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Jews: Disloyal by Nature


Jews have little or no loyalty to the countries of their birth or their host peoples — and often give all their considerable energies to destroying them, as these two examples show.

AT THE climacteric of the Korean War, when Red Chinese “volunteers” were over-running American positions and threatening to push GIs back into the Yellow Sea, Sydney Rittenberg (pictured), scion of a prominent Charleston, South Carolina, Jewish family was working for Mao Tse-tung in Peking as a specialist in anti-American propaganda. In 1967 Rittenberg had acquired so much power he actually became the boss of the Peking radio. But like Icarus (excuse the comparison) the American expatriate flew a little too high. He drew the attention of the Gang of Four, joined it for a time and then found himself in the middle of a political cat fight, which eventually earned him a 91/2-year jail sentence. Arrested with Rittenberg were two other old Chinese hands, Israel Epstein and Michael Shapiro.

Recently, as a result of the softer line of post-Mao China, Rittenberg was freed. American reporters found him sightseeing with his Chinese wife on the banks of China’s picture-postcard Li River. After describing Rittenberg’s political adventures as a Mao hireling, the Washington Post reporter added, “There seemed to be no great obstacles to Rittenberg’s returning to the United States to live or visit…”

How right the Post is! A collaborator in the pay of the Communist Chinese while they were shooting down Americans in Korea will not only be welcomed in the United States; he will probably receive the same red carpet treatment given to such prominent proditors and poditresses as Ramsey Clark and Jane Fonda after their pourparlers Hanoi, which took place when the North Vietnamese were killing as many GI’s as the North Koreans and Chinese were killing a decade earlier.

Sydney Rittenberg at Stanford University
Sydney Rittenberg at Stanford University

The red carpet, however, was not rolled out for poet Ezra Pound, who was exhibited in an iron cage in Pisa and later committed to a Washington madhouse for his literate, anti-Roosevelt musings over the Italian radio in World War II.

Bruno Pontecorvo
Bruno Pontecorvo

Rittenberg happens to have an ideological and racial twin. In 1950 when Stalin needed all the brains he could muster to get Soviet nuclear weaponry off the drawing board, Bruno Pontecorvo, a prominent Jewish nuclear physicist from Italy, suddenly bought a one-way ticket to Moscow and vanished without so much as a fare-you-well from Britain’s Harwell Atomic Research Station. Unlike the New York Rosenbergs, who sent their stolen atomic secrets to Russia by diplomatic pouch, Pontecorvo carried his in his pocket. In return the grateful Stalin built a special $2.8 million nuclear research installation for Pontecorvo in Dubna, fifty miles north of the Kremlin.

Who was the genial, smiling figure who stepped off a Soviet jet in the Rome airport last September? None other than Bruno himself, come home to attend the retirement ceremonies of Italian physicist Eduardo Amaldi. Greeting his brothers and sisters as if nothing had ever happened, as if defecting to Russia with Western plans for nuclear bombs had been a meritorous act, he announced, “I am happy to be back in Italy after twenty-eight years. I hope to come again sometime.”

Povera Italia! Its best atomic physicist, Enrico Fermi, accompanied by and perhaps instigated by his Jewish wife, went West to build his bombs, two of which landed in Japan, a World War II ally of Italy. Later his scientific buddy buddy, Pontecorvo, went East to help build the Soviet H-bomb arsenal now pointing at the U.S., Western Europe and the Italian boot. It seems the last country Italian nuclear bombardiers think of is their own.

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, December 1978

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26 April, 2016 6:22 am

An interesting document of heinous racial insult at the political level; but these cases also provide torts of index demonstrating why we should not be sharing our knowledge, arts and technological base with judea. These are exclusively Europid racial investitures that deserve serious militant sovereignty from asiatic malevolence. That meritocratic participation, or the pantomime of it, is not racially universal.