Aryan Ethos and Jewish Ethos

This essay appeared in issue number one of The National Socialist (Summer 1980), which was the theoretical journal of the World Union of National Socialists, under the author’snom de guerre “Wayland Smith.”

by Dr. Peter H. Peel

IN THE WORLD OF MUSIC, the sublime geniuses of Richard Wagner and Ludwig van Beethoven tower above all other composers as the Himalayas tower above the Alps. But whereas Beethoven was politically naïve, Wagner possessed a profound insight into philosophy, politics and the nature of society.

Wagner’s masterpiece of masterpieces, his cycle The Ring of the Nibelungs, speaks to us on several levels. It is the glorious evocation of the central myths of our Aryan ancestors and reaches into the depths of our own souls to awaken race-memory and consciousness. But it is also an allegory of the modern world.

In 1898, George Bernard Shaw wrote a brilliant little book called The Perfect Wagnerite in which he claimed that the first three operas, at least, were really a devastating denunciation of the squalor, greed, and life-stultifying nature of capitalism. I believe that he made a very convincing case. What he omitted — I suggest from a failure to see it rather than any arrière pensèes — was that Wagner, if a “socialist,” was really a racial socialist and was fully aware of the eternal Jewish enemy. Two very important figures in the Ring — Alberich and Loki (or Loge) symbolize two aspects of the destroying Jew. There is a third figure, Mime, Alberich’s brother, who represents the haggling, huckstering, swindling, cheating, whining “little” Jew, but with him I shall not concern myself at this time

Alberich — dwarfish, ugly, greedy, vengeful — appears at the very beginning of the operas, Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold), but note the play on words: rein means “pure” or “innocent” in German. The gold, which lies in the river Rhine, is a beautiful, unsullied, natural thing: but it has, Alberich knows, magical powers which can give its possessor domination over the world. In order to steal the gold Alberich is compelled to foreswear love, nature and beauty, all of which he willingly does. The gold ceases to be innocent and becomes accursed — a source of evil and ultimate destruction for all who possess it as well as an instrument of tyranny over all others.

In Alberich we see the Jewish obsession with loveless sex. Jewish sex-life is notoriously joyless and unsatisfying. Jewish literature makes no bones about admitting this. And this partly explains the endless Jewish promotion of pornography, public indecency, toleration of sexual aberrations, filthy speech and so forth.

As for Loki, he is not really a god: he is only partly of the blood of the Aesir, the race of the gods. Physically, he is like the blond Jew — a particularly repulsive type whose blond hair is usually borderline-kinky, and whose blue eyes have that pale, codfish, heavy-lidded look. I need not elaborate. The reader can choose his own examples. I have in mind one prominent Bryiddish actor and one Hollywood “comedian.” They are to the true Nordic type what Yiddish is to High German — an obnoxious caricature and a distortion. Loki is the “assimilated” Jew, the “cultured” Jew. And see what Wagner makes of him! He is witty — in a destructive way — cynical, cunning, restless and utterly treacherous. In his secret depths he loathes and despises the Aesir, in particular Wotan. But the Aesir rely on him for advice, as so many Aryan kings and presidents have relied on the advice of Jewish schemers. Indeed, the same fatal error of judgement has been made by many Aryan rulers. One might begin the list with the Pharoah who was swindled by Joseph and his brothers, or certain Turkish sultans who were encouraged to debauchery by their Jewish physicians.

Although Loki’s advice brings apparent success in the short run, it always brings increasing problems in the long run, and these culminate in total and final disaster. And this is his long-range intention. He glories in enmeshing the gods deeper and deeper in an ineluctable doom. At the end of the fourth opera, Die Götterdämmerung, it is Loki’s fire which immolates Valhalla and utterly destroys the race of the gods.

Thus, Alberich and Loki, in their separate ways, symbolize the biologically-determined Jewish drive to destroy, subvert and pervert the whole Aryan ethos and culture. They symbolize the Jew’s implacable and irreversible enmity — his compulsion, as it were, always to defecate on a well-scrubbed floor. To what we may variously call the Aryan, Germanic or Gothic cultural ethos, the Jew is utterly alien — at least when he is true to himself. A few Jews have made pathetic attempts to “assimilate.” Usually, such Jews appear to have been physically of partly Aryan blood. The effort is always doomed to failure. The Jew who tries to “pass” becomes a hopelessly tormented figure, acutely schizoid. But so does the Judaized Aryan — a matter of considerably more importance to us. To be genetically of one race and try to embrace the culture, ethos and world-outlook of another is about as fruitless an endeavor as it would be for a cholera bacillus to attempt to live symbiotically with its human host. The natural biological function of the cholera bacillus is to prey upon and ultimately destroy its host. The natural function of the host is to destroy and eliminate the agent of disease. “Mit dem Juden,” said the Man Who Died For Us in the ruins of flaming Berlin, “gibt es kein Paktieren, sondern das harte Entweder-Oder.” *

With the heroic and tragic end of the Third Reich in 1945, the world has entered a period of Jewish ascendency which is now total and, as a result of which, our civilization is sick nigh unto death. Regardless of any other considerations, the symbolism of a president of the United States handing his resignation to an immigrant Jew secretary of state is artistically perfect. ** But despair is never in order. Throughout the Western world there exist numbers of courageous and enlightened Aryan brothers who will never surrender and never cease to fight. In the end we can and shall win. Compromise is impossible. Assimilating ourselves to the Jewish ethos, or living contentedly in a Judaized world, is as psychologically and biologically impossible for us as it is for the Jew to live in inner peace in our world.

One of the most dangerous errors of those who are only partially awakened to the truth is that the Jew can ever be dissuaded, converted, or educated out of the destructive tradition of his race. Destruction, subversion, revolution, and corruption are his biological weapons in the eternal struggle of life forms for power and paramountcy. The Jew’s instincts, if not his conscious intelligence, grasped this, at the latest two millenia ago. After several unsuccessful attempts at revolt, the Levantine world accepted its military impotence in relation to its Aryan-Roman masters. It turned instinctively to the subtlest of biological weapons.

It evolved a religion which preached a sentimental, universal benevolence (which it miscalled “love”) and which emphasized the unimportance and transient nature of worldly concerns and focused on a putative afterlife. It decried all that was great and powerful and noble, and apotheosized the weak, the feeble, the humble. This, it successfully undermined the innocent will-to-power of the Aryan overlords and brought ruin to the whole glorious Graeco-Roman civilization. Where religions had previously served as the repositories of the myths and legends of a particular people (as Judaism and Shintoism still do) and thus served to protect their uniqueness and integrity, the new religiosity was universal and implicitly democratic. God was no longer a god of a particular people, embodying their highest concepts, but an enormously remote Ruler of the Universe. Man was correspondingly smaller and more contemptible, more of an insect. And this meant all men. Caesar was equated with the meanest slave. The differences between men were held to be trivial by comparison with their universal status as children of the new deity.

A strange thing happened — and one of immense good fortune for us. The decayed Graeco-Roman world perished, but a new Gothic-Germanic Aryan civilization began to emerge and reach its sublime heights in the High Middle Ages. It adopted much of the nomenclature of the new religion and devised elaborate rituals and ceremonies. It even produced the great Gothic cathedrals as an expression of its highest aesthetic values. But under the superficial trappings of the Levantine original it preserved a full-blooded and robust Gothic-Germanic-Aryan ethos which was never seriously inhibited by the nominal religion. The European serf, from Russia to France, was usually of an inferior racial strain — the miscegenated product of what Houston Stewart Chamberlain called “the chaos of the peoples.” No medieval noble regarded the base serf as this “brother.” The so-called “Crusades,” for all their conscious idealism, were only Viking raids writ large, and the Crusaders slaughtered the Saracens with joyful gusto, boasting that they rode into Jerusalem with the blood of the infidel over their horses’ fetlocks. The Saracen was no more their brother than the serf.

Not until the rise of modern capitalism did the Jewish ethos once again begin to assert itself. At first it was through the agency of grim and gloomy non-Jews, obsessed with the Old Testament. With the French Revolution, the floodgates of Judaism opened wider and with the general emancipation of the Jews during the following century — which Wagner opposed — the battle for dominance was more fully joined. To this day, alas, most of our folk are not even aware that a war is even in progress. It is an unawareness which will, if not rectified, end our civilization as it ended the Graeco-Roman.

* * *

* “There is no making deals with the Jews, only the hard: Either-Or.” Mein Kampf, Seite 225; page 206 in Volume I, Chapter 7, of the Manheim English translation.

** In August, 1974, President Richard Nixon submitted his resignation to the foreign-born Jewish Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, as stipulated by law [Editor]

* * *

Source: New Order

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Simple Truth
Simple Truth
11 July, 2018 1:42 pm

“One of the most dangerous errors of those who are only partially awakened to the truth is that the Jew can ever be dissuaded, converted, or educated out of the destructive tradition of his race.”

Why is it so difficult for some in the alleged alt-right to grasp this essential truth, especially when reviewing history? The inability to do so will be our undoing.

Adolf In Valhalla
Adolf In Valhalla
Reply to  Simple Truth
18 July, 2018 4:21 am

Because the AltRight is really the Altkike.

Reply to  Simple Truth
18 July, 2018 3:58 pm

Because a lot of those people want to appear more “mainstream.” The alt-right, by and large, is still running on a “conservative motor”, which is why they shy away from the JQ. They’ll admit that, for example, jews like barbara spectre are obviously working to undermine our race, but they’ll never tie it in to the “bigger picture” because it’ll risk sounding too radical, normies will flee from them, and their paypal accounts will get shut down.
Forget about those types of “activists.” I think that at this stage, we can distinguish who is on our side and who isn’t, and those that still can’t, IMHO, should revert to being inert ballast.

18 July, 2018 5:04 pm

The Alt-right and Daily Stormer was phony from the beginning. Joined at the hip. Republican outfits setup to con racists to vote republican — vote for Trump (Jewish Democratic Capitalism). The name ‘Alt-right’ sounds Jewish to me. The Daily Stormer labeled Trump Glorious One, comparing him to Hitler. That was a dead give away

24 August, 2019 4:10 pm

I would say that J.S. Bach towers above both Wagner and Beethoven.

24 August, 2019 5:00 pm

Look it’s Midgardsormr!

comment image&exph=307&expw=200&q=the+protocols+of+the+learned+elders+of+zion&simid=607987941628379810&selectedIndex=1

22 February, 2020 1:55 pm

If an intellectually honest Jew were to read this..he would have to agree…he possesses hideous, immutable racial traits…that will never change…that’s whats so creepy about the whole mess.

ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
16 July, 2020 3:59 am

Thank you very much for reproducing the text as accessing the aforementioned source or URL would now have become impossible
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