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Conservatism 101: Less than Worthless

by John Massaro

WHETHER IN GOVERNMENT OR media, conservatives just react to the leading news stories each day, sounding off within their prescribed boundaries. Step over the line and you’re sent packing, as Joe Sobran, who wrote a column for National Review under the withering eye of conservative poseur William F. Buckley, found out. Whether out of ignorance or expedience, they are accomplices to the routine censorship employed by the media.

A case in point is the dispossession and violence directed by the new Black rulers of South Africa against White people, especially farmers and their families in outlying districts. Gruesome photographs of some of the thousands murdered, many tortured to death, can be found on the Internet.

This has been going on for more than twenty years now amidst a near total global news blackout — a blackout matched by the delirium over the supposed “horrors of apartheid” under White rule — a favorite theme, incidentally, of the late conservative blowhard Rush Limbaugh. Anyone familiar with the facts on the ground in Africa, as I am, having traveled far and wide and read about fifty books on all aspects of that continent, knows that the situation in South Africa under apartheid as projected by the news media was a lie of monstrous proportions.

Back in the 1980s, when hardly a week passed without the television screen misrepresenting everyday life in South Africa, pretending that the whole country was going up in racial flames, only a few conservatives spoke in feeble tones in defense of that nation. There were even some “conservative” Republican congressmen — I think here of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, the consummate sewer rat politician and yet another slacker who ran away from the Vietnam War — who voted to tighten the screws on that beleaguered country with punitive economic sanctions that hurt ordinary Blacks more than anyone else, as I discovered during my 1988 visit to South Africa.

Over the years, on any number of issues, the conservative position has shifted to the left in acquiescence to the ground rules laid down by the mass media bosses. To cite one more example, the so-called civil rights movement of the 1960s, with all its destructive rioting in more than a hundred American cities, is now looked upon as social progress by many conservatives. It was the wimpy conservative icon, Ronald Reagan, who in 1983 gave a rousing speech and signed into law a national holiday commemorating the birthday of Martin Luther King, a moral leper whom two generations of American schoolchildren have been taught to revere as a very great man, an apostle of nonviolent resistance to injustice. This is the same Michael King — his real name — who provoked disorder or violence everywhere he went, who plagiarized much of what he wrote, and who was such a thoroughgoing fraud and sexual deviant that the record of his private life, as compiled by federal investigators, was sealed by court order in 1977, not to be opened until 2027, though happily some of it has already leaked out.

* * *

Once upon a time, I thought that personal freedom, as long as it didn’t encroach upon the lawful rights of others, was one of the main tenets of conservatism. I can’t imagine a more basic freedom than the freedom of devoted parents to make a medical choice for their child. Yet I don’t know of one prominent conservative — aside, perhaps, from Ron Paul — who has taken a strong and consistent stand in support of this choice, or expressed indignation at the status quo in regard to childhood vaccination. To do so would not be wise. While professing to believe in free speech, conservatives, as I have mentioned, know there are limits to what they can say and write, and they adjust their sales pitch accordingly. Vaccination is a sensitive issue, a political minefield where it’s better not to tread for too long.

Every now and then conservatives say something I agree with. From time to time some of them have raised lukewarm objections to certain aspects of vaccines or compulsory vaccination, while tiptoeing around the dogma that puts vaccines on the highest medical pedestal. This even includes Weiner [“Michael Savage”], as well as that most servile of footlickers, Sean Hannity. Even Trump, as a private citizen, strongly voiced his opinion that autism was connected to vaccination, and after winning the 2016 election, met with Robert Kennedy Jr. and pledged to appoint him to head a commission on vaccine safety.

So typical of the man, he turned around and appointed two ardently pro-vaccine directors, Scott Gottlieb and Brenda Fitzgerald, to the FDA and CDC respectively, and forgot about Kennedy. Two years later, when the media cooked up another artificial crisis over an upsurge of measles, blaming anti-vax parents, Trump once again showed what a spineless, brainless jellyfish he is by going with the flow: “They have to get the shots,” he said. “The vaccinations are so important.”

Those I have named in this chapter are but a few of the well-known conservatives of our day who have led so many Americans into the swamp of no return. There are many, many more in government, entertainment, political activism, on the radio, on television, and on the Web. No matter who wins the next election, expect nothing progressive on the childhood vaccination front or anywhere else from anyone identifying with this moribund word “conservative.” Conservatism is for losers. Conservatism is finished.

* * *

Source: Author; an excerpt from the book Will Vaccines Be the End of Us?

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
27 July, 2022 6:26 am

As I read this article, and I am 78 years old, I was trying to think of just one American man over my lifetime, whom I could trust. Certainly not Truman or Eisenhower. Perhaps JFK. Jim Lehrer seemed pretty solid. Maybe Eric Sevareid. Edward R. Murrow has been shown to have been a total fraud. I thought Barry Goldwater for awhile, but no he was just an actor as well. There is very little in the post WWII record that is reliable. We are adrift in a sea of lies and deceit. Trump? A clown from central casting.

Phil Keup
Phil Keup
27 July, 2022 4:04 pm

“Conservatism” simply conserves whatever the Marxists do and relables it “being American”. They may complain for a brief period of time but they always surrender. They care nothing about the White Race and celebrate negroes joining the GOP. They openly worship Israel and will do anything to keep the chosenites in power. I found out today that there is a new silver coin that has been released by the US mint. On the head it has Ben Franklin and on the tail has an image of Moses drowning the Egyptians in the Red Sea with a pillar of cloud and fire of Yahweh in the middle. The conservative Glenn Beck said “No one can tell me this isn’t a Christian country”. And my response to that is “No one can… Read more »

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
1 August, 2022 12:32 pm

After living (as an adult) through the Reagan and Trump regimes, I can honestly say that the only thing(s) that “Conservatives” have ever conserved are Leftist policies imposed by rogue/renegade Court decisions and unconstitutional Congressional legislation (rubber-stamped by the aforementioned Court decisions). None of the Left’s advances ever get reversed; maybe excluding the recent overturn of the Roe decision.

There is no way the Left can be truly hateful of Trump; he performed as they desired a “Conservative” to act. Trump is/was a shibboleth to be utterly destroyed (as a rallying point/personality for Whites). Much the same way and for the same reason Hitler was; Hitler or maybe Nat. Soc. was extremely popular with Germans, and the jews feared, with Whites world wide.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
1 August, 2022 4:23 pm

This item is spot on! Worthless
conservatives here in SC were
fighting tooth and nail to keep
the Confederate flag on the
state capitol grounds and out
of the hands of ANTIFA and
Christian scum turncoats. What
did the SCCAC do? Why, of
course, prayers were sent up
to the deadbeat Jesus out in
space or to the backside of the
Moon to keep the flag. Where
is the flag now? Blank-out.
No doubt a Conservative remedy
would be to “just love Jesus a
little more.”

Hello NaVa
Hello NaVa
2 August, 2022 6:48 am The reaction of all kosher “white patriots” when a member of the Chosen Tribe says something right or expresses what one thinks oneself is always the same: they want to explode with excitement! Finally the “ultimate proof” has been found (again) that all the evil anti-Semites are wrong since ever and only adhere to a paranoid delusion. If Mrs. Wax were not a Jewish woman but a white man, she would have been “pushed off the window to the beautiful view” long ago, means: out of the game. Thus, these few “blind chickens that sometimes find a grain of corn” serve all kosher patriots as cardinal witnesses, as a fig leaf behind which they hide all their own cowardice, and as a pinhole through which they hope to squeeze… Read more »

Hello NaVa
Hello NaVa
Reply to  Hello NaVa
2 August, 2022 11:00 pm

It may be beautiful and honorable from Mrs. Wax what she
does. But in the world of her tribesmen it has neither effect
nor relevance! It’s not at all about Mrs. Wax, it is about the
mind-bending MISLEADING, which Mr. Taylor operates!

Of course – from our perspective, one could see a great
opportunity in Jews realizing, “Aha, this is how we must
act in order to be respected by the peoples of the world!”

But this will not occur, because this doesn’t cor-
respond to their millennia-old “action standard”.

7 August, 2022 10:17 am

“Conservatism” means you wish to retain the status quo. If you like things as they are today, you can call youself a “conservative”. Horrors.