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Patriotic Gore, part 2

by Douglas Mercer

MIKE POMPEO is an evangelical Zionist, willingly and enthusiastically blood-libels his own people, and exalts his real gods, the Jews. He takes no second seat when it comes to servility to Jews. Most frequently when he speaks, it’s to praise, defend, and lionize the (wait for it) Jews:

It was a privilege to speak at the Shield of David event that brings the Jewish and Christian communities together to unite against anti-Semitism and celebrate our Judeo-Christian values.

What about the values of those ancient Germans who roamed those great forests? What about the values all our European kin held for thousands of years before they heard of any Jew?

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was given the inaugural Global Leadership Award by the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement (CAM) at its first-ever summit on Monday.

Pompeo was chosen for the honor in recognition of his exceptional and groundbreaking contributions to the fight against anti-Semitism and religious prejudice of all forms.

Altogether a truly shabby shabbos goy.

He received the award from human-rights icon Natan Sharansky and CAM executive director Sacha Roytman-Dratwa.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned the growing rise in anti-Semitism around the world Monday, telling a massive crowd at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s that anti-Zionism is commensurate to Jew-hatred.

“Let me go on the record,” he said, “anti-Zionism is anti-semitism.”

“This bigotry is taking on an insidious new form in the guise of anti-Zionism,” Pompeo said. “It’s invested on college campuses in the form of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. It’s discussed in our media. It’s supported by certain members of Congress, I suspect none of whom are here tonight.”

Bigotry in our universities? Pompeo is the guy who continually badgers Chinse influence in our colleges. That may be a legitimate concern to a limited extent, but a few Confucius Institutes on campus pale in comparison to the hundred-year pounding of Jewish influence there. Go sit in a humanities or social science class at any our our elite schools, look up at the lectern, watch the minion’s mouth move, and you’ll hear Jewish doctrine being spouted.

Once, when queried by an Israeli reporter whether or not it was possible that Donald Trump had been specifically appointed “by God Himself” to be the protector and defender of the Jews, Pompeo said he didn’t see why not.

As for his partner in crime, specimen Sekulow:

But years before he was all over television screens doing battle with network hosts Sekulow was a celebrity legal warrior for conservative Christian causes. A Messianic Jew who affiliates with Jews for Jesus and has served on its national board and as its general counsel.

Sekulow has always been an oddity on the evangelical landscape. Born in Brooklyn, NY, to Jewish parents, Sekulow still describes himself as a Messianic Jew, meaning he believes Jesus Christ is the Messiah. He says his Jewish faith never caused him trouble among Christian evangelicals.

Cause him trouble? It makes him a celebrated, almost holy, “hero.”

Sekulow gave this drivel as an explanation of how he discovered his Jewish love for the big Jew “messiah”:

A few days later, one of my Christian friends invited me to hear a Jews for Jesus singing group, The Liberated Wailing Wall. You have no idea what a relief it was to see other Jews who believed that Jesus is the Messiah. Their presentation of “Jewish gospel music” and some of the things they said helped me realize that if I really believed in Jesus, I needed to make a commitment to him. At the end of the program, they sang a song called “I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel” and they invited people who wanted to commit their life to Jesus to come up the aisle to meet with them at the front of the church. I responded to that invitation. It was February, 1976.

He should be ashamed of himself.

Sekulow and Pompeo are two peas in a pod, really. One is working an angle, the other is the gullible mark.

And then, last but not least, Pompeo joined (surprise!) Fox News as one of it “contributors,” likely raking in 150K per annum for maybe an hour of work a week (and not honest work at that) in which he dispenses such wisdom as “America good” and “China bad.” Normally public figures on par with Kayleigh McEnany or Jason Chaffetz or Katherine Timpf take these Fox contributors jobs, not ones with such an arm-length CV as Pompeo. But when you’re running for President, it must seem an easy choice indeed to stoop to conquer.

* * *

And when it comes to Mike Pompeo running for President, it’s so obvious that that is what he’s doing it’s more like a parody of running for President. He shows up on Bari Weiss’ podcast, now he’s with Newt Gingrich discussing how great Gingrich’s wife was as the ambassador to the Vatican, there he is campaigning for unknown congressional candidates deep in the boonies, and here he is putting in a good word for cucks James Lankford and Tim Scott for their Senate runs, and there he goes saying Lee Zeldin would be “perfect” for governor of New York (he’s Jewish, so why not?). He was last seen flacking for an up and coming dog catcher in Akron who once said it was time to take the country back.

To this end he has set up his own money-gathering entity called CavPac (“cavalry” and “championing American values,” don’t you know) which has since been churning out hackneyed bromides and platitudes on the daily.

Last week, I launched the Champion American Values PAC (CAVPAC) to ensure we elect good conservative leaders with real character and real integrity, so that Republicans can take back the House of Representatives and the Senate. The “CAV” in CAVPAC comes from my time as a young US Army officer serving in the Cavalry. The Cavalry rides to the sound of the guns without fear and never gives an inch. We must do the same to get America right.

Ironic because the guns are being fired by Jews. Now it’s true he does walk to the sounds of the Jews’ guns, but only to pick one up himself, stand beside them, and start firing — at us.

In this effort, I ask that every one of you join with us in a new kind of Cavalry to champion American values. The Cavalry is the first to sound the alarm and the first to ride into battle, and that is what we must do now. To not grow weary. To fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith.

Homespun and aw shucks. What could possibly go wrong?

* * *

If we teach that the founding of the United States of America was somehow flawed. It was corrupt. It was racist. That’s really dangerous. It strikes at the very foundations of our country.

How to teach American history without race? We needed cheap labor and we brought in slaves, we needed living space and we cleared out the Indians, we needed to protect our White labor so we kept out the Chinese, we didn’t want Negroes to have power so we kept it from them, we wanted nice and clean and orderly neighbors so we kept out Negroes again. The history of America is the history of race. As is all history worthy of the name.

This is what great nations do, clear out their race aliens. Yet for some reason Pompeo has a permanent thing for Uyghurs, a people whose name I always have to look up when I want to spell it. He bellyaches about the Chinese and their treatment of the Uyghurs but all they are doing is protecting their race (over a billion strong and counting). Far from calling them to account we should be taking a page from their obviously successful playbook. The fact is that race-thinking, and a jealous regard for our own race, was what made America great. He thinks it’s great because of a few moldy documents that could quite easily go up in flames, and one day will.

The irony is that in his last year as Secretary of State, Pompeo set up a commission (The Commission on Unalienable Rights) spearheaded by his former professor and weak-kneed Catholic Mary Ann Glendon. The commission tut-tutted about rights around the world, and zealously championed “fundamental rights” like “the pursuit of happiness” — and we all know the garden path that has led us down. And, for a supposed tough guy, Pompeo is always championing “human rights,” particularly in regard to the hated Chinese. Why, he often touts something the United Nations said about Human Rights way back in 1948, just a few years after Alger Hiss left his fingerprints all over that non-august body. But someone famous said that history is the sound of silken slippers descending the staircase being passed by the harsh clatter of jackboots passing them on the way up. Human rights are for losers.

There is no doubt that America is the most exceptional nation in the world. We must do everything we can to preserve it.

These gentle conservatives do love that “shining city on a hill” rhetoric; it’s one thing that makes them opposition that can be controlled; it’s what makes them claim to be the “true inheritors” of the White-hating Martin Luther King. It’s because they view themselves as Christian and moral. In the waning days of the Trump administration, Pompeo joined Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley to fret that Trump was appointing some “crazies” who were aligned with “neo-Nazis.” For all his talk of “America First,” he doesn’t want Fortress America. He want a permanent resurrection of the hazy glow of an American past where America “stood tall” and was a permanent “beacon to the world.” I’m sure National Vanguard readers can read that coded language. As Trump said, he wants a great big wall but one with a great big door in it.

* * *

Reagan is a pipehitter!

I knew Ron Dog got a little loose in those Hollywood years, it was quite the bacchanalia, but even I, who suspect everything, never suspected that.

Back in 1980 it was assumed by many that Thatcher and Reagan were going to lead some kind of counter-revolution, were going to stand athwart history and yell “stop!”; in the event nothing could have been further from the truth. They loosened economic controls, espoused free trade, and sent the jobs careening out of the country. Both of their careers were neo-liberal wet dreams — let the “free market” work its dark magic! — and only talked about cultural renewal but never seemed to do a damn thing about it.

And nor were they guardians of the border.

Indeed, they were hardly speed bumps on the road to our race’s decline. In fact when it came to the frenzy of freedom, liberty, and license which always prefigures the end of the dominant race, they were down in the basement furiously greasing the skids.

Enoch Powell once told Maggie Thatcher that should England ever become Communist he would still defend it against its enemies to the final breath. This baffled the old broad and she told him she simply could not understand that at all, which is the difference between a race patriot and a mercenary bitch.

In a 1980 debate between Reagan and Bush, a questioner asked if illegal alien children in Texas should be granted free education. Wimpish Bush said he had Mexicans in his family, and Reagan was no better. He said we have to be sensitive to our size and power, and rather than putting up a fence we should get them here legally, work permits don’t you know, so they can go back and forth across the border (as if once in the land of White milk and White honey they’d ever dream of going back!). He called the United States Mexico’s “necessary safety valve” given their high unemployment. Disgusting.

Two years after this farce of a debate the Supreme Court confirmed that a Texas illegal alien child had the “right” to free schooling, thus laying down the law of the land.

What Reagan will be remembered for is not the cowboy gunslinging, nor the witty one-liners, nor the genial smile, nor the riding into the sunset, nor his beloved Nancy, nor for “morning in America,” nor for the saccharine bravado, nor for the homespun wisdom, nor for paying for the microphone, nor for beginning the bombing in two minutes, nor for bringing down that wall, nor for toppling the Soviet Union, nor for his genial wisdom and humor. No, none of that: He got that wall torn down, but what he didn’t get was a wall built.

What he will recalled for in the long march of time is being a caretaker of our doom.

Amnesty is what he will live in infamy for, the 1986 law which said we’d get border protection which never came through, and amnestied Mexican Mestizos in their millions, and set the final countdown clock on White America spinning.

* * *

In the annals of Reagan-love (and it is syrupy and sappy and lays on the treacle super thick) it is simply known, in hushed and reverent terms, as “The Speech.” It was called “A Time for Choosing” and Reagan gave it in defense of Barry Goldwater in 1964.

Its most famous line was:

We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.

The “last best hope” idea is an echo of Lincoln and betrays Reagan’s belief in American exceptionalism, which he later mythicized as “a shining city on a hill” with its echoes of Winthrop and, ultimately, Jesus of Nazareth.

That is, it is the darkest corner of patriotic gore.

* * *

On July 26, 2021 Mike Pompeo crawled into the belly of the beast in Simi Valley, at the Reagan Library, to give his speech in the “A Time for Choosing” series of speeches.

In case you don’t know, the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California is the highest and most revered station on the conservative cross, the building itself being bathed in the supernal and rosy pastel colors of the glow of abject defeat.

The series derives its name from the iconic 1964 address Ronald Reagan delivered to support Senator Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign. A political newcomer at the time, Ronald Reagan presented the country with a choice between man’s old-aged dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order and the ant heap of totalitarianism.

During the Time for Choosing Speaker Series, formal speeches will be delivered at the Reagan Library by leading intellectuals, US representatives, US senators, governors, and emerging 2024 presidential candidates. Speeches will specifically address fundamental questions, such as “Why are you a Republican?,” “What should the Republican Party stand for?,” and “What are the Republican philosophies we can all agree on?”

The question is no longer “What would Ronald Reagan do?”

The question is now “What would Ronald Reagan expect of us?”

The question really is just how big was the yawning chasm that Ronald Reagan ripped in the heart of the White race.

What the Republican party really stands for, of course, is legal immigration (lots of it), “anti-racist” ideology, endless wars, low corporate taxes, and the “free market” which will send our jobs overseas. The base from time to time will check these treacherous instincts of our race’s enemies, and at least make them pretend that that’s not what they’re truly for, but believe me, that’s what they’re for.

They’re for patriotic gore in all of its many manifestations.

* * *

“It is a great honor to kick off the Time for Choosing series,” said former Speaker Paul Ryan. “I look forward to addressing these fundamental and timely questions, but more importantly I am eager to hear how other Republican and conservative leaders, each with their own convictions and priorities, address the same questions. I am confident that our substantive, reasoned dialogue will do a service to the legacy of President Reagan and the party he once led.”

So they started out with the most giant cockroach of them all. This Atlas Shrugged-reading free marketeer started out his career in the employ of Jack (“let’s open the borders like we open our big conservative hearts”) Kemp. Ryan once faked caring about White people by putting out a commercial where he flew in a helicopter over the border like he was a tough guy on immigration. But you can be sure that his libertarian leanings and his “deep and abiding” Christian faith mean he wants to open our border wider than the legs of a Tijuana whore (and his big, big Republican heart).

In hiring Ryan as a 23 year-old economic analyst for his Empower America think tank and later as a speechwriter, Kemp, according to Ryan, “saw something in me that I didn’t even know existed. He taught me how to approach people with an infectious optimism, reminding us all that there is nothing more uplifting than the idea of America.”

Other confirmed speakers in the “Time for Choosing” series are a real rogues’ gallery: Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Tom Cotton, Tim Scott, and Peggy Noonan. (Noonan is the lady whose claim to fame is she penned some of Regan’s famous lines and has a steel rod so far up her backside that her manner of speaking shows her to have what can only be called a penchant for principled pretentiousness.)

Conservatism is a dead ideology. And they are its pallbearers.

* * *

Pompeo’s speech could have been seen in person for 85 bucks a pop, masks required (so much for their vaunted and daring love of freedom).

You can be sure he was trotting out old glory at the drop of an Uncle Sam Hat, and serving up the comfort food to the guests, whose mental waistlines could use something leaner and more austere.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute is proud to announce that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be the Foundation’s third speaker in its new Time for Choosing Speaker Series, a new forum for leading voices in the conservative movement to address critical questions facing the future of the Republican Party.

In other words, Pompeo traveled to Simi Valley, California to step into the Valhalla of weak-willed conservatism, and to confer on Southern California gentry-cons, really a rather deracinated lot, a lecture and some “lessons” in patriotic gore. It was “morning in America” fantasy all night long.

You could call it the “Promontory Speech,” as he referred to this head land or high point or outcropping, towering over the toiling sea — obviously an echo of “the shining city on a hill.” And to be sure, there was as much rhetorical bunting as there was real bunting throughout the hall.

He began with the required paean to Ronald Wilson Regan, saying that the building in which he stands is the resting place of one of his heroes and his “beloved Nancy,” that it contains the soul of one of the world’s greatest statesman. This in reference to a man who said that the disorders in South Africa were “due to apartheid,” not to Negroes. On that score, the returns are in — and the “great statesman” was wrong and the “racists” were right.

Then he designated America as the “greatest force for good the world has ever known,” not what it actually has been in the past 100 years: the specifically chosen vehicle of violent, hateful, murderous, genocidal Jews to control the world. He said that he is “forever grateful” that he came of age in a country over which Regan presided. And then he says that Reagan was his commander in chief, a comment which elicited a hushed murmur of awe from the crowd, as if they were somehow in the very corporeal presence of some holy spirit.

Then came a long and boring dissertation on faith and God’s grace and the certainty of everlasting life, the mental nutritional value of which was nil.

Then came the multicultural shout-out to our strength stemming from our “churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples” all of which beseech us to return to our “moral core lest all be lost.”

He claims that it is the individual, not the collective, that is at the heart of the American Dream, as each individual bears the mark of our Creator — whereas, in truth, not everything that bears a human face is equal.

Naturally he spoke about the Cubans and their “fight for freedom,” that is their right to be as morally corrupt as America. But of course he will not say word one about the Afrikaners in South Africa. Indeed, while Secretary of State Trump specifically tasked him with looking into the murders of White farmers in that country, a summons which he duly ignored. None of these “conservative” fakers wants to touch White people with a ten-foot pole.

He said that the proudest boast one can make is “I’m An American,” a word that by now has been rendered meaningless. But even he twice referred to the very real possibility that America will suffer an “internal collapse,” so he is fully aware of the danger zone we are entering. But by papering over what is really going on (the decline of the White majority) and trying to recast a White America as an “American nation of ideals” to which anyone can belong, he is trying to patch up what cannot be mended. Even his idol Jesus Christ said not to pour new wine in old wineskins, and rhetorical old wineskins is all he has on offer. At best, if he’s ever king, he will be the king of these shreds and these patches.

Interestingly, at one point he brought up the Marxist theoretician Antonio Gramsci, whose idea that Western values are oppressive he rightly links to the woke indoctrination of today. Of course he would never venture farther than that, to the Frankfurt school or the Jewish domination of this philosophy — instead he stays on the safe ground of vilifying a generic “cultural Marxism.” But the supreme irony is that for all his advocacy of teaching “American heroes” in our schools he surreptitiously preaches a kind of “Gramscian light” philosophy.

Speaking about what is “offensive” in American history (that is, the strong and heroic parts) he actually said “we have overcome” — echoing the Communist “civil rights” anthem. He say that the Old White America was “frankly unjust” and we should not shrink from saying this. But we are great now because we have “forsworn all that was corruptive of the American ideal.” That is, “we can ponder and correct our faults” — and then he again repeats the refrain of the “faults America has committed.”

He then wanders into to half a Jesus Christ homily and half a bit of be-bop scat, breaking into a kind of free verse to say just how bad America has been (but God will help):

This is true for our nation as well
Who forgives our sins
To peer into his or her own heart
It is through forgiveness that
It is truly in the majesty that we observe
To fight to right them
To overcome what is wrong
To fight to overcome what is wrong
And to reflect on our journey to righteousness
Which is forever incomplete
But must forever be a constant

This is full-on salvational politics and leftist arc-of-history-bends-toward-justice rhetoric. It is politics as redemptive Christian theology, straight out of Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address.

But here’s the truth, if you’re ready for it: The arc of history bends towards those who bend it.

“If we shall suppose that American Slavery is one of those offences which, in the providence of God, must needs come, but which, having continued through His appointed time, He now wills to remove, and that He gives to both North and South, this terrible war, as the woe due to those by whom the offence came, shall we discern therein any departure from those divine attributes which the believers in a Living God always ascribe to Him?

“The judgments of the Lord, are true and righteous altogether.”

In Lincoln’s mind, public religion and nationalism were bound up together. From his “Young Man’s Lyceum Address” in 1838 to his presidential speeches, Lincoln made clear that he wanted national unity “under God” and reverence for law as “the political religion of the nation.” Whatever else this mix of sanctity and politics produced, for generations after his death it had the effect of uniting a diverse people in the belief that they were all, somehow, participating in a great eschatological drama.

As Lincoln’s inheritor, Pompeo later refers to the furnace of the Book of Daniel and says good men can turn it into a forge so we can endure and prevail through this fiery trial.

With Pompeo’s obsessive and incessant demonization of the great White American past, one might wonder just exactly how any of this is different than Ibram X Kendi. In fact it’s not, or not much. It’s just that Pompeo has a shell game to play, a rabbit or three-card monte deck he pulls out of his hat as he lies through his teeth, and it goes: Yes, America was evil, yes the Whites were racist, but those great ideals of the founding documents were always there to override and correct these sins, and hallelujah and by the grace of god We Have Overcome.

Pompeo speaks of the “politburo of false narratives” fomented by the left. That is, they replace truth with a “story” — one that is inimical to his heart. The story the left tells is of an America that is irredeemable, sunk so far in the original sin of White supremacy that it must be forever buried there. But Pompeo simply has his own narrative, the narrative of God-inspired progress toward the Nirvana and Kumbaya of perfect “race relations.” Like Coca-Cola and his hero Jesus Christ, he wants to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. He knows the answer to Rodney King’s question: The reason we can’t all get along is some people still refuse to shut their eyes to the enduring and inescapable realities of race and racial conflict; and some still refuse to say “mother, may I” three times real fast while dreaming of the Federalist Papers.

It’s politics as theology; it’s politics as fantasy; it’s politics as patriotic gore.

Just look at some of the “heroes” he says we should teach in our schools: some female who aided the “underground railroad,” Frederick Douglass, and a Choctaw Indian who fought in the War to Create Israel, aka the First World War.

Clearly this man is looking at things from the wrong end of the telescope.

What is going on here is that, in essence, he truly believes everything that his enemies believe, or an awful lot of what they believe: the past awfulness of White people; the idea that much if not all of American history prior to the Christ-inspired “civil rights movement” is evil — the only difference being that he valorizes the founding documents and principles as a means of an evolution away from Whiteness and an overcoming of all these “evils.” When played out in time and history, this will prove to be a difference without a distinction.

For once you’ve said that our past is evil, our enemies will never let you live it down. Any blather about a “more prefect union” will be ignored as well.

At one point Pompeo quoted that sanint-like Black man Frederick Douglass as having said “the most true thing he has ever heard” was that “the way to overcome strife is with virtue.” But our enemies don’t care a fig for virtue; they want revenge. And the way to overcome strife, racial strife, is not with virtue, but with victory.

And when it comes to the politburo of narratives, everyone has a story. We at the National Alliance have one too, and it is compelling. White people committed not a sin but a blunder when they brought untamable Negroes to these shores. And then, when we let go of the ears of the wolf, the wolf, as wolves do, attacked us. This is straight-up race reality 101; no one should be saddened or shocked by it, or brought to tears that the words of little Jimmy Madison have lost their bright magic to cast their calming spell. This is not a story of redemption or infinite asymptotical progress, but of regression, of a fall. Not a fall in the Christian sense — but a fall in the actual sense.

That is, we all have a story, we all proffer narratives.

But, as they are fond of saying, the truth will set you free or, in our case today, the truth will allow you to survive — and prosper.

For the most part the rest of his speech was generic boilerplate.

In his ebullient manner, he says he’s “long on America” meaning he’s bullish on it, but he’d be better off shorting it. He speaks of not letting MS-13 gang members with tattoos on their face in — but implies that immigration can work if there is assimilation, assimilation being what conservatives love to talk about if the base seems a bit tired of them saying diversity is a strength. But who really believes in assimilation any more? And even, were it possible, who would want the mixed bag of mixed race-aliens to assimilate into our blood? No one sane, for sure. He says that the Democrats use “race and open borders” as a means to subvert us; and that’s true, but would he draw the correct conclusions from that premise? Need I say “no”? But when it’s “morning in America” and everyone bears the the imprint of a loving God, all things might be possible, especially the impossible, even a mixed-race Valhalla.

At one point in his speech he referred to “our priceless heritage.” He meant some documents, of course. But the only really priceless heritage is the living blood of a living people.

And of course he pays his undying respect to Israel; no conservative speech would be complete without that. At one point, he mocks Iran for thinking that Israel is “the little Satan” when in fact there’s is nothing little about their dark Satanic existence.

He says that we must not “let Iran destroy Israel,” and of course touts Trump’s moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem. When he said this, the audience erupted in its most profligate of applause of the evening. Jew love is always a crowd pleaser, for those not in the know. Heck, for all their unbridled fervor you’d have thought they were in the presence of a holy spirit. A redeemer, given to them by God Almighty himself.

He says our support for Israel must be “unalterable” and that Israel and America must always act in perfect concert.

In closing, he quoted the biggest Jew of all (bar one), King David.

He then quoted a random psalm and the book of Daniel, and received a maquette of the statue of Reagan that he was instrumental in placing on top of the American embassy in Berlin.

He then hightailed it out of southern California on his way (he hopes and prays) to the White House.

There are no statues of Adolf Hitler in Berlin.

* * *

With a grave nod to his estimate that it is possible America will suffer an internal collapse, Pompeo quoted a poem written about the year 1000 in Old English, from a poet lamenting the fall of Rome. The poet scans the remains of a once-mighty Empire and give us the Ozymandias lesson:

These wall-stones are wondrous —
calamities crumpled them, these city-sites crashed, the work of giants
corrupted. The roofs have rushed to earth, towers in ruins.
Ice at the joints has unroofed the barred-gates, sheared
the scarred storm-walls have disappeared—
the years have gnawed them from beneath. A grave-grip holds
the master-crafters, decrepit and departed, in the ground’s harsh
grasp, until one hundred generations of human-nations have
trod past. Subsequently this wall, lichen-grey and rust-stained,
often experiencing one kingdom after another,
standing still under storms, high and wide—
it failed—

And the reason for Rome’s bitter fall was that it overextended its Empire through wars, allowed non-Romans to become citizens, and neglected its good blood. Good lessons all for America today, and a warning to conservatives. And the English nation that that poet hailed from, was, at that time, superior in many ways to the last of the Romans. But, by 1000, Christianity had wormed his way into his soul — and his nation, too, would fall.

* * *

Instead of reading the 1619 Project, I encourage my fellow freedom-loving Americans to read the Bible, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers….

Grateful for the opportunity to speak at Leading with Conviction with Pastor Ché and honored to receive the Latino Coalition of Israel award from Apostle Bramnick….

China today unfortunately demonstrates a basic truth that America’s Founders understood: when nations disregard religious freedom, tyranny will soon follow….

We should help bring an end to the Chinese regime’s horrific persecution of Falun Gong, so that they can exercise freedom of religion….

America is not a defeated nation….

America is not a nation in decline America is not a racist nation. America is a God-blessed Christian nation….

America is the greatest nation and greatest force for good on the planet and it is up to us to keep it that way.

He really loves to think of America as a phantom country which had an immaculate conception, which rose from the waves Venus-pure. Here he evinces little knowledge of what history is, or what it takes to survive. We are a people with a long and storied past, not a disembodied “idea” that all can ascribe to. And that’s a difference that makes the most important distinction.

The only note of caution to be added to this harangue is that in watching him closely, or even listening to him for ten minutes, one is invariably struck by the fact that he is without a doubt a possessor of a formidable and first-rate mind. On Israel he is beyond repair, beyond the hope of help; the Jews were for him his first love and love at first sight, it was gaga from the get-go. But by harping on the real idea that America could suffer an internal collapse it shows that he knows the existential stakes we are playing for. And were he ever to fire himself up to the proper pitch, there is at least an off chance that his brand of Founding Principles doctrine could emerge as some kind of stalking horse for ideas that would be good for the White race. If, at the moment of crisis, he gets super-aggressive he could really lay in to the anti-White nonsense that pervades our culture, the policies of race preferences which leave Whites with legal disabilities, and take a righteous axe to the race-hustling and grievance industries. If so, he might just do some moderate and decent damage to our enemies that could help our cause and end up with a reasonable spot in patriotic lore. There was some evidence in his speech of this: “the way to fight discrimination is not with more discrimination…” — and “corporations have unearned and unlimited power.” 

But the proof is in the eating of the pudding and the rubber always hits the road. And if, in that moment of crisis which will surely come, he opts to let it slide, if he plays for peace, if he goes for the easy way instead of going for broke Hell bent for leather — why, then, it will just have been platitude-spouting and he will be only the steward and caretaker of our doom. And like Gatsby and that famous green light — he will preside over nothing.

* * *

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Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
2 August, 2021 10:42 pm


It will be fun, knowing all of this, to watch the wannabe GOP presidential nominees in 2024 outdoing one another, licking the boots of their Jewish masters.
One line in Pompeo’s speech that rang a bell with me:

America’s Founders understood: when nations disregard religious freedom, tyranny will soon follow…

He’s thinking Semitic religions when he says that. He never once considered how this religious freedom angle might help resolute, race-thinking Cosmotheists. Trump, no Founder of anything, also talked a lot about the importance of “protecting religious liberty.”

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
4 August, 2021 12:13 pm

Negro Lenin
Russia mother BLM

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  NEW ORDER needed on earth
4 August, 2021 8:24 pm

Knew it !
Mufuggah wuz BLAQ, yo !

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
4 August, 2021 12:16 pm

Nigerian communism
Crush all russians !

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
15 August, 2021 3:44 am

As evil as the woke left is, the Jew-loving Evangelicals who make up the most influential voting block on the right are even more dangerous. I have had to put up with these people for my entire life. They are pathetic. Lost. Hopeless. So we are afflicted with two different forms of cancer eating away our vitals, both inspired by and loyal to Jews. We know this is doubly terminal, and that it will not take that much longer for these two groups to destroy the country. If you want real evidence of how badly the rot is even in our most vital areas, the real bone and muscle of the country, then read this address by Marine Corps Commandant General David H. Berger to the House Appropriations Committee. It’s… Read more »