves in the right direction that is best for our version of life.

“The permutation of the code that we carry is unique, just as every permutation is unique, but our uniqueness — Code A — puts us a step away from birthing the next man from out of our kind. That’s our highest destiny, man, to evolve in the right direction that is best for us.

“To do this, we must have as many children in our image as possible and we mustn’t over-think this. Just have children. It is vast numbers that we need and it is only with numbers that we will improve.

“Yup, this is just the opposite of what the eugenicists believe. They want to limit births to those they consider the best. This is a mistake. There are just too many variables involved in the code — which has about 3 billion letters to it. There are also too many variables in various environmental conditions, and in so-called accidental factors of living in a constantly spinning and moving universe, to be able to know who or what defines “the best,” for everything that may hit us as we spin through the void.

“So, if there are too many variables, then how do we know that we’re going in the right direction? We have the teachings of Arman to guide us, man. These teachings are revelations. They are absolutely correct. They come from the First Cause — who alone knows the trajectory of existence — and the truths behind the teachings are also written in nature for those who know how to read them. This is where faith meets science. You have to have faith, man.

“Our way is to birth as many children who look like us — who carry all 46 chromosomes of Code A. It’s just as simple as that, man, for everyday life. If our children look like us; I mean if they have our major characteristics that define us as us, that’s what we need.

“Our major characteristic is our white skin — that’s an essential part of Code A. It is an absolute necessity in order for us to be us. Then come various other things. Look, man, anyone with common sense knows who is us and who is not us. Just look at someone and you should know. That’s why we say that sight is the king of our senses. Can you be mistaken? Sure, there are some who look like us in most ways, who aren’t us. But for everyday life, trust your eyes. When this dark planet teems with our kind, we can be more picky.

“The core code doesn’t really care which life fills all the universe, it is within it all and it will expand no matter who or what carries it. However, we who follow Arman’s teachings have the intelligence, the understanding and the revelations to guide us so that we will stay on the right path that is best for us alone by expanding our kind — those who carry Code A.

“The eternal struggle to be and to be more is blind and automatic except in living organisms that can understand this natural impulse built into nature by the First Cause; such as us. And, in understanding, we can and we must take charge of our own evolution. We must take those actions that we know from the teachings will lead us to move higher. We must also guard against the weak among us who will counsel going in the wrong direction. There are many paths down, but only one path up.

“Our people who are intentionally childless or who hold back the number of children they can have or who practice miscegenation or who have abortions or who use birth control or who marry too late, piss me off, man. They’re wasting their lives and not contributing to our gene pool. I’d be even more pissed off, except for the fact that a second thought about this always hits me and it is that maybe this is nature’s way of eliminating weak seeds from our gene pool.

“Man, this is our religion. We believe that the First Cause set this expansion of existence on its course and that we are commanded in our own small sphere of existence to similarly expand. We believe that we must do the will of the First Cause.

“We must have as many children in our image as possible. This is the highest morality for us. This is how we will evolve. This is how we will improve our lines. This is how we will bring forth the next man who will be born out of us. This is how we will eat our way across the universe. Marry young. Have multiple wives. Do whatever it takes to expand Code A, that you carry. That’s true morality.


“I gotta tell you something here that most folks don’t get. Maybe that’s because it’s so simple and part of our everyday reality that we don’t often think about it. You see, the individual thing of anything in existence, including humans, is not all that important in the big scheme of things.

“What is important is the code — the formula — the recipe — the pattern — the blueprint — that makes each thing.

“Now, with life, the way every form of life survives is by making more like itself. There is no other way for life. Either make more like yourself or die off. That’s what expands the code.

“Just to stay focused; remember, we know from just looking around us that there are different things. And, we know that the different things are not the Lone Rangers of their kind. I mean, if you see anything — a type of rock, or dirt, or anything else, you know that there will be more of that type of thing. Why? Because underneath all is the field of existence from which all springs. It is the way existence works. The codes arise from the field of existence. Simple codes modified and expanded into the trillions and trillions of things. They all spring from that field of existence that brings matter into existence. This is the stuff of subatomic particles and the waves and vibrations that cause them to flash into being in an ever spinning and pulsing field. This is the furnace of creation and destruction, man. As I told you before, man, if the spinning were ever to stop, existence would cease to be. Look at a spinning galaxy and you will see the way of creation and destruction.

“Now, you may say that we’re all individuals and we’re all different, but you need to know, man, that it’s like snowflakes. They’re all kinda like us, man. They’re all individuals and they’re all different in minor ways but they’re still all snowflakes. They all have six arms and a buncha of other stuff that makes them all part of that type of thing called ‘snowflake.’ No exceptions, man. It is the way of nature that snowflakes have six arms and that other stuff that I won’t bore you with.

“Why are snowflakes all the same but all different? It’s because of the snowflake code, man. It’s a code that comes from below our normal reality. See, it comes from the Field of existence, that I told you about, which is where matter comes into existence.

“It is the same with us, man. We are like snowflakes and we quickly pass from the scene. But, unlike snowflakes, we must be the ones to make more like ourselves. We ain’t gonna be made by atmospheric conditions. We are the pilots, man. We are at the controls of our destiny. Steer right or you crash and go extinct.

“Arman says that the First Cause wants us to isolate ourselves from those who do not have Code A so that there is no genetic transfer and so we can evolve as we are commanded. He says that we must try to establish a nation for our people alone. Maybe I’ll tell you more about that next time.

“Live long and breed right, man.”

(© 2010 H. Millard)

* * *

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