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No King Over Us 2022: You Will Open Eyes and Embolden Spirits

“Martin Luther King” statue in Long Beach, California: On top of everything else that could be said about him, MLK looks incredibly primitive, ugly, and repellent to the aesthetic sense of healthy White people.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 15 January, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

BY TELLING THE TRUTH about MLK, by printing and distributing our “No King Over Us” flier, you will be hitting a very vulnerable target. The Establishment made a very stupid mistake by making this rapist, plagiarizer, liar, Communist enemy of White people, and betrayer even of his own cause into a plastic “saint.” The lies the Establishment told to make this monster out to be a paragon and hero are so obvious, their agenda to destroy White America in doing so is so clear, and the crumbling of their edifice of lies as more and more facts come out is so rapid, that there is hardly a better way to promote the National Alliance than to distribute “No King Over Us” door to door in your community.

Concentrate especially on White neighborhoods, noting signs of rebellion such as “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, confederate flags, “Not my president” banners, and the like. People will appreciate the fact, when you knock on their doors and hand them a flier, dressed and groomed to look your best, smiling and unafraid, that there really are others who have figured out that the media lie — on this, and on many other issues.

There are millions of White Americans passionate about these truths, and hungry for human contact with others who share that passion. One of the things that we constantly get here at the National Alliance are letters and emails from people who just want to be able to meet face to face with others in their community who have at least an ounce or two of racial loyalty and courage. They’re reading alternative media like National Vanguard and they’re ready for more.

They are lonely. They feel alone, even though really there are millions like them. They write to us and want to know if we have chapters in Peoria or Shreveport, or Anchorage or San Jose. We have to tell them that we’re still a small organization (by the way, please join if you want us to be bigger) and spread thinly across the country, so meeting local members is only possible a small percentage of the time.

By distributing “No King Over Us” you can, to some extent, short-circuit that dilemma. Even if you haven’t become a member or official supporter of the Alliance yet, you can meet people right there in your county or village or city, no formalities required. The “No King Over Us” flier is direct, truthful, and convincing — and, most importantly, it is encouraging and inspiring. There you, or maybe you and your wife together, will be, standing on your neighbor’s front porch, obviously courageous enough to defy the media liars. That’s encouraging. There you’ll be, promoting a national outreach effort to finally — finally! — organize White people to stand up for their own interests again. That’s inspiring. I am utterly convinced that if you do that it will have a force-multiplying effect far beyond what mere online activism can do.

Now be aware of two things to avoid discouragement. One, some people won’t react positively right away. There is a lot less trust than there used to be, and a lot more fear. Some people are going to have to think about your positive words and your truth-telling flier for a while before making further contact of their own accord. You’re sowing seeds that may take days or even years to sprout. But you are sowing them.

Two, expect some hostile reactions. A certain percentage of the population is cowed into rejecting anything even two inches away from the Jews’ “White people bad” agenda, even if they have their own secret doubts about it. These are people for whom truth doesn’t matter much. We don’t want them anyway. Then there are the nutcase “liberals” and true-believing Christians for whom Blacks and Jews are basically sacred and “White racism” is the ultimate evil. They’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and almost all of them are lost to their race forever. The same is true of the dim bulbs who actually believe the Republicans are the answer, that Reagan was right to create MLK Day as a national holiday, that their uncle marrying a Filipina or their sister adopting a Nigerian is just fine and compatible with “conservatism.” Don’t waste too much time on that doorstep. But don’t let the existence of weak or dull people discourage you. Those kinds don’t make history. Our kind does.

Just toughen your soul a little bit and such types won’t deter you. You’re looking for the one out of two or three for whom a National Alliance flier “seed” is worth sowing. They’re cheap to print, so err on the side of higher numbers. You’re also looking for the one out of ten or more who is totally ready for the National Alliance message of hope right now, who grasps our cause both intellectually and intuitively almost as soon as he encounters it. These people will fill our ranks — and build our community — in the years immediately ahead. They are worth more than gold. Get out there and find them! Cultivate them. Befriend them. Do things with them. Help them. Ask them to help you — and, especially, ask them to help our Alliance. Even if you find only one such individual or family in a year’s worth of canvassing and distributing Alliance materials in your neighborhood, you have done well. Do it again next year. Ask the new members and supporters you’ve found to do the same. And before you know it, there will be ways for Alliance members to meet in every part of every state of the Union and in White countries all over the world, with a density ten or a hundred times what it is now.

Every member recruiting one new member every six months means we quadruple our membership every year, starting now. I hope I’ve inspired at least a few of you to make a New Year’s — or should I say MLK Day? — resolution.

We can do this. And distributing our flier on “Martin Luther King” is a great way to start.

Here are a few talking points. My exposé on King came out in 1993 and was published in printed form a year later. Just a few years ago some of the government’s secret files on MLK were leaked about a decade earlier than their planned release date of 2027 — probably by patriots behind the scenes in the government, and possibly by one or more who had read our exposé. These leaked files, buried in FBI papers ostensibly about the JFK assassination, indicate that the National Alliance exposé — that our “No King Over Us” flier (and the “Beast As Saint” video based on it) was correct and accurate.

When just a small part of the FBI file on King was released in 2017, among its conclusions were that:

• King was surrounded by advisers with strong links to organized Communism (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)

• MLK’s statements were always subject to approval by Communist operatives, especially his main handler, Jewish Communist Stanley Levison (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)

• MLK was a secret supporter of Communism, “a whole-hearted Marxist” (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)

• His organization, the “Southern Christian Leadership Conference,” set up a “tax dodge” to raise funds for its activities and conceal Jewish/Communist sources (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)

• MLK was unfaithful to his wife, and had sexual liaisons with numerous females, including part-Mestizo, part-White folk singer Joan Baez (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)

• King took part in “drunken sex orgies” involving both Black and White prostitutes, coerced young women to take part in unnatural acts, and “initiated” them into illicit or perverted sex if they were hesitant (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)

The report states that King’s advisers and handlers — led by King’s Communist Jew ghost-writer Stanley Levison — approved everything King said in advance: “King is such a slow thinker he is usually not prepared to make statements without help from someone,” it reads.

Linking King to Communism, it stated: “King is a whole-hearted Marxist who has studied it (Marxism), believes in it and agrees with it, but because of his being a minister of religion, does not dare to espouse it publicly.”

At a February 1968 workshop to train ministers in “urban leadership” evidently monitored by the FBI, the report reveals: “One Negro minister in attendance later expressed his disgust with the behind-the scene drinking, fornication, and homosexuality that went on at the conference. Several Negro and white prostitute[s] were brought in from the Miami area. An all-night sex orgy was held with these prostitutes and some of the delegates.”

The document reports that King also engaged in a “two-day drunken sex orgy” in Washington in January 1964: “When one of the females shied away from engaging in an unnatural act, King and others of the males present discussed how she was to be taught and initiated in this respect,” it added. “It is a fact that King not only regularly indulges in adulterous acts but enjoys the abnormal by engaging in group sexual orgies.”

From the FBI transcripts, we learn that MLK told one of his fellow Black “civil rights” associates on the telephone: “Get your damned ass down here because I have a beautiful White broad here,” referring to a White woman he and his fellow “Southern Christian Leadership Conference” colleagues were sexually abusing that evening. Additionally, in at least one case “Dr. King” witnessed — and encouraged — the rape of one of his female followers, and laughed while the rape was taking place in his presence.

You can read the full FBI report in PDF form here at

Our “No King Over Us” pamphlet/folded flier can get the truth out to hundreds or thousands of people in your community.

In the text version of this broadcast on, we’ll give you everything you need: A high-quality video, a high-quality audio version of the video, a National Alliance flier in PDF form for printing and mass distribution.

You can watch or download the professional, impressive video based on my original broadcast:

(Download the video file)

You can listen to or download the audio version of the broadcast, too:″ text=”Listen to The Beast as Saint, audio version”]

And you can download our dynamite, irrefutable “No King Over Us” flier —

— and we even provide instructions on how to fold our “No King Over Us” fliers if you print them yourself (if you get them printed at a print shop they can fold them for you):

The National Alliance “No King Over Us” flier which exposes our enemies’ lies about their “saint.”

Share all this on social media, of course; that’s easy — but also take the extra effort to go to your local print shop with the PDF file, or print it out yourself, and get out there with real world activism. Nothing makes a more powerful impression than a real-world act of courageous truth-telling. Nothing better tells your neighbors that we really care. There is no better way to tell our people that we’re with them, right here on the streets of our community. Nothing makes the White resistance more real. And millions are hungry for a good shot of White resistance.

As our National Alliance chairman, William White Williams, said: “Every year the same old propaganda is trotted out in the controlled media celebrating the degenerate Michael King (aka ‘Reverend Doctor Martin Luther’ King, Jr.) to coincide with the national holiday named for him. So what can we do to expose these lies? Distribute our accurate and truthful flier alerting fellow Whites to the fraud, that’s what. …Get a print-ready file of this flier here: — then take it to your local copy store and print as many as you think you can distribute. Fold them yourselves to save money or have the print shop fold them for a nominal charge. Should you hand one to another kinsman face-to-face you might say, ‘Read this to discover why this Communist reprobate’s FBI file is sealed until the year 2027.’ …Everyone should download and print out hundreds — or thousands — of copies of our excellent exposé. Each flier fits on a single piece of 8.5 x 11-inch paper. Make sure that this truth-telling work blankets your neighborhood this weekend. It can be distributed at ‘MLK’ events too. The truth is a powerful weapon — use it!”

And — as Dr. William Pierce told us more than once — courage is contagious.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. The National Alliance is working to educate White men and women around the world as to the nature of the reality we must face — and organizing our people to ensure our survival and advancement. We need your help to continue. Please send the largest contribution you can afford to National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. You can also help us by visiting Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to never give up.

This radio program and 24/7 radio network are entirely listener supported, and have been for almost 30 years. We received more than 200,000 visits to our site last month, more than some medium-size “mainstream” news outlets. Our outreach is constantly growing. But we totally depend on that responsible, caring, adult fraction of our listeners to stay on the air. Won’t you join their growing ranks?

All we ask for is a donation of $50 each year — less than $1 a week. Are we giving you personally at least that much value? Simply visit — and choose the $50 option to give online.

For a donation of $250 a year, under $5 a week, we’ll send you our printed National Alliance BULLETIN each month. It’s America’s longest-running pro-White publication. Just choose the $250 option at and let us know you want to receive the BULLETIN. If you prefer to donate via postal mail, just write us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. That’s Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. And thank you for your help!

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15 January, 2022 11:54 am

On occasion the MLK Federal holiday falls on Robert E. Lee’s birthday – Jan. 19.

Official Texas State Holiday
January 19 – Confederate Heroes Day (partial staffing holiday)
House Bill 126, 42nd Legislature Regular Session. Chapter 8. Approved and Effective January 30, 1931 as Robert E. Lee’s Birthday.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  aa
17 January, 2022 1:52 am

Thanks aa, but I find that putting myself out there on the streets helping the Alliance take down The System’s Plastic God (as well as promoting our life-philosophy, Cosmotheism) a much more exhilarating and productive an activity than simply tipping a beer- or whatever- to a man who also put himself out there on the field of battle fighting for his kin and nation.

Lazaris Procrustes
Lazaris Procrustes
15 January, 2022 4:50 pm

As a Jungian therapist, I would urge everyone to take a personality inventory, to see if he is indeed suited to this type of activism. For certain personality types, this is a legitimate expression of their concern, but for others, it would not mesh with their own core attributes, and they would be best served by expressing their concerns in a self-affirming way. Diversity of expression will help our cause.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Lazaris Procrustes
17 January, 2022 1:48 am

What then, Mr. Procrustes, do you offer as an example as a personal self-affirming way you would like to express yourself as you’re putting a copy of “No King Over Us” in the hands of a fellow White man or woman? Would you be willing to demonstrate in real life what you’re preaching, then bring us some feedback as to how it went? It would be very interesting to learn from you how you would go about some activism yourself to expand my knowledge and to benefit the rest of us, of course.

Oh, and I’ll skip the “personality inventory,” thanks, as I simply put my boots on the pavement and just do it as I’ve done at least a thousand times before.

Lazaris Procrustes
Lazaris Procrustes
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
17 January, 2022 11:23 am

Jim, instead of personal encounters, those among us who are introverts could secretly leave the tracts in public areas. The artistic ones among us could incorporate pro-White messages in their area of expertise, perhaps symbolically, as did Tolkien. Everyone among us can support NA financially; perhaps those who not put “boots on the pavement” could give a bit more. Then, there is just the personal example of being excellent—in health, appearance, conversation, diet, bearing, etc. I know that at this late hour it is tempting to militarize the NA members and fellow-travelers, to have everyone marching in lock-step, but this would not be upholding the diversity that has made the European race so exemplary throughout our long history. Every one of us demonstrates in real-life events what he is. The… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Lazaris Procrustes
17 January, 2022 12:20 pm

Mr. Procrustes, I am one of those introverts. Awhile back I decided it was best to express what I believe openly rather than be secretive as people have a higher respect for bold spirits– a reference to the title of this ADV broadcast– rather than being of the faceless and secretive kind. It’s a matter of effectiveness in putting our message across, and isn’t militaristic at all. Put our message across however you like and see what results you get, I’m offering the benefit of my experience. I only ask that you contribute and share your experiences as well.

As for us NA members, you’re giving advice about how we conduct ourselves as though you’re not one of us. Is there any truth to this?

Lazaris Procrustes
Lazaris Procrustes
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
17 January, 2022 1:41 pm

I am new to this website. I understand that there was some deficient leadership after the death of the Founder, so I would like to visit your office before I make a commitment. Perhaps in the summer season would be acceptable? I am of Greek ancestry, and am somewhat dark, like most Mediterranean peoples.

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Lazaris Procrustes
17 January, 2022 7:05 pm

I will be glad to welcome you and give you the 50-cent tour some time in the summer, LP. Just give me sufficient notice. I like the way you write.

Some of my best friends — not the real swarthy, Africanized ones — are Greek. Southern Europeans, or Mediterraneans, are as much a part of the European race as the Alpines and Nordics. So much Classical culture came out of ancient Greece.

Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
17 January, 2022 10:48 pm

Jim and NV, what you’re suggesting to do is brave and necessary but too hard for most people to do, members or not. People that visit your site are already in despair, but they might have families and might be terrified by the prospect of being dragged through the mud by the FBI-NSA-ADL, and possibly literally so.  I think Mr. Procrustes makes some obvious good points about ways to help, although I’m not sure I understand his soft comments on diversity and “marching in lock-step”. I believe that the focus of our struggle for survival should be complete separation and rebuilding. It’s not like we have much choice there, anyway. But we still need to continue trying to reveal the truth, all along. Spreading the truth in person is effective… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Guest
17 January, 2022 11:13 pm

Guest said, “what you’re suggesting to do is brave and necessary but…” Forget the buts, if something is necessary then it should be done. And if it’s to be done, then it must be given an excellent effort. Failure, as you’re beginning to see, is racial death. No do-overs, just one shot at Life in this age. Shall the White race’s epitaph be, “They died of cowardice!”??

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
15 January, 2022 7:36 pm

Here in SC, state employees are given
a choice. They can either take a paid
holiday for MLK, or a paid holiday on
Confederate Memorial Day. The hard data
is not yet in as to whom attends what.
I am beginning to suspect that more
“politically correct” and “woke” Whites
will attend MLK day to “prove” that
they are not “racists.” That is…
after they have received their “Covid-
19” kill shots and “boosters.”

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Walt Hampton
17 January, 2022 1:18 pm

...[M]ore “politically correct” and “woke” Whites
will attend MLK day to “prove” that
they are not “racists.”

Good for the herd animals. Those who take the paid day off from work for Confederate Memorial Day should never use the ebonic term “woke.” It was first used in the 1940s and was created as a political term by black Americans. It means to be awake to issues of social justice and racial justice.

“Politically Correct” means the same thing and is expressive enough, Walt. Don’t talk like a street nigger.Spread “No King Over Us” far and wide, especially today.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
17 January, 2022 7:59 pm

My current place of employment
hosts around twenty to twenty-
five humanoids. I am the only
Caucasian in the entire mix.
As Jewish TV’s Mr Spock once
said, “Constant exposure does
result in a certain degree of

17 January, 2022 10:13 pm

I think that “No King Over Us” is a little emphatic of a title and that no importance should be given to this primitive pawn. I think that the horrifying national holiday in the name of an FBI-documented rapist, the only US holiday in the name of an individual, should be counteracted in a more poignant, less-is-more manner, whether with flyers (if one can be that brave) or an online article and posted links.

18 January, 2022 11:33 am

From the 2d half of the 1960s forward, I have put more hours on the street than I can remember. We attracted the attention of the Federals, and they reinvaded the Southern country 100 years after the fist time. There was no time to be lost. We didn’t have time to read history; we made history. We were on our own time.