Preserving Your Own Humanity

Clown world religion

IF WE’RE going to have a future, we need to restore a healthy spirituality in our race to replace the Jew-promoted “who cares, you’ll be dead soon” message of hopeless nihilism emanating from every quarter in our rotting country. It could be argued that the exact nature of this higher calling is a lot less important than its utility, but tradition and ancestral memory are supremely important so we’re stuck with a decreasing number of viable choices. Certainly the cuck-o-lick church in its current form can be safely dismissed. This Judeo-Christian mess has abandoned its deep roots in European history in favor of communism, worship of the alien, and demonic rebellion. In its present Semitic incarnation it’s more of a cautionary tale than something any sane White would want to become involved with and it seems like every day it gets worse.

A contingent of NBA players and officials from the NBPA traveled to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis in order to discuss social justice and activism Monday, according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

African Tree Hockey aliens visit a pope who belongs on the end of a rope. You can recognize the phony pope by its high-top sneakers, dark skin and incredibly foul mouth. This is the kingdom of heaven: appeasing dark criminals noted for hanging off rims in front of an audience that has nearly completely vanished. Wait… complete loss of mainstream popularity, crazy Soviet propaganda, promotion of the brown inferior, Jews giving the orders, hatred for the people supporting you… it looks like the Niger Netball and the Catholic Church have a lot more in common than you might have initially thought. Really gets the old noggin joggin’, let me tell you.

The meeting was reportedly organized last week, when an intermediary reached out and indicated that Pope Francis was interested in learning more about their activism and how it will evolve moving forward.

I would bet a week’s worth of locust burger ration credits that this “intermediary” had a number six nose, burry negro hair, and a weird little cap on the back of its head.

Longtime union leaders Kyle Korver and Anthony Tolliver both attended the meeting. In 2019, Korver wrote an essay for The Player’s Tribune detailing his experience of white privilege in the NBA.

You’re probably wondering how a league that has almost completely eliminated Whites can still be cursed with the kosher blood libel of “White privilege,” but it turns out that the goal is completely destroying our people and not merely reducing us to a hated minority that must take all the blame for the appalling failures of our “multi-culti” freak show. A groid paid millions by White cuckolds to play a choreographed version of a degenerate children’s game still hates you. That’s the best part of the endless negro appeasement and idolatry: all the gratitude we get in return.

He also played for the Milwaukee Bucks, who initiated a wildcat strike during the first round of the postseason that suspended play for several days.

I’m sure no one noticed or even cared, other than our fraud news media which tried to promote this pathetic Marxist stunt while even the few remaining debased Whites still watching the Botswana Bouncy Ball turned it off and kept it off.

“We are extremely honored to have had this opportunity to come to the Vatican and share our experiences with Pope Francis,” said Korver via the Associated Press.

We gwine tayl diss drass warrin mudda fudda bout dem dunks an geddin snow hoes.

Pope Francis praised the players for their fight for social justice and being role models to not just younger people, but how everyone should fight against racism and intolerance.

Yelling into a camera about how you want to “keell demm fuggin pink peepoh” for a broadcast no one is watching is definitely worthy of praise from a man who bows down to the synagogue and its moronic biological weapons.

“You’re champions,” said Pope Francis. “But also giving the example of teamwork, you’ve become a model, giving that good example of teamwork but always remaining humble …and preserving your own humanity.”

If you ever wondered what a semi-sincere version of “Wow, what a hero” would look like, here’s your answer. Congratulations on being fully human and showing good teamwork in your fixed games aimed at promoting Frankfurt School poison to a constantly shrinking number of debased losers.

Another member of the 2019-20 Bucks, Sterling Brown, also made the trip. Brown was involved in a famous instance of police brutality when he was tackled and tased by officers in Milwaukee.

This happened after it didn’t do [anything]. “Racist” police attacked a totally innocent good boy for no reason other than their own evil. We are honestly expected to believe this.

Social justice was at the forefront of the NBA’s concluded season in Orlando.

That and plunging ratings.

“Black Lives Matter” was painted on the courts. Uniforms featured social justice messages. The players and owners formed a joint social justice coalition to further improve the league’s efforts on that front, and the league created a $300 million fund for the sake of economic empowerment in the Black community. 

There seems to be a limit to how much Jewish abuse even the worst sports cuck will absorb. Also, I’d be shocked if the 300 million shekel “Tin Plan” doesn’t magically fix genetic reality after 100 billion down the tar monster crevasse last year resulted in the worst “African-American” behavior in years.

These have been meaningful steps, but both the league and its players recognize how far there still is to go.

Much more needs to be done.

A meeting with one of the most influential people in the world is yet another step in the right direction.

“We should start seeing discernible improvement in the negro any day now,” explains an article from 1971.

Full Story.

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Source: Modern Heretic

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Pope Frank's black fetish
Pope Frank's black fetish
30 November, 2020 6:54 pm

Pope Frank is a disgrace to our race, to Catholicism, and to the world. Just look at him… meeting with basketball-Americans to discuss social justice, kissing black feet a couple years ago, down with the climate change movement, he’s OK with faggotism, and telling white Europeans it is only right they accept millions of non-white “refugees.”

He is a spiritual jew and has much more in common with George Soros than with the average person of his own race or religion. A very dangerous “man.”

Gretings FBI, SPLC, and ADL bottom feeders
Gretings FBI, SPLC, and ADL bottom feeders
1 December, 2020 6:06 pm

To be frank (pun intended), Francis is like an old wigger. He digs the black man. If he was a female I think he’d be a mudshark.