THE INTERNET allows types of people to find one another and gather wherever they’re from. Always before, people have assorted by families and clans they are born into, by ethnic groups and race. These groups have always been bound by certain limits of geography.

The information age has revealed there are very finite limits to traditional social organization. Families always have black sheep who don’t fit in. Races and ethnic groups are most meaningful in contrast with alien peoples. The average person of an ethnic group competes at least as much as they cooperate with their own people.

Worse, families, clans, and ethnic groups are complete ecosystems with predators, prey, and parasites. Even siblings ruthlessly compete for resources and the runt of the litter gets thrown out in the cold. Modernity could not have been so divisive so quickly if a multitude of people did not wish to escape from the equilibria they were born into the instant they had the hope of a better option. This is why restoration of an older order is hopeless absent some kind of cataclysmic collapse that takes billions of lives with it.

The answer to modernity is neuro-tribalism. The black sheep and the runts of every litter of similar breeds find one another and form associations. People come in a range of neurotypes and certain people are simply on the same wavelength. They think in a certain rhythm, see the world in a certain way. It’s almost like an extended mind that for many even an extended family has never offered in this atomized society.

Even on perfectly anonymous Internet forums, one cannot fake one’s personality for long. Any woman who goes into the manosphere lasts maybe a few posts before everyone knows she’s a woman, even though they’ve never seen her. Patterns of writing and thought betray sex, race, and class as readily as a picture of one’s face.

An aethereum of written words alone can lead to face-to-face meetings and these meetings further distill new identities of compatible types of people.

While the Internet is new, game-breaking revolutions in communication are not. The printing press and mass literacy doomed the old order of hereditary aristocracy and the entrenched clergy. The telegraph, railroad, radio, telephone, and finally the television made larger nation-states and larger wars possible and doomed the last trappings of the old world. The Internet makes our present aristocracy obsolete, a reality that is in the process of making itself felt. Banning and censorship were tried during previous information revolutions with much more vigor than now, but it never quite worked. There were always at least a few elites willing to defect for the chance to screw all the other elites.

Hence, we had noblemen who were willing to shield Martin Luther (a result of a critical mass being able to read the Bible for themselves) to further their own geopolitical interests.

The secular state religion is much weaker than Christianity ever was and will shed followers at the slightest sign of weakness. It seems indomitable now but is in danger of falling apart forever in a few short years after just a few decades of predominance.

* * *

Source: Forward Base B

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31 May, 2020 10:42 pm

If we take everything written in this article to evolutionary Bio-Anthropology, we could reduce this to human biological Ethnocentrism, but if we transfer it to human socio-biology, it could be classified as the formation of social nodes within the same group, Now these social nodes are of all kinds (politicians, professions, artists, business, commercial and family). Now in a globalized world with different ethnic groups that compete with each other, the ethnic social node is the most powerful (Jewish case, Asians), that is why the Jewish parasite attacks ethnocentrism (mainly whites), since in this way it neutralizes the social node. ethnicity of the competition. For this reason, the parasite will try to infiltrate the areas of Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology and Biology, taking them to the field of political correction. These… Read more »

John B
John B
Reply to  Panadechi
5 June, 2020 2:43 pm

And how do you envision such a counter attack? I’m asking partly because the last paragraph of the article states that the secular religion is so weak when compared to the Christianity it endeavors to replace… As a born and raised and non practicing Catholic, I find this new secular religion to be formidable, in that it does not suffer from moral encumbrances or ancient and well marked guidelines. The idea that literally any concept, be it cultural, moral, sexual, political, legal and on and on is “dispirited” and ripped from any roots presents a shapeshifting foe that is difficult, if not impossible to target. I’m fairly certain this is all by design, (much like this present pandemic kabuki), but to what end? And to who’s benefit?