Race and Conspiracy Theory

Alex Jonesby Irmin Vinson

WE ARE, though most of us don’t yet know it, near the end of a prolonged globalist plan for worldwide eugenics. At least eighty percent of the earth’s human population will be dead at the successful completion of this plan. Some experts, who have studied secret documents extensively, put the figure even higher. Alex Jones (pictured), the talk-radio personality, is among the pessimists. His thorough research has led him to conclude that the death-toll of extermination through eugenics will be well over ninety percent. 

Humanity as a whole has a stake in derailing the globalist plan, since all of us are potential victims. We should, however, have particular concern for the fate of black and brown populations, who are a special target of the eugenicists. Some of them, like the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, are literal nazis and come by their hostility to non-Whites ideologically. Leaders of the New World Order are, in general, white supremacist in their racial thinking. They are filled with loathing for all of humankind, yet they feel a special loathing for the black and brown portions thereof.

Among experts opinions differ about the date that the eugenicist program for world government was initiated. It may have begun in pagan Babylon, the mother of harlots, far back in biblical times, witness the fact that so many of the globalist elite, like Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, are occultists and even practicing Satanists. Other experts, following traditional conspiracy research, point to the Illuminati in the late 1700s as the ongoing source of lethal eugenicist ambitions. In modern history a key moment was the assassination of John Kennedy; America has been in the grip of the conspirators ever since.

Their goal is global government led by a Caucasian elite, a small group of secretive technocrats who will rule the remainder of the world’s population, which will have been cleansed eugenically of most of its racial impurities. Some members of this supremacist elite intend to merge their minds with machines and live forever. They will have transcended humanity in their own lives, just as they will have transcended what they regard as the lower forms of humanity by eliminating most of them physically. Western aid programs in Africa are part of this plan. Far from helping Black Africans, aid programs aim to eradicate them.

Superficially it may appear, to anyone who has not delved deeply into the conspiracy, that political elites across much of the West genuinely favor non-White populations. They are, after all, inviting large numbers of them to live in historically White nations and often reward non-Whites with affirmative-action preferences in employment. In some Western jurisdictions opponents of Third World immigration face criminal charges from the same political establishments that encourage race-replacing immigration. In Greece the job description for an anti-immigration politician must include a willingness to conduct much of his campaigning from the confines of a jail cell. It therefore appears that Western elites do prefer non-White immigrants over their own native-born populations.

But appearances can be deceiving, because, if understood correctly, non-traditional immigration and preferential treatment of minorities are in fact only eugenicist tactics to incite conflict among the various racial groups, with the goal of preventing them from organizing non-racially in opposition to the program of the globalists. Racial violence could also be used as a pretext to impose martial law, which would make the objectives of the globalists easier to realize. That is why globalist eugenicists work so hard to encourage racial tensions and violence.

These globalists pay people to stir up racial animosity. They lavishly fund most of the White nationalist websites on the Internet, and they also pay individual agents to foment bigotry in online forums. If you see someone complaining about Black-on-White violence or the latest race riot, the chances are good that he is in the pay of the globalists. Even if he is innocent of conscious deception, he is guilty of allowing himself to be manipulated by eugenicist power elites.

It is crucially important that we not be ensnared by their trickery. Standing up for our own people would only benefit the globalists and further their eugenicist schemes. Destructive riots may tempt us to feel hostile to Black rioters, since they often single out members of our race for violence. But we shouldn’t succumb to the temptation. We must be firm in our resolve to ignore evidence of racial hostility directed against us and focus our attention instead on the eugenicists who are orchestrating it behind the scenes. George Soros, a former nazi collaborator, is prominent among them.

Our salvation will be a return to the old color-blind interpretation of the Constitution, which will benefit all races. Although those of us who understand the conspiracy are often misidentified as right-wingers in the mainstream media, we have rejected the Left-Right paradigm, which is merely another device to foster social division. Martin Luther King, the illustrious champion of color-blind politics, is a hero among us, though sadly few Blacks are as yet aware of the divide-and-conquer strategy and too often act out the violent roles assigned to them in the political script written by the eugenicists. We who can see behind the curtain are not fooled.

Let us now return to the real world.

Anyone who has listened to Alex Jones’ popular radio program will recognize that I have not exaggerated the imaginative idiocy of this conspiracy theory. It is unlikely that the preceding summary is entirely unfamiliar either, since the theory has spread widely. If it is a fringe set of ideas, it occupies a bigger fringe than White Nationalism.

Since I am not a conspiracy theorist, I will not suggest that this conspiracy theory is itself the result of a conspiracy. I am confident it is not. But at first glance it would be hard to conceive of a better structure for inhibiting racialism among Whites. The abundant evidence that multiracialism is dysfunctional will be interpreted by believers in the theory as evidence that globalist elites, intent on eugenics and world government, are working to make it dysfunctional and using the dysfunctions they cause as part of their scheme.

If you believe that is true, then you will refrain from talking about the manifest deficiencies of multiracial anti-nations, because that would only help set the stage for your own enslavement or physical elimination. You will also make certain that you do nothing to encourage racial division. Defense of your own group implies separation from other groups, which is allegedly the object of the globalists. Racial passivity by the White majority is a necessary response to the globalist threat as conspiracy theory presents it.

Yet a surprising feature of this influential brand of conspiracy theory is that it is possible to defend the West and the historic American nation even from within it. Alex Jones, a highly talented but deranged rabble-rouser, is the theory’s most effective promoter. He is opposed to the illegal immigration invasion from Mexico and occasionally opposes the largely legal Muslim invasion of Europe. He speaks critically of Third World immigration not because he wants to defend his own people, which would be sinfully “racist” and a repudiation of color-blind politics, but because he believes that massive non-White immigration is part of the eugenicist plan to stir up racial tension. He does, nevertheless, oppose it, even though the reasons he provides for his opposition are wildly improbable.

He also opposes globalist trade agreements and the security state’s encroachments on civil liberties. He opposes neoconservative wars and regime changes in the Middle East. He is a sincere and forceful supporter of the Second Amendment. He defends Western nation-states as bulwarks against globalism. At times he hints at a lack of enthusiasm for homosexual marriage, though he alleges that the issue itself is just another eugenicist trick to sow division. The minimalist libertarian state he advocates would have no power to design and enforce affirmative-action policies, and in any case since his restored constitutional republic of the future would be color-blind, it would have no inclination to do so. Racial minorities would sink or swim like everyone else.

On a variety of subjects many racialists would agree with Alex Jones, even though we would recognize that the theory that houses his sensible beliefs is too bizarre even for fantasy fiction, let alone serious political analysis.

That so many important subjects are addressed from within this conspiracy theory suggests that the theory is not popular on its own merits, which are non-existent, but because of the subjects themselves. In other words, the theory is drawing its followers largely from those Whites who are concerned about important racial and cultural issues. Put even more simply, conspiracy theory is stealing people who ought to be racial nationalists. Anyone who scans the comments section on will likely see this suspicion confirmed, especially if the subject is immigration or yet another Black-on-White outrage.

Kevin MacDonald has wondered why the Euro-American response to our ongoing dispossession has not been stronger. He has also predicted, in the concluding chapter of his Culture of Critique, that our collective response will eventually occur:

[A]lthough the success of the intellectual movements reviewed in this volume is an indication that people can be induced to be altruistic toward other groups, I rather doubt such altruism will continue if there are obvious signs that the status and political power of European-derived groups is decreasing while the power of other groups increases. The prediction, both on theoretical grounds and on the basis of social identity research, is that as other groups become increasingly powerful and salient in a multicultural society, the European-derived peoples of the United States will become increasingly unified; among these peoples, contemporary divisive influences, such as issues related to gender and sexual orientation, social class differences, or religious differences, will be increasingly perceived as unimportant. Eventually these groups will develop a united front and a collectivist political orientation vis-à-vis the other ethnic groups.

I am not competent to speak about the value of social identity research, but it seems only reasonable to presume that if Whites are frequently attacked as members of a racial group, we will eventually recognize collectively that an attack on co-racialists is also an attack on all of us.

Affirmative action is perhaps the best example of a policy that should logically be interpreted as an attack on every member of our race. The more recent campaign against alleged “white privilege” is another, as is the Black-on-White knockout game. Yet significant race-based responses to such racial attacks have not occurred, or at least not in the way we would have hoped. There should, in short, be more White nationalists by now.

It seems likely that the growing body of strange and worthless conspiracy theories, along with the growing number of their adherents, accounts for some of this political lethargy.

The consumers of these theories are mostly White. Jones would never acknowledge the racial demographics of the movement he effectively leads, and he makes an effort to discover various inarticulate rap performers who share some of his conspiracist beliefs, but almost everyone who delves into arcane conspiracies while embracing color-blind politics is Caucasian and therefore a potential target of minority identity politics and minority aggression. Few conspiracy theorists are Black or Mexican. Suppressed majority discontents provide most of the fuel for the strange, unwieldy contraption that is Jonesian conspiracy theory.

In recent years the claims of anti-White activists have been aggressively escalating. Saying that you don’t see color is now proof, among advanced antiracists, of racial crime. It is not as bad as saying that you dislike racial minorities or that you wish they lived elsewhere, but it occupies the same immoral terrain. Professions of color-blindness by Whites are interpreted by cutting-edge antiracists as a dishonest defense mechanism through which white supremacy protects itself by denying the need to grant redress to its many victims, who must be seen as racialized Others in order to receive the restitution they deserve. Martin Luther King, as he is popularly misinterpreted, might be condemned as a de facto defender of white supremacy in the current sociopolitical climate, which is why many minority agitators find his famous speeches so irritating and why mainstream opponents of race-specific remedies for racial inequality quote him so often.

White supremacists and left-wing antiracists are, according to Jonesian conspiracy theory, both equally complicit in the globalist plan for world government and mass extermination, but since the former are largely nonexistent and the latter a growing force in contemporary politics, this brand of conspiracy theory is objectively an indirect attack on antiracism in the name of color-blindness. It attacks post-millennium antiracism with its own version of old-school antiracism.

It is thus understandable, though disturbing, that a significant number of the many White Americans who would prefer not to see their nation demolished, and who feel threatened and perplexed by minority aggression, would take refuge in conspiracy theory and in its color-blind ideals. A largely Caucasian political movement that, in the name of anti-globalism and altruistic resistance to eugenics, vigorously asserts the moral and tactical necessity of color-blindness should be understood both as an expression of opposition to antiracism’s postmodern form and as a timid but socially permissible way of expressing disapproval of street-level minority aggression and of anti-White identity politics.

Deluded Whites who get angry at Black violence and at unreasonable minority demands act out, conspiracists believe, the globalist script; but Black rioters and other minority malcontents are also performing their assigned roles and should be rebuked as well. Jonesian conspiracy theory allows you to condemn the antics of Al Sharpton for the altruistic purpose of saving most of humanity from mass murder, an impending eugenicist slaughter during which, unless we act now to stop it, Sharpton’s own race will be especially victimized. You, the humble consumer of conspiracy theories, become the true antiracist, and colored racial agitators become the witting or unwitting servants of nazi conspirators. Conspiracy theory sends its adherents into a political conflict with aggressive minorities armed only with color-blind altruism and moral universalism, but in the current climate they actually are weapons of a sort, although they are far from powerful.

In conspiracy theory we see the curious and troubling phenomenon of an explicitly anti-racialist expression of suppressed but distinctively White political concerns and racial anxieties, which should be expressed openly but which are instead expressed from within a highly inventive fiction. It is normal and healthy to want your race and your civilization to survive and prosper, but in a culture in which those normal desires are strongly and persistently pathologized, the desires unnaturally find their outlet in strange political constructions. Fervent belief in a non-existent eugenicist conspiracy is one unfortunate result.

* * *

Source: Counter-Currents

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2 May, 2015 4:44 am

For those who may not know, Alex Jones’ wife is a Jewess – making his children Jews under Hassidic law, and indeed the laws of Israel. This fact alone should provide you with enough information to see Jones for what he really is – a piece of race mixing filth.

10 September, 2019 9:22 am

“Since I am not a conspiracy theorist, I will not suggest that this conspiracy theory is itself the result of a conspiracy. I am confident it is not.”

holy naivete batman
try visiting on the wayback machine ND fitzinfo
of course it is a conspiracy this guy is married to a jewess and has jewish kids with the last jewess he was married to all of his sponsors are jews he was in (((hollywood))) films like a scanner darkly and waking life
he was on (((the view))) and (((CNN))) and other (((MSM))) outlets , he has been connected to stratfor ,an israeli into group
this works for ZOG there is absolutely no doubt about it