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Evidence for the “Holocaust”


by David Sims

THE QUESTION WAS asked: “Is there actually any real evidence for the Holocaust?”

There is some evidence — that the Holocaust is either a myth or is, at least, much exaggerated.

The trials of Ernst Zundel in Canada produced some interesting insights that have since been mostly covered up. For one thing, a lot of the so-called eyewitness testimony was proved false. Many survivors lied about what they said they had seen. For example, some survivors stated under oath that they had seen flames shooting out of the crematorium chimneys, bringing up ash, some of which landed on their clothing. It was a lie. It was proved in court that those chimneys were specifically designed not to emit fire or ash, but only warm air.

Holocaust testimony is sometimes in self-conflict, in mutual conflict, in conflict with physical evidence, or in conflict with the laws of Nature.

The chemical “criminal traces” of ferrocyanide on the red bricks forming the alleged gas chamber, where Jews were said to have been killed, isn’t consistent with the near daily use of a brick building as a gas chamber. There just isn’t enough of the bluish “Prussian blue” chemical for that to be the case. Instead, the level of contamination is consistent with a once or twice per year fumigation to kill pests and germs, which wasn’t done during World War 2 by the Germans alone, but also by the Allies, who used the same chemical (hydrogen cyanide, as evolved from Zyklon B) for the same pesticide purpose. Indeed, the alleged gas chamber isn’t the only building to exhibit that trace of ferrocyanide. Other buildings in the Auschwitz camp also show it, including the guards’ barracks. Again, this indicates that Zyklon B was used as a pesticide, not as a gas to kill people. If the Germans wanted to kill people, then there were much more effective gases available to them (which were invented during World War 1 for chemical warfare).

Furthermore, much of the photographic “evidence” was also false, misleading, or intentionally deceptive. Some of the photos did not begin as photos, but as high quality drawings that were then photographed slightly out of focus so that they seemed to be real photographic images. Some of the photos that did begin as photos were altered by drawing in extra objects or human figures that weren’t in the originals. Some photos had misleading captions on them; for example, a photo whose caption said that shown were the dead bodies of Jews from Auschwitz actually showed the dead bodies of Germans from Dresden.

The lesson to learn is not to make assumptions that go beyond what a picture really shows you. Just because you see a pile of dead bodies doesn’t necessarily let you know what those people died from. It doesn’t even tell you who the dead people were. It usually doesn’t tell you where and when the photograph was taken. When a narrator says the people shown were “gassed,” he might be lying. A great many people in German concentration camps died because they were infected with typhus, which is a deadly disease spread by lice. If the bodies look skinny, like they were starving before they died, it does not mean that their captors were intentionally starving them. During the war, the Allies bombed the railroads that the Germans used to send food and medicine to their eastward detention camps. That resulted in hard times for the people in those camps. The Germans probably wanted to feed their prisoners properly, but they couldn’t always do that.

The Germans did burn the bodies of the people who died. That was to prevent lice from hopping from those bodies to other people who were still alive and thereby spreading the typhus infection.

There are so many fakes in the body of “Holocaust evidence” that many people suspect that it’s all a great fake.

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German Visitor
German Visitor
23 August, 2022 5:21 pm

“Reality” is ultimately, with which kind of spirit you move through the world. Your reality grows personnel-wise only that measure, by which you make possible access to your reality for souls, which were believed to be lost up to now and which are in the foreign-controlled other world since then. Otherwise it remains limited to your person all your life. Where you see many possibilities, chances and opportunities, the lost ones of the world recognize only language, mental and ideological obstacles. So it was with all our adventurers, conquerors and inventors who anticipated a vision that finally prevailed against the fatal “spiral of silence” (Noelle-Neumann), the entrenched paradigm, the “official” narrative. What we behold here is not an inevitable reality, it is the artificially created reality of our corrupters and… Read more »

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
24 August, 2022 9:30 am

Jews lack the inhibition to lying that affects non Jews. That is why they lie and why we believe their lies. We cannot imagine people making such stuff up and so default to our belief. Its all natural.

Walter Green
Walter Green
Reply to  Joe Lowsac
25 August, 2022 8:18 am

1941.8 ~ 1942.1 (According to Wikipedia, gassing ‘started’ in 1941.8)
1942.1 ~ 1943.1
1943.1 ~ 1944.1
1944.1 ~ 1945.1 (‘Liberation’ of Auschwitz)

Actually the time frame is less than 4 years.
So it’s more impossible.

And thanks for letting me know

Reply to  Joe Lowsac
25 August, 2022 2:17 pm

Most people who have never looked for themselves into the jews’ holocaust narrative, just assume and believe there is mountains of evidence proving that the so called holocaust happened, that Hitler premeditatively ordered the extermination by ‘gassing’ of 6 million jews. But the truth is that there is absolutely no physical, forensic, or scientific evidence that proves these allegations to be true. When these believers in the holohoax are made aware of this fact, that there is no evidence, they say there are thousands of eyewitnesses who made these claims and their oral testimony and written affidavits placed in the record at the notorious Nuremberg Trials.  Yes, there were many, many, eyewitnesses, mostly jewish eyewitnesses, conveniently, and they created hundreds of thousands of affidavits. Here’s the thing. Any jew, who… Read more »

Mad World
Mad World
26 August, 2022 1:14 am

If you look closely, you will always find clues in details that allow you to draw conclusions about the whole, the totality. This fact follows the law “As in the smallest, so in the largest”. But today’s rulers of the world have dumbed down its population in such a way that it is not even able to understand. A simple example: What might be the reason for the fact that on the barrier tapes of the Swedish police not only “avspärrat” (German “abgesperrt”) is written, but also “Police – do not cross”? A country in northern Europe with a population of just 8 million! https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2022/08/25/swedish-police-call-for-more-deportations-as-migrants-drive-crime/ The answer to the question can only be: There must be so many people in Sweden who do not understand Swedish that this is considered… Read more »

Reply to  Mad World
9 September, 2022 6:38 am

Israel is not preserved from the madness-they are its origin and have giant gay parades

Mad World
Mad World
26 August, 2022 1:59 am

PS: The “Open Society” is even both and thus an astonishing phenomenon: a “Grand Illusion” in the minds of its advocates, and a bloody reality in the everyday lives of the populations affected by this insane utopia. How convenient that the inventors and operators of this madness have preserved their “home base” Israel from this very own madness to this day.

Mad World
Mad World
26 August, 2022 5:57 am

Excerpt of a revealing interview with the star director (activate Engl. subs). https://youtu.be/BYk0qzqqjmQ?t=258 “‘Doctor Mabuse – The Gambler’ – an image of time, and ‘Inferno’ – men of time. The period after World War I was a time of the greatest despair for Germany. It was a time of hysteria, of cynicism, of unrestrained vices. Terrible poverty existed right next to enormous new wealth. Berlin coined a phrase at the time – ‘Raffke’ – grabbing as much money as one can. ‘Raffke’ – that’s what the new rich elite was called. Doctor Mabuse is the prototype of that time. He is a gambler – he plays cards, he plays roulette, he plays with the lives of people around him and with death. During this time a poster was hung in… Read more »

Geraint Pendragon
Geraint Pendragon
28 August, 2022 12:43 pm

I remember this from David Irving’s blogpost years back. He took it from the comments section of ‘The Jerusalem Post.’ Jews talking to themselves.
Poster 1 ‘How can anyone doubt the Holocaust when there are miles of video evidence.’
Poster 2 ‘Er, actually, there is not even a millimetre of video evidence.’

7 September, 2022 2:30 am

“Jews cry out in pain as they stab you in the back!” – Polish proverb

7 September, 2022 2:33 am

“The jew is the master of the BIG LIE” – a famous German

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Jim
7 September, 2022 2:25 pm

Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer was that famous German behind the quote you cited more or less correctly, and is the one that Adolf Hitler repeated in a somewhat modified form in Mein Kampf. The original Schopenhauer quote in English was “The Jews are the scum of the earth, but they are also great masters in lying.”

Dr. William Pierce had written a very convincing essay dedicated to this topic in a January, 2002 publication of the National Alliance’s Free Speech publication which can be found here: https://nationalvanguard.org/2019/07/great-masters-of-the-lie/