Let Us Dream of Something Marvelous

And never forget: We chose the right side. As Lehmann Wagner said: “Imagine where the world would be, imagine the heights our people would have reached had He been triumphant over the forces of darkness and decay. There would have been no limits to our achievements, no subversives holding us back and no burdens holding us down.”

by Leon Degrelle

I SOMETIMES made huge mistakes. But what actually is a mistake in politics? And when I look back, I have only one sentiment: an enormous regret. Regret that we did not succeed, that we were not able to create this European world which would be the master of the universe for all time, which made the white race the first race, with the great mastery of the spirit.

And when we see what there is on the other side, what 30 years of the others’ victory has given, this anarchy in the world, this rout of the white world, this desertion throughout the universe; when we see in our own countries the decay of morals, the fall of the fatherland, the fall of the family, the fall of social order; when we see this appetite for material goods which has replaced the great flame of the ideal which animated us, well then, truly, between the two we chose the right side. The small, miserable Europe of today, of this impoverished Common Market, cannot give happiness to men. Consumer society poisons humanity rather than elevating it.

So, for our part, we dreamed of something great, and we have only one desire, that this spirit be reborn. And with all my might, up to the last moment of my existence, I will fight for this. So that what was our struggle and our martyrdom, will one day be the resurrection.

* * *

Music: Wagner; Siegfried’s Funeral March

Source: Robert Pfeifer; h/t to; colorization by R. White

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  1. JM/Iowa
    3 January, 2019 at 11:23 pm — Reply

    Degrelle embodied the spirit of our race. It is up to each of us to make this resurrection a reality. If you haven’t already done so, the time to start is now.

  2. Marc
    7 January, 2019 at 2:18 am — Reply

    The “marvelous dream” of Mr. Degrelle would have certainly NOT been such, for all the White Eastern Europeans and the Russian people, which Adolf Hitler considered with utter contempt, and ultimately wished to wipe out completely! Even in the Western part of Europe, Nazi occupation authorities behaved in the most shameless way: outright pillages of food, raw material, industrial machinery and cultural treasures, and even rapes and murders!… In the East, the Nazi troops were given absolutely free reign to indulge in the most ghastly orgies of sexual assaults and mass murders as they saw fit: The OKW had given specific authorization for this!… Face the fact: If Hitler had won, it would have been a NIGHTMARE of endless servitude(if not outright slavery!)for ALL “non-Germanic” White Europeans.

    • 9 January, 2019 at 6:03 pm — Reply

      I don’t doubt that there were some abuses, but by the time of the later stages of the war, Hitler was more concerned with recruiting allies among eastern Europeans — he even authorized the raising of an anti-Bolshevik Russian army — than with any alleged racial differences. He increasingly saw the conflict in race-wide rather than petty nationalist terms. We’ve published several statements on the subject.

      I do doubt the accuracy of some of the things you say: “Nazi troops were given absolutely free reign to indulge in the most ghastly orgies of sexual assaults and mass murders as they saw fit: The OKW had given specific authorization for this!” That doesn’t sync with the German authorities arresting, trying, and punishing their own men for mistreating or killing prisoners and others in their custody, which they in fact did. It also doesn’t sync with the thousands upon thousands of eastern Europeans who supported the Germans.

      What Whites need is a race-wide confederation whose leaders possess 1) knowledge of who the enemy is, 2) an absolute dedication to defeating that enemy, and 3) the intelligence and creativity to translate that dedication into victory. The Germans possessed all three, and had not America and the British Empire betrayed their own people by allying with the Jews, we would be living in a civilization based on Hitler’s New Order right now — an infinitely better, more progressive, and more secure situation than our present plight.

      I am an American of Norwegian ancestry, but I would support a world order that ensured the long-term survival of the European race no matter what country was the driving force and capital of that new order.

      I would support it whether it was Germany, Russia, France (fat chance!), Britain (even fatter chance!), Greece, or Bulgaria that was that driving force. I would support it even if my language or my overseas kinsmen’s language was eventually supplanted. I would support it even if Washington, DC and all its magnificent monuments, were turned into a field of glass in the process (which, sadly in the case of the monuments, might be necessary). I would support it even if it were wrong in some of its principles (though I would try to change them). I would support it even if, tragically, there was a war with that new order, and America and Norway were on the wrong side and many of my kin suffered terrible losses. I would support it even if — as is, sadly, probably inevitable in war on all sides — some of its soldiers and fighters and leaders did cruel and inexcusable things. Racial survival is that important.

      The Jews have made the tactical mistake of going too far for their own good. They now openly identify themselves with nearly every bit of the suicidal insanity, degeneracy, anti-White hate, and genocide they are forcing on us. And they have spent almost a century (also an error on their part, think) pointing out again and again that their one great opponent — who almost succeeded –, who stood for the total opposite of the sick world they have built, was Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists. And they also do not bother to hide the fact that they, using the befuddled and propagandized Whites in countries dominated by Jews, immolated millions of Germans in the only real, literal holocaust of that war — a holocaust on a scale never before seen in history.

      Keeping that war alive in everyone’s memory, and linking it with their anti-White campaign of today, suggests to everyone’s mind, I think (in some, perhaps unconsciously), that the war was a war between Whites and anti-Whites, especially Jews and that, further, the war never ended.

      The titanic battle of Germany, as leader of the White world, against the Enemies of Life, and the literal blood sacrifice of her innocents and her leaders as they were trying to prevent the current genocide of our people that is becoming more and more evident every day, has the power to inspire millions. I believe the mythopoeic power of that struggle, that man’s extraordinary life, and the principles and ideals of a race-based state that Germany had just begun to embody, will be a factor in the conflict to come.

    • Bancroft Hall
      10 January, 2019 at 8:34 am — Reply

      Marc the troll. Your analysis is garbage. NATVAN readers: For accuracy, see Kevin Alfred Strom’s reply. Troll Marc has it all in reverse: ” …. the most ghastly orgies of sexual assaults and mass murders as they saw fit …” That is a description of The Red Army, not the Wehrmacht.

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