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The Privileged Frame of Reference Lie

by David Sims

IN PHYSICS classes that teach Special Relativity, students are taught that there is no privileged frame of reference from which intervals of space or of time can be “correctly” or “best” measured.

The Jewish-dominated so-called “mainstream media” (MSM) (and their lackeys, such as YouTube executive Susan Wojcicki, of partially Jewish ancestry herself) continually portray themselves as “authoritative” news sources, presumably in contrast to independent pro-White or right-wing citizen journalists who, we are told, are notoriously unreliable. The MSM thus promotes themselves, even though they have been caught repeatedly presenting false news, in the form of broad lies and deceptive narrative.

The public has become aware, in a general way, that the “mainstream media,” including the major television networks, are the unreliable venues for news and information. That is why they have been abandoning the MSM in favor of citizen journalists.

So the mainstream media have concocted a myth about themselves having the “privileged frame of reference” from which they, alone, can dispense “authoritative news.”

Don’t you believe it. It’s a lie. It is also a pretext for the censorship of the MSM’s citizen-journalist rivals, who have been winning over audiences in numbers that are, in many cases, putting the numbers attending the MSM venues to shame.

The MSM are big. The MSM cost a lot to run. The MSM are mostly about flashy personalities and glitzy stage sets. And the quality of the information that comes from the MSM is frequently not worth the paper that it could be printed on, because of its falseness.

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15 December, 2019 2:37 am

I have always found National Vanguard to be notoriously reliable!

Donald MacMullen
Donald MacMullen
19 December, 2019 4:03 pm

Hell yes! Starve the (((monster))) of what it needs to survive. In the MSM’s case that is viewers. Stick to our own, National Vanguard.