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Journal of a World Gone Mad, part 6

Michael Yeadon

by John Massaro

I ALWAYS LIKE AN insider’s view of things. Thankfully, there are a few honorable people who work, or have worked, in the top public health agencies and in the big pharmaceutical firms. Michael Yeadon, former chief of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer, is the most outspoken. He has been sounding the alarm for several months now, as in this statement:

It’s become absolutely clear to me, even when I talk to intelligent people, friends, acquaintances…. and they can tell I’m telling them something important, but they get to the point where I say, “Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death and that of your children,” and they can’t begin to engage with it. And I think maybe ten per cent. of them understood what I said, and ninety per cent. of those blank their understanding of it because it’s too difficult. And my concern is, we’re gonna lose this because people will not deal with the possibility that anyone is so evil…. I’ve talked to lots of people, and some of them have said, “I don’t want to believe that you’re right, so I’m just gonna put it away because if it’s true I can’t handle it.”

Yeadon strongly suspects that this global vaccination push is a conspiracy to depopulate the planet. So do I — among some of the conspirators anyway. But they could not do their infernal work without the support of a vast army of pimps and toadies in government, journalism, NGOs, scientific research institutions, large corporations and academia.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented event.

As with the lockdown measures that became increasingly harsh and ludicrous as 2020 wore on, once the vaccination steamroller started up and went forward, it never stopped. The goalposts kept moving, again and again, until the steamroller knocked them down and rolled right over them.

It’s still rolling. Last month I read that they’re now after children as young as two, and they’re even talking about booster shots. Judging by the VAERS index of adverse event reports, which probably represents at most ten per cent. of such events, this is the most dangerous substance ever put into a syringe, aside from lethal injections given to condemned prisoners.

From January 1st to June 26th, VAERS compiled 376,300 reports. A quick scrolling on shows that nearly all of them are from the Pfizer or Moderna Covid shot. According to (a superb site if you can overlook the quotes from scripture), during this time frame, plus the latter half of December, 6113 deaths, 5172 permanent disabilities, 6435 life threatening events, and 51,588 emergency room visits were reported to VAERS. There have been more reports filed with VAERS in the first six months of 2021 than in all the years from 2012 to 2020 combined. I might add that I’ve mentioned VAERS to at least twenty people over the years, and no one had heard of it. Since you can examine the data for yourself, I won’t bother reproducing any of it, as I did for previous years earlier in this book.

Were I to reproduce the first half of 2021, it would add 80,064 pages to the book you’re holding. And we continue to be told this is a safe shot. In fact, according to the CDC’s own website,, as posted on May 27th, VAERS (which the CDC and FDA jointly supervise) had received 4863 reports of Covid-19 vaccine deaths up to May 24th. Yet at the top of this same page, under “What You Need to Know,” the first bullet point statement was “Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective,” with the words “safe and effective” in boldface! The madness of this whole thing is beyond description.

The situation in Europe is no better. There’s a system there, similar to VAERS, called EudroVigilance, which keeps track of Covid-19 vaccine deaths and injuries, and breaks them down into 27 categories (cardiac, gastrointestinal, respiratory, etc.). Tabulations are regularly updated on The casualties reported in Europe exceed ours, and there are many more besides, because several European countries do not participate in the system.

It’s impossible for me to go into detail on all this harm, and I don’t want to get bogged down in biological processes and terminology that I don’t understand, but it’s well worth passing on some information that I’ve come across. From what I gather, these experimental injections permanently change the DNA, which means that it can’t be undone in future offspring — if it doesn’t destroy the fertility of recipients to begin with. It seems that these people are now the equivalent of genetically modified corn. I’ve read that 82% of women who were injected during the first or second trimester of pregnancy have had miscarriages. In an interview conducted with Jeff Rense, who runs the excellent aggregate Web site, the aforementioned Dr. Hodkinson issued a grave warning about the unknown future effects of these shots.

He was particularly concerned with myocarditis, inflammation of the heart, which unlike the liver and kidneys cannot repair itself. What this means in plain English is that millions of young Americans who got this injection may die of heart attacks in their thirties or forties, though no one knows yet what the future holds.

Other dissident doctors have come right out and said there’s going to be massive death and suffering within two or three years as a result of “cytokine storms,” meaning, as I understand it, the immune system going haywire in fighting common transient illnesses, or in the continuing replication of spike proteins, that have a notably harmful effect on the circulatory system. I’ve read numerous accounts of shedding, which we know happened with the Salk polio vaccine, and likely with others as well. Vaccinated people can infect others through physical contact or exhalation.

Vaccinated women have reported serious disruptions of their menstrual cycles, or unusually heavy blood flow, or passing blood clots. I’ve even read of post-menopausal women having periods again.

And from simply being around vaccinated women, unvaccinated women have experienced the same symptoms. There are also many cases of metal objects sticking to the skin of vaccine recipients, usually at the injection site, which means that an electromagnetic or magnetic agent was stealthily put in at least some of these vials. I’ve seen about ten videos of this, along with one of a man in India with an LED bulb which lit up as he held it near his shoulder, then went off when he moved it away. Is all of this an elaborate collaborative hoax? I doubt it. There’s so much more information out there, but at this point I’ll refer the reader to the Web sites I’ve mentioned.

The majority of Americans, including a high percentage of the 180 million who were foolish enough to be injected, are oblivious to everything I’ve written in this afterword, and in the whole book for that matter. My best guess, and I’m being conservative here, is that in the seven months since its inception, about 50,000 Americans have been killed by this shot, and about 4 million have had serious reactions, many of a permanent, life-altering nature. But that’s not even two per cent. of the total population — not yet, anyway. So those who don’t know anyone in this small, hypothetical minority will go on living in their alternate reality. Although many have become increasingly distrustful of the mainstream media, they still cling to it.

In my social circle, about seventy per cent. got injected, including some who are quite intelligent. That really amazed me. It just amazes me that intelligent, responsible people would not suspect that all along there’s been something fishy about this whole Covid business, would get this shot without any hesitation and without investigating it first. Early this year I emailed my brother and sister long lists of testimonies, taken from the Internet, of ordinary people detailing the worrisome symptoms they’ve been experiencing, some beginning within minutes of inoculation. They went out and got their shots anyway. So many people really are sheep, lemmings, zombies, who mindlessly go with the flow, who automatically bow to the stronger opinion, who actually believe that the CDC and the media would inform us if these shots carry serious risks that are far from being “extremely rare,” that pet phrase so beloved of the vaccine pushers. After all, haven’t they been conditioned for years, like good little Pavlov dogs, to yap every time they hear the word “anti-vaxxer,” and wag their tails when they’re told how wonderful vaccines are? I’ve noticed also how happy some people are to let others know they’ve gotten their shots, to show the world they’re with it, what these days is called “virtue signaling.” One would think that the flaming idiocy of the relentless campaign to vaccinate America — as seen, for example, by enticing people with free beer, hamburgers, donuts, marijuana, lottery tickets, Uber rides and the like — was reason enough to opt out. But no. And there are still many, no doubt vaccinated, who buy into the Delta variant scaremongering. Just yesterday, seven weeks after the “Mask Required for Entry” signs came down all across New York, I observed that almost half the shoppers in my local supermarket were still wearing them.

Still, it’s encouraging that 150 million Americans have not been injected, that the adults among them are instinctively wary, if not downright hostile, to any message force-fed them by the media and government. And cracks in the façade are spreading among the vaccinated as well, even as the social media giants are hard at work scrubbing messages that are at odds with the proclamations of WHO and the CDC. Just recently I discovered a new website, c19vaxreactions, the brainchild of Ken Ruettgers, former NFL veteran, an offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers. His wife has been suffering every day for five months with an array of symptoms, beginning the day after she got her first Moderna shot. The many heartbreaking personal stories on this site are powerful stuff that will get around, and I’m sure there are many other grassroots efforts like this. The home page reads: “We are a large and ever-growing group of Americans who were previously healthy and have been seriously injured by the Covid vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, as well as Astra-Zeneca in the clinical stage in the United States.)” But here’s the next sentence: “We are pro-vaccine, pro-science, and were excited for the opportunity to be vaccinated and to do our part in helping to end the pandemic.” And while Wisconsin Republican senator Ron Johnson deserves credit for appearing on a public platform with Ruettgers, he starts off by going into contortions over how everyone assembled is pro-vaccine, he’s gotten every flu shot since Swine Flu (sic!), he’s a huge supporter of Operation Warp Speed, he’s happy to report that 300 million doses have been given, the vaccine has saved countless lives, and it has contributed to the end of the pandemic.

It’s hard for me to picture a more disgusting performance.

Can this battle be won when well-intentioned public figures, out of fear or ignorance, distort the truth like this? I suppose we should be grateful that the truth is getting out in drips and drabs.

I’ve made my aversion to Fox News known in this book, and I’m no fan of Tucker Carlson, who manages to slip in a pro-vaccine lie or two each time he expounds on the subject, but sometimes he makes a critical point. On his May 5th program he announced the VAERS Covid-19 injection death count, which on that date was 3362. To my knowledge, no one else on television has reported news like this.

Unless I missed something, so far, in seven months, a grand total of two deaths has been reported on WCBS news radio. If there are other conservatives enlightening the public, well, that’s good. But the only hard-hitting, uncompromising source of truth remains the Internet. I don’t know a single red state governor who has spoken disapprovingly about the injection effort. This includes Florida’s Ron DeSantis and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, both of whom stood their ground against the lockdown militants and banned vaccine passports, but think the Covid-19 vaccines themselves are just fine, and claim to have gotten theirs. It’s as if the label “anti-vaxxer” is a scarlet letter. Can you imagine a security guard whose job it is to apprehend shoplifters insist that he’s not “anti-klepto”?

I’ve read hundreds of posts of family members of injection victims, or the victims themselves, who feel obligated to write, “I’m not anti-vax, but….” I was dumbstruck when I heard even Dr. Hodkinson deny the charge. To the contrary, he thinks vaccines in general have done much good; it’s just that this one is a killer. What is it with him, and other fine people like him? I tried to answer that in the chapter on dogma, but I still find it perplexing that they have to bow low like this. One thing that all these otherwise sensible people have in common is that they never, ever single out any vaccine and explain in detail why they think it’s so good.

My reply to the accusation of anti-vaxxer is this: “You’re damn right I’m an anti-vaxxer! Who in his right mind wouldn’t be?”


To be continued

* * *

Source: an excerpt from the book Will Vaccines Be the End of Us?

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29 November, 2022 6:19 am

Unfortunately, a feeling of having to say, “I’m not anti-vax but…” is the same as saying “I’m not racist but…” before belting off some obvious racial realities. I guess in this, taking the knee for the time being so long as info about this shot and its aftereffects gets out is worth it. That’s counting on the fact that when people get their eyes opened up about this, they’ll be wary of any other shots. For those with the stomach, a documentary is out “Died Suddenly” that interviews morticians that are discovering these long fibrous things that clot up people’s bloodstreams, and they can be long. The body is creating these due to, the Gods know what reason, but these are inside people who got the shot (at least the… Read more »