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Slaves to the Paragraph

by Douglas Mercer

THE NATIONAL Socialists liked very literal showings of their ideology, such as this: When they burned degenerate books, they would carry the books through the town on a dung cart or an execution wagon before they consigned them to the flames.

You might suspect, after reading it, that I made the following story up — but I did not.

The paragraph symbol, as an image for the “rule of words,” was so hateful to some National Socialist leaders it became the object of iconoclastic action. During a summer camp for lawyers and magistrates in training in Jutenborg near Potsdam, a scaffold was built to hang a cardboard paragraph symbol in effigy.

This event made it into the newsreels on August 2, 1933, with a report explaining the symbolic execution. The news story ended with a shot of the swinging symbol while the jurists sang its death in the brilliant sunshine. A photograph of the event in the National Archives shows a smiling Minister of Justice Hans Kerrl at the base of the scaffold.

Hans Kerrl, center, at what looks like quite a festive event.

Hans Frank also joined in the call to bury the paragraph.

Kill the paragraph so that the people may live; kill death by abstraction so that the people may have life.

* * *

The caterwauling pigs are at it again, telling us that America is not and never was a people, that America is and always was only an “idea” — whatever that is.

If “in the beginning was the word” — then that’s when it went off the rails.

So thought the National Socialists of Germany.

In the beginning was the blood.

You can’t create an enduring nation in a Philadelphia meeting house. A nation that will survive must have been born in the mists of time, must have been indigenous to the Earth from which it arose.

* * *

The National Socialists were big fans of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s economic plans. They were mystified by the American Supreme Court’s initial roadblocks and resistance to these plans. They could not believe in a system where a document that had been created over a hundred years before could stop what was needed in the present, and what was needed for the future. They were not “contextualists” or “textualists” or “originalists”; they believed in a law that was living, a living law, a law that was made up as one went along, was made up for the health of the community of the people.

When finally in 1935 the Supreme Court gave the green light to Roosevelt the Germans said: This is how it should work. A leader doing what is needed for the nation with no fossilized set of of words from the past to stop him.

In the beginning was not the word; the paragraph must die.

In the beginning was the blood and the life of the people.

* * *

The word nation is allied to natal, to birth. The severing of this tie was the most crucial component of the Jewish Revolution.

Race and nation, race and people — once so powerful was this connection that it went without saying, was a simple fact of life like the Earth itself.

Before 1789 blood, land, and membership in the group had been one and the same thing, but afterward the revolution had left things in unprecedented shambles, jumbling identities and muddling blood.

The widespread reception of Roman law in late antiquity, decadent and Judaized, was first; then came the French revolution which made the Germans the slaves of the paragraph. The paragraph, that little symbol, innocuous on its own, which marks the original succession of the law, has in the conscience of the people come to symbolize a way of thinking that is alien to life.

In pursuit of life the National Socialists would brook no opposition from the letter of the law.

Himmler could thus proclaim boastingly that under his order the police could blithely violate “laws” in order to respect the law, that mere paragraphs carried no weight in the face of the German people’s right to life.

This is our way of thinking, we want only the laws of nature, which are simply there, that we did not create, but the Lord God, or nature, or destiny created; we will not be held back by stupid paragraph law.

The Jew, of course would have the opposite; laws and paragraphs, and constitutions, and documents galore; this will always obfuscate the will of the people; which is why the Jew clings to his external laws, to dogma, to the letter, he does not feel what is right and what is good, does not feel it in his heart.

The law, that is, nature’s original law, was a Germanic living thing, whereas laws — as in a corpus of laws — were a rabbinic ooze, a dead letter of deadly matter.

It is not the paragraph that should tyrannize life, we want the life of the people to master the paragraph.

The death of the paragraph would set the race free after centuries of domination; the written word, the idea, was retreating to the benefit of life; death written in words would lose it grip on the living.

Christianity, Roman Law, the Napoleonic Code, Jew lawyers, sophists all — all rest on the rule of the word.

In the beginning was the word, they say; in the beginning was the idea.

That’s their big idea, you see; that a people and a nation “are an idea”; that a people can be found buried in paragraphs.

Which is why it will be a banner day when the word is a dead letter; when rabbinic ooze emanating from the People of the Book is no more.

* * *

Joe Biden, having imbibed the full Jewish hemlock for some time now, falls down in the opposite camp from the National Socialists. No surprise there.

In celebrating our founding he was heralding our demise.

In celebrating the Fourth of July, 2021, apropos of a moldy document which has cast a long pall and shadow over a people, a set of paragraphs which laid down an alleged ideal, he made the following ludicrous statement:

“I’ve often said that America is the only nation in the world founded on an idea,” Biden said.

That’s not completely true. But it’s become the big idea in the last 50 years or so. America had a dual founding, a founding on blood (“free White men of good character”) and a founding on an idea (“all men are created equal”). Of course what they meant was that “all free White men are created equal,” but this was bound to be shrouded in mist over time; that’s the trouble with founding a nation at all.

A nation should emanate from the mists of time, not in a Quaker meeting hall with a guy up front with a gavel.

But certainly the idea that America “was founded on an idea” is quite popular now, and all the caterwauling pigs parrot it ad nauseum. It appeals to the sort of person who wants to have nothing to do with the actual people who founded this country, and who want nothing to do with the White race. It’s the reigning bromide.

“America is an idea, not a race,” Lindsay Graham said. Diversity was a strength, he said, not a weakness. And by the way, the senator added, he himself was a descendant of immigrants who came to the United States from “sh*thole countries with no skills.”

Shouldn’t have let those bastards in.

Pint-sized idealist and virulent “anti-racist” Bono once said:

America is an idea. Ireland is a great country, but it’s not an idea. Great Britain is a great country, but it’s not an idea. That’s how we see you around the world, as one of the greatest ideas in human history.

That idea turns out to have crashed and burned.

The Lincoln Project, a Never Trump organization that finally foundered on the fact that one of its leaders was habitually soliciting young men for gay anal sex (“Trump is immoral”) entered the lists with this doozie:

America is the only country founded on an idea, and it was the most radical idea of its era; the belief that citizens could govern themselves. It was called The American Experiment because there was no reason to believe it would work. For 244 years, it worked, albeit imperfectly, and was an example to the world. On January 6th, this grand experiment nearly ended.

No, it ended when foul-smelling yids from Poland with black clothes and black hats and locks of hair falling down the sides of their faces and speaking a snarling dog language began to wander freely around Manhattan.

In an op-ed called (wait for it) “America Is an Idea” Michael Koplow ladled up this raw sewage:

They represent America not just as a place for Americans, but — as Ronald Reagan so aptly put when borrowing from John Winthrop — a shining city upon a hill for the entire world. The power of the United States comes from many sources, but more than anything else it comes from the strength of the American idea.

Michael Koplow is the policy director of the Israel Policy Forum and the author of the blog Ottomans and Zionists.

Self described “anti-racist educator” (and Jew) Tim Wise opined as follows:

After all, America is an idea, not just a piece of real estate. It is an idea that has attracted millions from around the world, even when the nation’s leaders have failed to live up to those principles, as has so often been the case — and as many of us believe the case to be still now.

I’m not sure who said this but it most certainly was a Jew or one who takes cues from Jews:

America is an idea. One so profound it magnetizes people from all over the world. Yet, not all are welcome equally. On a daily basis, immigrant rights — and immigration itself — are threatened. These assaults on one of America’s most vulnerable populations degrade life for every one of us; a land of opportunity that exists for only a select few is not a land of opportunity at all.

And then the ever-vacuous Joe Biden continued on his meaningless rant:

Every other nation in the world is founded on the basis of either that — geography or ethnicity or religion. You can define every — almost everyone else based on those characteristics, but you can’t define America.

“America is a White nation” was a fine definition, an axiom which requires no corollaries.

I admit you can’t define today’s rotten substitute for America. Jews are exalting a country that is an amorphous blob. If you can’t define it anyone can come in and take it over, and then they’ll define it any way they want. It will always be unstable and subject to revolutions.

That’s their big idea.

But there is one thing that does define us a country: We were founded on an idea that ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.’

Here Biden is echoing Lincoln paraphrasing Jefferson

Lincoln pulled a fast one in his Gettysburg Address:

…dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and dedicated, can long endure.

Guess what? The returns are in. A nation so conceived cannot long endure.

No nation “conceived” at all can endure.

All that endures was born in the mists of time.

The Jews, as they will be the first to tell you, are the “people of the book.” They buried their hooked noses in their foul books for centuries. It was a meaningless exercise in itself, but it was an exercise. It was chop logic, all that haggling over footnotes, the haggling over “precedent” — Schmuel said so and so, but Ben Jew said thuswise — but it was a kind of logic and it accrued to their advantage. Their rates of literacy were sky-high. When came the 19th Century and everyone was flooding into cities, all of a sudden humans were in a purely mental world. In this world the German farm boy was at a signal disadvantage. For there was the Jew, ready to cite chapter and verse, and pull the wool over his eyes with words, words, words.

The movie The Believer (2001) is like American History X. It is clearly meant to show the “bad Nazi” but in seeking a semblance of verisimilitude the Jew — despite himself — lets his creation form a life of its own, and so they from time to time hit the nail on the head — despite themselves.

With Jews it’s all mental, they take the life of the people rooted in soil and turn it into cosmopolitan culture based on books, numbers, ideas.

That’s the big idea of the Jews. That a people is an idea.

It’s not a big idea that the Jews practice themselves; it’s an idea they promulgate for White people to deracinate them.

To make us slaves of the paragraph.

But when we hang it and bury it and sing its death in the brilliant sunlight we will no longer be its slave, but will be victors in the cause of Life.

* * *

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7 August, 2021 9:11 am

Jews are an idea because they are mongrels-they are jealous of those who are not, though, and Aryans certainly do exist, a fact they hate most of all…the word is their occult glue-blood should be our natural one.

15 August, 2021 2:20 pm

Why must you spit on the memory of millions of germans and americans of german decent to your own hurt? What does it gain your cause? It makes more enemies than friends. People like texe marrs and others showed you can separate christians from being judaized by those that call themselves jews. How many dead germans believed in the new testament and died fighting for germany? You do realize how close americans of german decent almost blocked USA’s entrance into war with germany? Do you not spit on them and now their ancestors who are starting to awaken to racial consciousness? Christ’s primary mission was AGAINST the externals which is in agreement with the above paragraphs. It’s the part where yall do NOT stay AGNOSTIC toward Christ which will kill… Read more »

7 September, 2021 2:36 am

the more I read, the more I realize I don’t know… I have already left a few foolish comments on this website and I apologize. I said “America is dead”. I will be more careful with my comments here forward.
Great articles, I’m learning alot. Thank you.