A Scary Explanation

LIKE MOST on here I’ve been astounded at the extent to which the ordinary public has been duped into supporting the draconian coercive measures imposed on them as part of the Covid plandemic. After all, even the most cursory examination of the facts would expose the outlandish over-reaction represented by those measures. Take just one fact — to wit, if you’re under 70 and and not suffering from other related morbidities you’re more likely to be stung to death by murder hornets than die of the virus. And even if you do get infected the impact will be similar to that of the common flu. To understand this requires no specialised knowledge of statistics or medicine and, while frantically obscured by the media, the relevant information is easily available to anyone with an Internet connection. 

Yet most of the public goes along with restrictions on their freedoms unprecedented in peace-time. But at least they have the (not very valid) excuse of being just ordinary Joes with other priorities. Such as watching naggerball and surfing social media. Healthcare professionals have no such excuse. Yet most of them also support the scamdemic narrative, either explicitly, or implicitly by remaining silent. Why? Amazingly some of them are Believers despite contrary evidence staring them in the face every day. I know a qualified pharmacist who is twisting herself and her family into knots to avoid the virus. Her kids — who are under virtually no risk — are wrapped up in veritable hazmat suits, deprived of a normal upbringing as long as the restrictions last.

But what of the People-Who-Must-Know-The-Truth? Directors of virology research centres, top epidemiologists, tenured academics, even your humble general practitioners. I simply refuse to accept that such people fail to understand the outlandish disparity between the Covid threat and the calamitous measures taken to counter it. Yet very few of them call out this basic truth. What motivates them? Is it greed or fear? Or a bit of both? How has The Narrative been imposed on such a diverse and hitherto fiercely independent and territorial professionals? And so quickly?

I don’t know the explanation. What I do know is that whatever it is it’s scary.

Anyway, to conclude on a ‘lighter’ note….

* * *

Source: Irish Savant

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
17 September, 2020 5:45 am

The near universal adoption of masks is a testament to the absurd concept of “Democracy,” where the people choose. Just think, those people wearing masks when alone in their cars, they vote. And voting only ends in the Presidential vote, it begins in local elections deciding who it is that will rise to a puppet position. It is all decided by those folks driving around in their cars wearing their masks doing the right thing. And yet you ask one of these Americans what the status of their country is and they will say, upside-down, yet they can’t put it together.

Phil Keup
Phil Keup
17 September, 2020 1:54 pm

I will try to explain this entire scam as simply as possible The “enemy” is trying to implode the global economy That is very obvious and anything that can be used to disguise the jewish usury banking system the better. This Covid situation is beintg thrust on business out of fear over lawsuits The basic rule in economics and advertising is you want to get as many people into your establishment as possible in hopes they will purchase goods and services. This madness promotes the idea that those people who you considered your potential customers are now a threat to you. If a store does not order its customers to wear masks or their employees do the same there is a fear they will be sued. Everyone is considered a… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Phil Keup
18 September, 2020 12:53 am

Here is what the assclowns are having do here in SC. You telephone in your prescription refill and time you will pick it up. Then, you travel to the pharmacy and wait in line for your turn. Once there, you are then told your prescription can’t be filled unless you put on a face diaper. Then it goes…they just happen to have one they will sell to you. How clear is that!? In my case, I just happened to have a full-fledged full- frontal combat gas mask which I donned and re-entered the pharmacy. Then I was told I had to stand six feet away from the person next to me. My response was that the sign outside said I had to have a face diaper, but there was nothing… Read more »