Video of the Day: American Renaissance Files Historic Lawsuit to End Twitter’s ADL-Censorship of Free Speech

American Renaissance Files Lawsuit Against Twitter

Logan Crow | Occidental Dissent

Yesterday, American Renaissance filed a lawsuit against Twitter in State Superior Court of San Fransisco. The famous Las Vegas-based first amendment attorney Marc J. Randazza is handling the lawsuit. Noah Peters, a high profile DC-based attorney is also involved. The lawsuit argues that Twitter has violated the California State Constitution.

California state courts have previously ruled that it is illegal to censor political speech in any public thoroughfare, even if it is privately owned.

According to Twitter’s own guidelines, the value of the American Renaissance following on Twitter was worth $250k.

Click here to see the lawsuit.

Twitter currently uses the Anti-Defamation League [ADL] to provide “guidelines” on who should be censored. The ADL is the same organization that recently perpetrated the hoax that the Florida school shooter was part of a “White Nationalist Militia.” The hoax claim was immediately disputed by local police. In fact, the so-called “White National Militia” appears to be nothing more than one man with a website. The ADL never even using a retraction for their hoax. They simply deleted their original article and shamelessly pretended like it never happened.

The ADL has a long history of trying to censor the Internet. For years they have distributed “hate” filters to censor conservative internet websites. The filters block non-violent mainstream conservative websites while ignoring black nationalist and Marxist websites that actually promote violence. In 2006, the CofCC successfully sued several public libraries in the St. Louis metro area to force them to stop using the ADL’s “hate” filter. Before the lawsuit was even over, thousands of libraries all over America had deleted the ADL’s sinister web filter from computers.

Editor’s Note: On behalf of NV I’d truly like to wish Amren success in this endeavor. Regardless of the outcome, we appreciate the patriotic fight you’ve waged all these years on behalf of freedom of speech as it was actually intended by our forefathers. — Dissident Millennial 

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Source: Occidental Dissent

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Over It
Over It
21 February, 2018 7:46 pm

It’s a concern that they’ve filed in (((San Francisco))). The rule of law means nothing to these people. While we can’t afford for this censorship to go on, we also can’t afford for a false precedent to be set that ends up in front of our 4-5 jewish Supreme Court. Why don’t these challenges happened outside California’s stacked 9th District or New York’s (?) District? Cases like these are absolutely essential to prevent our freedom of speech from being whittled away like our Second Amendment, but we’ve got to get them in front of judges in districts that support us.

Reply to  Over It
27 February, 2018 12:20 am

I’m pretty sure that Mr. Taylor and his attorneys filed the suit there because it happens to be the seat of the company’s corporate offices and is in fact where Twitter was set up as a company… plus, it has to do with a certain S.C. ruling (I forget the name of the case) that happened in California, where a private/public space (a mall) had been de-platforming a political group or groups; the ruling went against the mall, setting that type of “private” censorship into law as illegal. But, having said that much, I do agree with you that it’s somewhat of an unfortunate circumstance that the case will be climbing through the maze of the most (((liberal))) court system in America. It’s a case of the apple happening to… Read more »

21 February, 2018 8:30 pm

I don’t understand how any company that has a presence or does business within the U.S. CANNOT be bound by the Constitution in the course of doing business with Americans. Being publicly or privately owned should have no bearing on the matter. Since when is a company allowed to violate your Constitutional rights just because they’re privately owned? It’s the same BS argument Amazon used to digitally burn 170 books on holocaust investigation and research just one year ago with one stroke of their delete key. Yet, this is the same crowd that believes a privately owned bakery should be forced to make a cake for a gay wedding. I can smell the hypocrisy from here.

Reply to  ZachP
27 February, 2018 12:32 am

I agree with you 1,000% about the hypocrisy, Zach. It’s infuriating. But when have you EVER seen a Lefty (or Jew) blush with embarrassment or shame? Their respective yet equally savage mottos are thus: Lefties – ‘By Any Means Necessary’, Jews – ‘By Way Of Deception Thou (we) Shalt Do War’. You of course know this already, that this type of filth is what we’re dealing with. They have no moral arguments, only flimsy sjw counterfeits… and they have absolutely no shame about lying and cheating.