“Set Your System on Fire, and Blow It up”

When one of censored conservatism’s spokesmen suggests that securing his children’s future might require ditching and “blowing up” capitalism and the current System, you know the times they are a-changing.

AMERICAN POLITICS are increasingly divided and violent. The 2016 election cycle had enormous energy and violence revolving around it. The seeds of this division were planted decades ago. The contemporary American political discussion is no longer about taxes. The effects of this change are exemplified by this interview:

System Media is notoriously de-radicalizing. Yet, despite this, conservative talking head Tucker Carlson says, “I don’t worship Capitalism I worship God like whatever I’m a Christian but, leaving this aside this is not a religion…but, if your system is making it impossible for my children to get married then I am totally happy to set your system on fire, and blow it up.” 

The most popular conservative talking head on System Media talking about destroying Capitalism if it harms his children. Americans have stepped over the specter of Capitalism. No one but the 1% want it anymore. Tucker’s rhetoric — “I’m totally happy to set your system on fire and blow it up” — shows us how radicalized our nation is right now and how prepped this land is for violence and revolution. Since the Civil War we have been exporting the most violent Whites of our society to foreign warzones. The other side of that is that America has been trying and failing to contain the most violent elements of non-White society in the large cities. The System has gotten weaker and the old based Whites who supported the System in past decades have become increasingly disillusioned. This land is headed toward a great blood orgy.

* * *

Source: Volkish

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14 June, 2020 6:25 pm

I catch Tucker’s show when I can. I’m often left feeling like he knows exactly what’s up, but knows he can’t come right out and say it, so he leaves little Easter eggs for his viewers. Personally, I’m not quite on the national-socialism train just yet. Though I can see where our system is failing the majority. I think maybe a hybrid of the two could work. First, we have to breakup the Jewish monopoly on our banking, entertainment, and media. We also need to build a wall, and deport ALL illegals — they are a drain on either form of government. It causes so many goods and services to cost more than they should, while also keeping the wage of the American worker, falsely low. Obviously, they won’t self… Read more »

brian boru
brian boru
Reply to  Janie
7 September, 2020 8:43 am

The System is more than failing the white majority, it is actively destroying them. It has reached the stage where resolving the problem peacefully has become almost impossible simply due to demographics and an irretrievably corrupt political, financial and education system. There is no political party on the horizon that is even remotely capable of dealing with the problem and our enemies are becoming ever more overt in stating their plans for us. How exactly are we to break up the jewish power structure and physically deport the non whites from our lands? Our ‘leaders’ routinely betray us. Unfortunately, whites are not even at the beginning stages of organising for their defence and survival. Guns alone won’t solve the problem but it may come to the stage where whites will… Read more »

15 June, 2020 2:45 am

From my point of view, I am a white man very admirer of Sun Tzu, I find that this is a great opportunity, for the white survival movement, if your enemy shows you the knife, you know that he wants to destroy you. It is so wise and simple that it becomes beautiful.

Robert Speer
Robert Speer
15 June, 2020 3:30 pm

Capitalism always ends in oligarchy because of the first rule of politics. The first rule of politics is either the state controls capital or capital will control the state. Capitalism is the rejection of the former and the embrace of the latter.

G. B.
G. B.
16 June, 2020 2:21 pm

The more we sit around and play “civ nat” and bandage the people we shoot in defense of ourselves and our history while the Jew-owned national guard show up to arrest us, the quicker we will meet our end. No one is coming to save us. It is up to us to save our people or we are going to be slaughtered. Mark my words.

20 June, 2020 9:00 am

Fomenting yet another dirty revolution after making imbeciles of many and cutting off western industry at the knees. “Wherever the Jews went they spread religion and revolution and were a general plague upon the whole earth” Claudius Emperor of Rome 53 AD.