BLM Louisville: Non-Compliance With Our Demands Will Result in Repercussions

Note that all the listed “repercussions” would in reality be enforced by publicity from the Jewish media — who are the real source of the new “empowerment” of these anti-White scum.

A LETTER SENT from activists to businesses and non-profits in the East Market District of downtown Louisville, also referred to as NuLu (New Louisville), made a series of demands related to racial reparations and reportedly threatened consequences if the demands were not met.

New details have come to light after The Daily Wire reported on the story last week after being contacted by local residents who said they were stunned by the letter.

Local ABC News affiliate WHAS11 News reported that “Black Lives Matter protesters” were the ones who gave the letters out to businesses.

A local reporter posted the following five “repercussions of non-compliance” that were reportedly included in the letter:

  • Reduction in Racial Index Score/bias report to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Social Media Blast: Notification, via all social media platforms, of non-compliance.
  • Boycott: Public boycott, coordinated through social media and mail announcements, of your NuLu establishment AND any other business ventures owned by you.
  • Protest: Visible, media-covered demonstration/sit-in outside your establishment.
  • Invasive Reclamation: Placement of booths/tables outside your establishment where competing Black proprietors will offer items comparable to those offered by you.

A copy of the letter that The Daily Wire received was slightly different than the letter obtained by the local reporter, and included three additional demands. The demands stated in the letter included:

  1. Businesses will adequately represent the black population of Louisville by having a minimum of 23% black staff (including management) in front of house positions, and maintain commitment and accountability to increasing that number (accountability roundtable information below).
  2. Retail locations will include a minimum of 23% inventory of black retailers OR make a recurring monthly donation of 1.5% of net sales to black local organizations.
  3. Business owners will require diversity, equity, & inclusion training for their staffs, to be conducted by any one of the black women leaders on the attached list. Training will be conducted thereafter on a bi-annual basis.
  4. Customize your own OR display one of the attached written statements in a viable location within your business to increase awareness and show support for the reparations movement.
  5. Non-profits in NuLu district will submit to a voluntary, external audit of their board of trustees and take necessary steps towards 23% representation on those boards.
  6. Business owners & non-profit leaders will participate in quarterly roundtable discussions to be held accountable for their communities to these demands, and work together towards increased equity.
  7. Maintain adequate black representation in any entertainment and performances booked at your business.
  8. Dress code policies inherently discriminate against black folks, women, and the transgender community. You must eliminate dress code policies that promote profiling towards patrons and employees, including their hair requirements or stipulations, which can disproportionately target black folks.
  9. 23% black representation on the board of the NuLu Business Association.

Demands #7 and #8 appeared to have been removed from the letter obtained by the local reporter while Demand #9 appeared in a different place in letter.

* * *

Source: Daily Wire

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5 August, 2020 10:33 am

Ahh, the “benefits” of Diversity! It appears extortion and intimidation by Congoids are adding an extra, third world flavor to downtown Louisville. What a great place to shop and eat! Yet some of the politically correct White women running businesses there believe this is a good thing to support. Insanity.

6 August, 2020 12:01 am

Over 80% want cops to stay & keep patrolling their communities
i see them fighting each other for a while longer to be honest

6 August, 2020 7:49 am

Racketeering and terrorism wrapped up in one. There should be a pact made between business owners that they should all refuse these demands. BLM would not be able to attack them all, but they’d likely pick on the more vulnerable businesses – in which case other business owners should come to their aid.

But as we’ve seen with Kosher and Halal racketeering, most businesses will simply comply without a fight.

Donald MacMullen
Donald MacMullen
Reply to  James
6 August, 2020 3:39 pm

The pact idea would work and be great if said business owners were Alliance members, then we could move as an organization to help protect our own. How about setting an example and joining our Alliance, James? Are you in?

Reply to  Donald MacMullen
9 August, 2020 5:07 pm

I’d certainly be interested in joining this, Donald, though I don’t live in America and this alliance appears to be built around White American interests. If you can point me in the direction of a UK equivalent I’d be most appreciative.