Covid Trade-Offs

“YOU MIGHT have the right to endanger your own life but you have no right to endanger the lives of others”. To the strutting, preening Covid Karens this represents the ultimate argument in favour of masks and lockdowns. But as with everything else to do with the Covid hoax this argument falls at the first hurdle. Because we do have the right to engage in activities that potentially endanger the lives of others. The most glaring example lies is driving a motor vehicle. Every time we drive off into traffic the lives of others are potentially at risk. (Note: If my wife is at the wheel these odds soar.)

Even in a small country like Ireland we could save over 300 lives every year by banning driving. Or even by enforcing a 10 m.p.h. speed limit. So “if even a single life can be saved….” — another Covid Karen favourite — doesn’t apply when it comes to being inconvenienced by severe driving restrictions. And here’s another perspective. Some of you might remember a bad bus crash in England some years back, involving multiple fatalities, caused by the driver succumbing to a sudden heart attack. He had been diagnosed with an apparently mild heart condition some years previously and had been undergoing treatment. Should he have been deprived of his livelihood because of the potential risk represented by his condition? Given the high proportion of drivers today with dodgy hearts I believe such a restriction would be decisively rejected by the public. And what about airplanes too small to have a co-pilot? If the pilot becomes disabled for some physical or mental reason the crew and passengers are doomed. But such planes are in the air every day.

And here’s the piece de resistance. Vaccines. You can be assured that once Big Pharma produces a “cure” for Covid-19 the pressure for mandatory vaccination will be overwhelming. Not necessarily as in police breaking down your door to force a needle into your arm (although developments in Victoria suggest such a scenario to be very much on the cards) but more by making ordinary life impossible without your ‘digital passport’. But, despite the furious propaganda counter-offensive from Medico-Pharma Complex (MPC) vaccines have caused, and continue to cause, catastrophic damage. Even Our Saviour Bill Gates has been run out of India after his oral polio vaccine resulted in thousands of casualties (the actual numbers are in dispute).

The point is this: Death and serious injuries are part of living. Trade-offs have to be made that seek to balance the risks to a minority against the general well-being of the majority. We can debate and philosophise about the abstract issues involved such as the value of a human life but society generally has made its position clear: Your right not to be endangered directly or indirectly by others is not absolute.

Point that out to the next Covid Karen who starts hectoring you.

* * *

Source: Irish Savant

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17 October, 2020 4:30 am

Comment on the photo: Actors at work.

19 October, 2020 9:04 am

The whole Plandemic is a scam and if the leaked Canadian document Dollar Vigilante talks about in his latest Bitchute video (Hunger Games) is real, they already have the 2021 version – more ‘deadly’, you know….- planned, including seizure of property and assets as well as internment camps for non-compliers.

27 October, 2020 1:21 pm

If anyone points out to me that “I do not have the right to endanger the lives of others” my response is – “so, you don’t drive a car, then?” And have had people say such things, because I refuse to wear a mask – I put it on if I enter a store, but remove it as soon as I leave. Here in the UK, they give regular updates on weekly “death rates”. Specifically, a weekly total of people who have died “within 28 days of a positive test for C-19”. Shortly after they started doing this on the nightly “news”, I realised they don’t specify death-by-Covid19. So I wondered, how many people caught this disease, recovered, and then died in an automobile accident? You are just supposed to… Read more »

6 April, 2021 8:23 am

Covid-19-Plandemic: When it is supposed to look dangerous, but the patient has not been initiated!