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Sagdluk the Liar

by Kevin Alfred Strom

A CERTAIN Greenland Eskimo was taken on one of the American North Polar expeditions in the early part of this century. Later, as a reward for faithful service, he was brought to New York City for a short visit. At all the miracles of the White man’s civilization he was filled with an amazed wonder. When he returned to his native village he told stories of buildings that rose into the very face of the sky; of street cars, which he described as houses which moved along the trail, with people living in them as they moved; of titanic bridges, artificial lights as bright as a thousand moons, and many other dazzling achievements of European man.

His people looked at him coldly and walked away. And forthwith throughout the whole village he was dubbed “Sagdluk,” which means “the Liar,” and this name he carried in shame to his grave. Long before his death his original name was entirely forgotten.

Later, when Knud Rasmussen made his trip across the Arctic from Greenland to Alaska he was accompanied by a different Greenland Eskimo named Mitek. Mitek visited Copenhagen and New York, where he saw many things for the first time and was greatly impressed. Later, upon his return to Greenland, he recalled the tragedy of Sagdluk, and decided it would not be wise to tell the truth. Instead, he would narrate stories that his people could grasp, and thus save his reputation.

So he told them how he and Doctor Rasmussen maintained a kayak on the banks of a great river, the Hudson, and how, each morning, they paddled out to a place where there were many ducks, geese, and seals.

Mitek, in the eyes of his countrymen, was a very honest man, and his neighbors treated him with respect until the day he died.

Truth-tellers often find little sympathy among those they are trying to enlighten. But I would not be taking the risk or making the effort to bring you these truth-telling broadcasts every week if I thought that my countrymen were as limited in their capacity for understanding as Sagdluk’s.

Our race has been mentally bound by superstition and ignorance in the past, and many are so bound even today. And no superstition is worse than the superstition of human “equality” vended by America’s hidden enemies under the guise of “liberalism” or “respectable conservatism.” But the unique thing about the race which built America and the entire White world is our instinctive belief in and respect for objective truth, the truth that stands immutable before our beliefs and wishes, the objective truth that defines reality itself. Our best men have fashioned European science as a tool for apprehending that truth and European technology for using it. In the process we have remade the world in our image, sometimes for good, sometimes for ill.

I treasure the hope that millions of our people will, through my efforts and yours, come to see the poisonous “equality” ideology for what it really is, whether it is masked as liberalism or modern conservatism: a denial of the hard world of objective reality and the substitution of a soft dream world where everything will be all right as long as we “believe” the right things and imprison or exterminate those who “believe wrongly.” Our great power of science and technology, the product of our rigorous respect for objective truth, has paradoxically allowed the mentally soft to survive in great numbers, and such form the vast majority of the true believers in human equality.

I dare to hope that the same spirit which inspired Galileo to speak the truth when lies were what were required and demanded by the powers that ruled in his day — I dare to hope that this spirit still flows in the blood of our people today. I believe it does. For we are not more than a few generations removed from Washington and Jefferson, from the Wright Brothers and William Shockley, from Charles Lindbergh and Admiral Peary.

That spirit will not allow America’s enemies to triumph. That spirit will not stand for the lies and filth that spill forth every day from the controlled media. That spirit will not tolerate a life built on lies. That spirit, if it still lives within us, and I believe it does, will one day vanquish America’s enemies and bring the truth to victory. If my words today have made that spirit of truth stir within your breast, all I ask is that you write to me today so we will be together when that happy day comes to pass.

* * *

Source: Free Speech magazine, July 1995

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Old Norseman
Old Norseman
19 December, 2019 5:01 pm

Book worth reading related to topic: I highly recommend this book.

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Old Norseman
19 December, 2019 8:29 pm

I read your link and also the Wiki about Minik and Peary and that museum certainly should have treated those folks a lot better.

pj dooner
pj dooner
19 December, 2019 8:23 pm

Not trying to be funny but this reminded me of the movie Tarzan’s New York Adventure. The plot description from Wiki seems comical now and the second link is a glimpse of America back then: “Tarzan, Jane, and Cheeta track across the jungle and, flying across the Atlantic, eventually end up in New York City, where Tarzan is befuddled by the lifestyle and gadgetry of “civilization”. Tarzan displays his quaint, “noble savage” ways by complaining about the necessity of wearing clothing, commenting that an opera singer that he hears on a “noisy box” is “Woman sick! Scream for witch doctor!”, and expressing his childlike wonderment at taxi cabs. Tarzan comments that various African-Americans he sees making a living throughout New York City are from this or that tribe back in… Read more »

Thunder Wolf
Thunder Wolf
20 December, 2019 2:37 am

Align your Spirit with Truth, and you will have True Victory, but for this mortal coil, that victory will be for the Creator to judge.