The Eternal Laws of Nature, Love, and National Socialism

by Jost


The Only Doctrine of National Socialism

For me and all true National Socialists there is but one doctrine: Folk and Fatherland.

What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and Folk, the sustenance of our children, and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the Fatherland, so that our Folk may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe.

Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view, and used or rejected according to its utility. Then no theory will stiffen into a dead doctrine, since it is life alone that all things must serve.

— Adolf Hitler
Mein Kampf, Volume 1, chapter 8

THE PRECEDING QUOTATION clearly shows that the most important concept and the emphasis of the National Socialist cause should be on Folk. It shows us clearly that every decision, every action should be based on the answer to one question: is it good for the Folk?

A Folk is of common heritage, common blood, common values, and common ideals. While a Folk must necessarily be of one race, it is not necessarily all of that race. There can be several different Folk, all of common race.

Today, most of the White Race have heritage and blood in common with us, but their values and ideals – if any at all – are alien to us, deadly to us! They are not our Folk, and there is really very little that we can do to convince them to become Folk.

But that doesn’t stop us from our task. Today, true National Socialists are a Folk of their own, a Hitler Folk! A National Socialist Folk is growing within the great degenerating mass of selfish White materialists.

National Socialism is simply modern-day Aryan tribalism. It is a living, growing, evolving, way of life. As such, it must necessarily change its tasks and priorities with the ever changing times. Before 1945, our Folk was substantial in number, so a free and independent Fatherland was certainly a priority. Today our Folk is few in number, and scattered around the world. There is little need for us to worry about a Fatherland, old or new. Today we need to concentrate our efforts on building our Folk. As such, our number one priority must be the protection and education of our children! For unless our Folk has control over the development and education of our own children, both Folk and Race are doomed to quick extinction.

National Socialist families need to form their own communities, in suitable areas where they can preserve and develop our values and ideals, and take control of the development and education of our children — the future of our Folk!

Today, it is urgent for National Socialists throughout the world to focus their attention on, and begin putting all their efforts into, our most desperate need: building our Folk! As our Folk grows, so grows the power and spirit of Adolf Hitler. Where the Folk is Hitler is!

Higher Idealism

The essence of National Socialism

“We may therefore state that not only does man live in order to serve higher ideals, but that, conversely, these higher ideals also provide the premise for his existence. Thus the circle closes.”

— Adolf Hitler

The basis of the great economic and social miracle of National Socialist Germany cannot really be attributed to a pre-designed political program, getting off the international banking system, or an iron-clad command economy. Over the years these and a number of other reasons have been cited, and many certainly contributed to this amazing historical event. But the one ingredient least understood, and yet by far the most responsible for the success of every National Socialist program, even including the miraculous near-success in a war against the most insurmountable odds, was higher idealism.

It was this higher idealism to which the writers and thinkers of National Socialist Germany referred when they termed National Socialism a revolution in thought. They freely told all who would listen just how they solved their overwhelming problems of massive unemployment, critically high crime rates, collapsed economic and social welfare systems, and their alien-controlled educational system. Nothing was solved by pumping more inflated money into it. Nothing was solved by passing more unenforceable laws. Nothing was solved by creating still more purposeless bureaucracies. Nothing was solved by building more prisons, restricting personal freedoms, or controlling firearms! No, the miracle of National Socialist Germany was accomplished with incredible speed by simply changing the way the people were thinking. This change in thinking was higher idealism!

Today, many things are considered idealism. Activity to preserve the many endangered species of plants and animals is rightfully considered idealism. Scientific research for the cure of disease is considered idealism — although there are some good arguments against it when considering its effect on world population growth. There are scores of humanitarian activities, many truly beneficial, and some highly detrimental, which are rightly or wrongly considered idealism. But all of these are merely a substitution for the higher idealism referred to in National Socialism.

Higher idealism within all mankind is an eternal law of nature. Without it, the ancient tribes from which modern mankind has come could never have been, and hence, we would not exist today. This higher idealism is inherent in all mankind, when mankind is in its proper environment in the realm of nature: the tribe.

We can see this higher idealism in some individuals during times of great need such as battle or disaster. We call it heroism, and we marvel at those few who exhibit it. However, it is really natural within us all. This higher idealism of nature is the very same higher idealism of National Socialism. It is simply a different way of thinking, a tribal way of thinking. The individual places the welfare of the community (tribe or Folk) far ahead of any conflicting personal interests or desires.

In Aryan man, this natural higher idealism was subverted a thousand years ago during the forced conversion to an alien, mid-eastern religion. In order to effectively rule, the alien Christian church had to destroy our ancestors’ tribal bonds. Their natural idealism and their natural purpose in life were forcibly replaced by superstitious service to an alien institution with the promise of otherworldly fulfillment and joy — after death! The alien mid-eastern philosophy of service in exchange for personal, individual salvation has led us to the modern, perverted notions of “individual sovereignty”, which have fostered corporate capitalism, liberal democracy, and the growing racial, social, economic, and environmental chaos which we have today.

But on January 30, 1933, the process of Aryan degeneration was stopped. In National Socialist Germany, an Aryan Folk began to change their thinking, moving away from selfishness and materialism, back to their natural mental processes of higher idealism. It was this higher idealism which allowed an industrialized nation, paralyzed by economic, social, and political chaos to become the most amazing miracle in history.

But it could have never been without Adolf Hitler.

The German people didn’t all suddenly decide to change their thinking. No political convention decided that the Germans would suddenly revert to their natural higher idealism. No, this revolution in thought was inspired by the greatest Aryan personality of all times: Adolf Hitler.

There were others who, like Adolf Hitler, understood the necessity of racial homogeneity for a people to prosper and evolve. There were certainly many others who understood the danger of international finance and its private army of international Jewry. But few, other than Adolf Hitler, really understood the importance of personality, and the necessity of higher idealism. And only Adolf Hitler had the will, the selflessness, and the dynamic personality to inspire an Aryan Folk to their natural higher idealism! With this, he gave them a sense of belonging which had been sorely missing for a thousand years, and he gave them back their natural purpose in life! It was the personality of Adolf Hitler which inspired the German people to once again become an Aryan Folk.

Adolf Hitler and the miracle of National Socialist Germany were destroyed by the forces of greed, selfishness, and materialism. The victory of these dark forces is the racial, social, economic and environmental chaos which is here today. The victory of these dark forces has only proved beyond doubt that Adolf Hitler was right!

National Socialism has already proved that it could solve today’s chaos, and the growing degeneration of the Aryan nations. This revolution in thought stands today, for all who dare to look, as the only salvation of our dying Aryan Race.

And how might Aryans today be inspired to higher idealism? We National Socialists know that Adolf Hitler inspires us to higher idealism as much today as he did during those golden years in the heart of our Aryan homelands. Today, we National Socialists are a league of human hearts, a growing Aryan brotherhood around the world, bonded by blood, higher idealism, and the inspiration of Adolf Hitler.

This higher idealism, which flows freely from our heart’s natural love, the heavenly gift of nature, is the very definition of a National Socialist. It is not racial awareness or professed beliefs which make one a National Socialist. It is not eloquent words or esoteric historical knowledge which make one a National Socialist. It is not flamboyant donations, daring activism, or even organizational longevity which make one a National Socialist. No, the true National Socialist, like Adolf Hitler himself, can only be identified by the higher idealism which comes from the sincere love of our Aryan Folk.

Each day, more and more Aryans are turning away from the evils of selfishness and materialism. Each day, more and more Aryans are realizing that Adolf Hitler was right. As the racial catastrophe continues to grow, more and more Aryans will be inspired by the personality of Adolf Hitler, and one day we may see a number of miracles throughout our Aryan homelands.


An Eternal Law of Nature and a Pillar in the Structure of National Socialism

National Socialism is often denounced by racialists and anti-racialists alike as merely a “personality cult”, and thereby something to be avoided. Here, we have to smile rather sadly in realization of just how far such individuals are removed from an understanding of the eternal laws of nature! Frankly, any Jewish psychologist knows the value, the power, and the necessity of personality. National Socialists certainly need a similar understanding of something of this importance.

No movement has ever materialized just from lofty ideas. It was not Karl Marx who led the Marxist revolution. Marx was a thinker and writer, but he did not have the personality of a leader. It was Lenin and Trotsky who instituted his unnatural philosophy. Similarly, in spite of the truth and great insights of Nietzsche, no Nietzschean movement sprang forth. Nietzsche was a great thinker and philosopher, but he did not have the personality of a leader. It took Adolf Hitler to put the Nietzschean philosophy into motion as National Socialism.

Truth and higher ideals by themselves are never enough to inspire the discipline and dedication necessary to realize a movement. Even persecution, privation, or pestilence are not enough to mobilize the masses. No, in every case it is a leader who creates a change. It is a leader with a dynamic personality, a personality which can inspire discipline and sacrifice from his fellow men.

Personality is everything! It is more powerful than any degree of truth, idealism, or indulgence. Ronald Reagan was not elected president because of his grasp of politics. Billy Graham didn’t become a leading evangelist by getting a university degree. Jim Jones didn’t become a famous Kool-Aid connoisseur by any expert knowledge of the bible. Such success all comes from the individual personality.

Personality is a law of nature. After years of careful observation, scientists are now realizing that leadership, even within animal societies, is not based on size or brute strength, but on intelligence and personality!

The enemies of mankind know this only too well. That is why they have gone to such lengths to get control of our motion pictures and television. It was not well-written editorials in the New York Times or lectures by Harvard intellectuals which swayed our race to embrace the anti-nature stances of liberalism. No, it was the media-projected personality of an Alan Alda or a Bill Cosby that perverted them!

No longer does the semi-literate populace have to strain their brains on intellectual or scientific debates. Now, they simply listen to their favorite news commentator, or better yet, their favorite actor, singer, dancer, or quiz show host! These actors use their personalities, or their abilities to project a phony personality, to persuade the masses to believe just what their masters wish.

We need to thoroughly understand that there is no such thing as a “grass roots movement”. “Grass roots movements” such as the once much-touted “Nuclear Freeze Initiative” are created and pushed along by the media — specifically, by the personalities of carefully chosen news commentators. Such ideas would get nowhere by themselves. It takes the media personalities to get them rolling. The same can be seen throughout history. The Reformation could have never been without Martin Luther, Calvin, or Wesley. It always takes a dynamic personality to affect any change.

A dynamic and emotional personality has the power to transcend time. Just look at what our enemies fear most! If you want to really get them howling, wave a Swastika at them, or better yet, just let them see the three simple words: Hitler was right! Nothing else will cause them such hysterics as the name Hitler. Make no mistake about it, they are just as terrified of Adolf Hitler today as they ever were.

The dynamic personality of Adolf Hitler transcends time to inspire aware Aryans to forsake the evils of materialism and selfishness, and to embrace a consciousness of love which will blossom into a great Aryan brotherhood. The dynamic personality of Adolf Hitler is the very soul of our Folk, and it is the magnetic power which is rapidly attracting, inspiring, and bonding together a new Aryan Folk.


An Eternal Law of Nature and a pillar in the Structure of National Socialism

There are some truths which are so obvious that for this very reason they are not seen, or at least not recognized, by ordinary people. They sometimes pass by such truisms as though blind, and they are most astonished when someone suddenly discovers what everyone really ought to know… Thus men without exception wander about in the garden of Nature. They imagine that they know practically everything, and yet with few exceptions they pass blindly by one of the most patent principles of Nature’s rule: the inner segregation of the species of all living beings on this earth.

— Adolf Hitler

There are volumes written on the subject of race. Some are very good, and we highly recommend them, but most are written for political and social reasons, and, more often than not, they are pure nonsense. Be that as it may, the importance of race should be obvious to everyone, simply by their own observation, and within their own experience.

A good example of this is to observe how uncomfortable we usually feel in a non-White area, especially if it is a black area. Even the most rabid Negrophile will hardly deny the dangers to a person of the White Race who thoughtlessly ventures into a Black area — whether in this country, or anywhere else in the world. The simplest of tests will dispel any doubts!

Every individual capable of any powers of observation knows that different breeds of chickens, dogs, horses, cats, etc. display vastly different abilities, intelligence, and even character. It doesn’t take a doctorate in biology to see that this applies just as well to the human breed, or races as we call them. It is fairly easy to see the great differences in the values, cultures, and civilizations of the different races.

For example, it is easy to observe that political and social stability, lawfulness, hygienic and technological advancements, and a real trend toward individual freedoms prevail in those areas inhabited by the White race.

In contrast, we can readily determine that areas inhabited by the Black race are marked by lawlessness, political and social instability, poor hygiene, a complete lack of any technological advancements, and no consciousness of so-called “human rights”, or even basic individual freedoms. We can further observe that even Black areas which are within White civilizations are marked with similar lawlessness and primitiveness — regardless of civil rights laws, years of “affirmative action” laws, or the billions of dollars of subsidies from White tax payers!

This alone should lead any honest observer to suspect that there are great differences in the races. However, if still skeptical, one could observe those areas inhabited by Asians in order to see once again some real differences in values, culture, and civilization.

While the Asians readily show ability to perfect and produce existing technology, they have invented very little on their own. Many Asian countries have a stable political and social system, but these systems are pretty devoid of any personal liberties. The Asian attitude toward their fellow Asians (not to even mention non-Asians) is very feudalistic, and while it certainly keeps a harsh, often savage order, it stunts the type of social, technological, and hygienic development seen in the White race.

Just as we can easily observe the great differences in the races, we can also observe the effects of racial mixture. Adolf Hitler pointed out that the Americas clearly showed the effect of racial mixture: “North America, whose populations consists in by far the largest part of Germanic elements who mixed but little with the lower colored peoples, shows a different humanity and culture from Central and South America, where the predominantly Latin immigrants often mixed with the aborigines on a large scale. By this one example, we can clearly and distinctly recognize the effect of racial mixture. The Germanic inhabitant of the American continent, who has remained racially pure and unmixed, rose to be the master of the continent. He will remain the master as long as he does not fall victim to defilement of his blood.”(Mein Kampf, volume 1, chapter 2).

Indeed, observation of the Latin American countries gives us a good example of the fruits of racial mixture. Although most areas of development are far ahead of the Black race, political and social stability are always in question, there is still no real technological development, hygiene is often very poor, and there are always great problems with corruption, lawlessness, and usually a lack of individual liberties.

It is easy to observe that those Latin countries with a greater percentage of White racial inhabitants show much greater development and stability when compared to those countries with less White inhabitants.

With this in mind, an honest observer of history can readily see that many great civilizations decayed and collapsed after interracial breeding was allowed, and the original racial stock was diluted.

In a society such as ours, which at least gives lip-service to ecological concerns, we should be able to realize that the races are natural communities of mankind which have taken Nature millennia to create, and that to avoid yet another ecological disaster, there should be great effort to preserve them in their natural environment.

However, the present racial situation in this country, as well as all of the countries inhabited by the White race, is leading the earth into a dark age of lawlessness, degeneracy, disease, slavery, and probably the extinction of the White race. Each day that goes by proves more and more that Adolf Hitler, and all others who warned us about the dangers of racial integration, were 100 percent right!

One thing is for sure, the racial, or more properly the interracial, problem is going to take care of itself one way or the other!

But there is another aspect of race which we really need to consider. Part of the current Jewish myth of Adolf Hitler was that he was out to breed some sort of Aryan superman, and, like so many commercial animal breeders, he would heartlessly exterminate anyone who didn’t have the required blond hair and blue eyes! Of course, what is being misconstrued here is the National Socialist concept of racial idealism.

The tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan from which we all have “devolved” is something to which an idealistic Folk would want to aspire. It is an ideal for the future, not some fanatical imperative which demands immediate racial experimentation. Let’s face it, there is far more involved than physical appearance. Most of us know an individual or two with very blond hair, very blue eyes, and a very Nordic physique who lacks an extremely important ingredient called character. While character is greatly enhanced by a proper National Socialist education, it is without doubt a genetic consideration as well.

Aryan racial idealism is a noble aspiration for an idealistic Folk who are selfless enough to put the interests of the future of their Folk above their own physical desires. This sort of idealism was common among the American aboriginal tribes of the Midwest. It was not unusual for individuals within the tribe to refrain from breeding when they were afflicted with some defect. This they did willingly for the benefit of the future of their Folk. How different are things nowadays in our “civilized” society! Today it is proclaimed an inalienable right for any two-legged creature to breed, without regard to race, creed, or even sex! The real racial experimentation was not in National Socialist Germany, but is going on right here today within our own urban cesspools.

We have neither the credentials nor the desire to engage in a discussion of the scientific or historical technicalities of race. But we can rightfully point out that race is an important and necessary part of nature, and that it is the prerequisite of any higher evolution of humanity!

While an entire race may not be a Folk, a Folk must all be of one race! And to survive, grow, and evolve, that Folk must have the idealism necessary to protect the purity of its blood. Racial idealism is simple. We need only a conscious awareness of what is obvious about the question of race, and an attitude of selfless concern for the future of our Folk.


An Eternal Law of Nature and the First Tenet of National Socialism

We all know, of course, that love is natural among one’s own immediate family. But it is less understood that love is just as natural among one’s extended family, the tribe, which is mankind’s natural, ecological, environment. The natural instinct of love had to be quite highly developed within the earliest pre-historic tribes. It had to be because love is an absolute necessity for our natural higher idealism: subordinating individual interests to the welfare of the tribe. Without true idealism, no tribe could have survived for very long, and without the survival of the tribe, it is unlikely that the earth would now be adorned with any human beings. Once we understand that love is an important and necessary natural instinct, we can see the truth in the old adage: love makes the world go ’round.

Unfortunately, an emotional appeal of love is often used as a cover for sinister designs. The Christian churches have always hidden their intolerance and justified their murder and torture with the banner of love. Our new state religion, “secular humanism”, which is really little more than Christianity without the superstition, is following suit in the best traditions of the church. The cry for universal love of all mankind is used to justify the wholesale disenfranchisement and genetic suicide of an entire race — the entire White Race.

Of course, the slightest bit of awareness beyond our race’s all-pervasive state of self-indulgence would suffice to see the pretension of it all. This doctrine of universal love comes complete with an appalling set of double standards which completely disregard even the most necessary welfare of the White Race. Can we imagine any White mother who would starve and abuse her own children while giving love and sustenance to the children of others — others who constantly pay back her kindness with contempt and abuse? Such an unnatural situation is just what is demanded by all of the deluded Whites who are crying so loudly for love, brotherhood, and human rights.

But let us not make the mistake of dismissing the “wisdom with the wise.” Love in its natural state is the most powerful of weapons, and it is the only thing which can get us out of this tailspin into racial oblivion. This we can understand when we see the importance and necessity of love in bringing about history’s greatest miracle: National Socialist Germany.

The virtually overnight economic and social success of National Socialist Germany came about because it was just what the National Socialist leaders said it was: a revolution in thought. The personality, leadership, and sheer genius of Adolf Hitler inspired the German Folk away from selfishness and materialism. He inspired them to their natural higher idealism: putting the welfare of the Folk before their personal desires. This higher idealism was the revolution in thought that created the economic and social miracle of National Socialist Germany. But in order to inspire his Folk to their natural higher idealism, Adolf Hitler had to bring out their heart’s natural love: the love that flows naturally from parents to children, to family, to Folk!

Adolf Hitler was literally an evangelist of love. His words, his actions, his entire existence is testimony to his selfless love of his Folk. Anyone who takes the time to honestly examine Adolf Hitler’s speeches and writings can readily see the great love he had for his Folk. His actions proved his words. Everything that he did was done for benefit of the Folk. The welfare and higher evolution of the Folk is the only reason for the existence of National Socialism. Every aspect of National Socialism, no matter how small or insignificant, is for the present or future benefit of the Folk. Every decision was based on the answer to one question: Is it good for the Folk?

But Adolf Hitler didn’t preach a pretentious universal love of all mankind. Adolf Hitler didn’t parrot that safe, socially-acceptable line which serves the sinister goals of International Finance and World Jewry. No, Adolf Hitler dared to expound the love which is natural among those of common heritage, common values, and common blood. Adolf Hitler uniquely understood that the awakening of this natural love is what brings about that higher idealism which melts away the delusion of selfishness and materialism. He knew that without the opiates of selfishness and materialism, the great power and sinister plans of International Finance and World Jewry would simply evaporate.

Here we should note that in a condition of natural, tribal love of our own Folk, we can begin to understand the significance of a genuine universal love of all mankind. From this natural condition, we can feel an honest love for other Folk: in their own natural environment; with their own values; working toward their own higher evolution, in their own way and in their own time. That is the true brotherhood of man!

With the flowering of our heart’s natural love, we can clearly see the enemy. We can see that our enemy is not the Negro. It is not the Asian or Latino. Our enemy is not International Finance, or World Jewry. They are all just symptoms of a deadly disease, which is our only real enemy: the deadly disease of selfishness.

The all-pervasive control of International finance and World Jewry is only made possible by our race’s complete lack of its natural idealism. The present situation of massive non-White immigration is only made possible because of our race’s selfishness. We have created the situation ourselves. Plutocrats, international Jews, and non-Whites are only doing what we are allowing them to do. As such, we have no right to hate them. Hating them is a complete waste of our race’s dwindling time. We need to put our energy into restoring our heart’s natural love! Only our natural love will cure our deadly disease. Love will inspire us all to the very essence of National Socialism: true higher idealism. No idealistic Folk could ever remain deluded by the forces of greed and materialism!

True love is contagious. The love exuded by Adolf Hitler naturally infected his Folk, awakening their natural love and their higher idealism, bringing about the miracle of National Socialist Germany. A true National Socialist can be measured by the very image of Adolf Hitler: by idealism and love of Folk. Love is something which cannot be faked. No amount of philosophical understanding can be substituted for it. No official organization, or any casual association with surviving notables of National Socialist Germany, can create the heart’s natural love. The love in a true National Socialist is readily felt. It is contagious, and it will attract the true Folk. Where love is, the Folk is: and where the Folk is, Hitler is!

Adolf Hitler showed us the way to survival and to higher evolution — spiritual and physical. He gave us National Socialism, which is modern-day Aryan tribalism, a way of life in harmony with the eternal laws of nature. Let us follow the example of our great Aryan Preceptor and win the great struggle for preservation of the natural order, not by fruitless hatred of real or imagined enemies whom we ourselves have empowered, but by the first tenet of National Socialism: the flowering of our heart’s natural love!

All selections composed by Jost for our National Socialist Folk


* * *

Source: NS Kindred; transcribed by Racial idealism

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8 June, 2019 10:27 pm

A fantastic read. Thank you!