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Billionaire criminals — especially Jews — typically get away with innumerable felonies by paying off the System. Time for a new System that will put them in prison, deport them, and make them pay the ultimate price when called for — and then seize all of their wealth anyway, to benefit
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Nurse Tiffany Dover fainted on live TV 17 minutes after receiving the new rushed-to-market vaccine, hundreds of millions of doses of which have been purchased from Big Pharma with taxpayer money. by David Sims PEOPLE WHO have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine are getting sick and/or fainting. Medical “experts”…
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by David Sims COVID-19 is NOT the “killer disease” that it is being hyped up to be. Yes, it is possible for people who already have one foot in the grave to die from COVID-19, just as they might also die if they catch the flu. Very old people are at risk. Sickly people are at risk. But aside from…
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