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by Dissident Millennial AMERICAN RENAISSANCE recently published a nasty rant by Fred Reed which displays total ignorance of the Jewish Question and a suspicious lack of even the most basic curiosity about the subject. The only reason to bring attention to Reed is the formerly august venue which…
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Wakanda, the New Black Homeland A fictional answer to whites’ real world success Paul Kersey | American Renaissance James Baldwin, perhaps the most influential black literary figure of the last century, confessed in Notes of a Native Son that blacks feel alienated and inferior no matter where…
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American Renaissance Files Lawsuit Against Twitter Logan Crow | Occidental Dissent Yesterday, American Renaissance filed a lawsuit against Twitter in State Superior Court of San Fransisco. The famous Las Vegas-based first amendment attorney Marc J. Randazza is handling the lawsuit. Noah…
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David Duke

A 2006 interview with David Duke by Kevin Alfred Strom TODAY WE WELCOME to our microphones a man who has made great sacrifices and achieved great things in his battle for self-determination and freedom for our people; a man who has achieved political victories under an openly pro-White banner; a man…
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