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Psychic Pestilence

by Revilo P. Oliver

DICK SUTPHEN, whose article on the techniques of mind-control in the March issue will be remembered by all readers of this journal, has an article, of which I have been sent a photocopy, in a periodical entitled Self-Help Update, published in Malibu, California. Two parts of the article are relevant to what I have said in these pages.

In an earlier issue of Liberty Bell, I devoted a few paragraphs to an itinerant hokum-peddler who was milking the suckers in Seattle with the old scare-stories about a mythical ‘Armageddon’ in the Jew-Book. Now Mr. Sutphen tells us that James Mills, a former member of the Senate of California, reported a conversation with the worn-out actor in the White House and quoted Reagan as having said, quite seriously, “Everything is falling into place. It can’t be much longer now. Ezekiel says fire and brimstone will be rained on the enemies of God’s People.” And the senile hoofer gabbled about ‘Armageddon’ to other visitors.

This suggests that the President may actually believe such things. A third-rate actor, after all, needs only enough intelligence to do what the director of the play tells him to do, whether he is appearing in a cinema or reciting a political speech. And there is a good deal of evidence that can be used to support the view that Reagan has an essentially childish and underdeveloped mind. I could never understand how anyone could retain the slightest confidence in him after the devastating and irrefragable expose of his conduct as Governor of California in Kent Steffgen’s Here’s the Rest of Him (Reno, Nevada; Foresight Books, 1968). But instead of a wily scoundrel and cynical demagogue, who, however, wasn’t clever enough to cover his rascality with plausible pretexts, Reagan may be only an innocent who obeys his director without understanding or even wondering why.

It does not greatly matter which interpretation of old Ronnie’s character you prefer: the results will be the same. The other item in Mr. Sutphen’s article, however, is a grim portent.

In America’s Decline, pp. 140 f., I mentioned a meeting, twenty-five years ago, at which a hopeful man of means hoped that a dozen of the ‘best minds’ on the conservative side would work out a strategy for regaining the United States. One of the atheists present proposed a scheme to nullify what was left of the Constitution by inducing thirty-two states, one after the other, to legislate an Established Religion, a Christianity oddly compounded of Catholicism and Calvinism, after which it would be easy to amend the Federal Constitution and start persecuting the ungodly. To my amazement, some great “Christian conservatives” present, instead of laughing politely, took up the idea and rushed away in loud pursuit of it, with all the enthusiasm of a pack of fox terriers on the scent of red herring.

In 1959, that notion seemed simply ludicrous. The scheme, of course, was not original. It was devised by the Edwardean Conspiracy of Calvinist clergymen, who tried to undermine the Federal Constitution as soon as it had been reluctantly accepted as a temporary compromise by the virulent Puritans of New England, who craved a revival of the Cromwellian “Commonwealth,” with all its provisions for legislated godliness and high profits. But in 1959 such a plan for political action seemed utterly preposterous and on a par with the ‘koepenicking’ described in one of Saki’s most fantastic bits of humor.

Today, a quarter of a century later, we can no longer afford to laugh. We usually think of the “Moral Majority” racket as only a device by which fast-talking con men extract prodigious sums of money from the yokels, a swindle fostered by the Jews for purposes of their own, especially to popularize among the ignorant and gullible masses the myth of the Jews’ divine right to rule the world. But Mr. Sutphen presents chilling evidence that the “Moral Majority” of born-again suckers is more than a commonplace racket – that it is a cunningly directed conspiracy to complete the enslavement of Americans by stimulating the good Christians’ lust to beat their betters into righteousness and submission to their proletarian hatred of intellect and culture.

The conspiracy is proceeding by the old Edwardean method, the capture of the states, one by one. And as a proof of its growing power, note that the venal legislators of Louisiana actually enacted a law which would enforce in the schools a “balanced treatment” in which the scientific doctrine of biological evolution – the only reasonable explanation of the existence of our and other species – is equated with the silly story about the great big Sheeny who manufactured Adam and then, finding that he had not known quite what he was doing, saved work by recycling one of the poor fellow’s ribs.

According to Mr. Sutphen, the “Moral Majority” gang has been working stealthily since 1980 to plant in appellate courts judges who have so little integrity that they will do its bidding.

The Jews’ interest in promoting legislated imbecility among their serfs is obvious. If they can ram the preposterous tales of the Holohoax into befuddled minds, why shouldn’t they go on and make the witlings believe all of their greatest imposture on the credulity of our ancestors? You can look forward to a time when it will be a criminal act to doubt that the sun is a fiery chariot driven over the flat earth by an angelic charioteer who is always on the alert for an order from Yahweh to stop some place in the sky and thus help his barbarians kill the civilized people whose property they covet. Maybe the sun will stop over Lebanon or Libya some day. Who knows? Except Begin and Yahweh, of course.

All this makes good sense, and now that the Jews have got their “genocide treaty” from the den of thieves in Washington, more legislated causes for real Christian-style persecutions will be in order.

The “Moral Majority” has opponents, of course, some of whom are listed by Mr. Sutphen. What is remarkable about the list is its diversity and the chaotic congeries of opponents, many of whom unknowingly represent other phases of Christian superstition. If they were not justly afraid of the “Moral Majority,” they would be vociferating at each other over questions of economics, ecology, and immigration. Nothing, I believe, could more clearly show that we cannot hope to have a future unless we all reject the spiritual poison of an alien and hallucinogenic religion and its hokum about “one world” and “equality,” and base our thinking on the paramount criterion of race, accepting as morally imperative whatever is necessary for Aryans not only to survive in a hostile world but eventually to regain the dominance they once had – the dominion they lost because they drugged themselves with religious hashish and in their delirium tried to cut their own throats by loving their enemies.

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
19 October, 2019 10:30 am

Is this the same Dick Sutphen who is into past-life regressions, astral projection, etc?

Curious . . . but I would agree with him about the battle of Armegeddon. Those Jews who were resurrected at the death of Christ have been waiting 2,000 yrs for it! Many of them got discouraged, to put it mildly.

20 October, 2019 4:36 pm

Very well put. A few years ago after seeing what Merkel and Sakozy the Jews were doing to Europe – Decades of replacement and invasion I resolved NEVER to follow any Jew and binned my bible. Two days later I discovered the Zeitgeist film on Youtube. The mind can only accept something when it’s ready. I totally agree that Christianity is one of the main reasons we are being beat down and in such a perilous position. Following a god who says ‘crucify me, hit me, forgive your enemies, give everything you have away’ etc can only lead to calamity. I naively tried to wake up some Jehovahs Witnesses . I explained how it was founded by Tase Russel a Freemason who has a grave with a pyramid and complete… Read more »