Indiana: Pro-White Farmers Threatened, Persecuted by Jewish-Funded Leftists

Well-funded “anti-racist” activists, with backing from billionaire Jews and government institutions, prevent racially-aware White people from engaging in online commerce. The National Alliance and Cosmotheist Church, for example, have been effectively banned from online commerce for nearly two years. Now the Jews and their pawns are trying to extend this censorship to totally non-political venues like this Bloomington, Indiana farmers’ market.

DURING THE market season, people rise at the crack of dawn, grab their reusable bags and head downtown to stock up on bright red tomatoes, rainbow-colored carrots, and crisp green beans.

The Bloomington Farmers’ Market has been a touchstone of the community for years. But over the past week it’s become the center of anti-White censorship efforts, the public face of which is an evidently Asian woman named Abby Ang, an Indiana University Associate Instructor and full-time anti-White activist.

On June 4, Ang submitted a letter with more than 200 co-signers demanding the removal of a vendor named Schooner Creek Farm from the Bloomington Farmers’ Market.

The letter claimed owners of the farm, Sarah Dye and Douglas Mackey, are members of Identity Evropa (IE), a (gasp!) White nationalist group.

The Bloomington Farmers’ Market responded. It told Ang it would not remove Schooner Creek Farm.

“To our knowledge, this vendor has not shared these views at Market and has treated customers with respect,” said Marcia Veldman, program/facility coordinator for Bloomington’s Parks and Recreation Department, in an email response to Ang. “The City is constitutionally prohibited from discriminating against someone because of their belief system, no matter how abhorrent those views may be. The City may only intercede if an individual’s actions violate the safety and human rights of others.”

Unicorn Riot, an extreme-left group with reportedly criminal antifa links, calling itself a “reporting collective,” received and published illegally hacked files of the pro-European group’s private messages (and was, of course, neither investigated nor punished for doing so).

These messages include “proof” of Dye and Mackey’s great “sins”:

“Volkmom,” alleged to be Dye by the criminal leftists, posted several messages on the pro-White group’s Discord servers.

“Volk,” IDS News, a local controlled media outlet, breathlessly reported, “is a German word for people. It and the adjective ‘voelkisch,’ which means ‘people’s,’ were used by the Nazis to distinguish Germans from those they labeled inferior, according to the BBC.” Ridiculous. Volk carried no implication of inferiority, merely indicating those who were members of the folk-community.

Volkmom wrote about farming and posted pictures of her vegetables under the hashtag “gardening.”

She wrote about homeschooling her kids and giving people recommendations for “non-PC books.”

“Especially this year as we are starting History. I am going to reference March of the Titans by Arthur Kemp alongside the more mainstream Story of the World,” she posted Aug. 17, 2018.

“They [Native Americans] can’t use the term ‘genocide,’” Volkmom posted Jan. 20. ”Technically we have created conditions for them to prosper, although they do not today for other reasons.”

“The word ‘indigenous’ only means POC to leftists,” she posted Feb. 14. “They conveniently forget about when it comes to Europeans.”

“Any Whites who have spent time living in a neighborhood or attending a school with a non-White majority know the strife that Whites endure,” she wrote Jan. 24.

Volkmom indicated she wasn’t always a racial-nationalist. On Jan. 22, she called herself a “former lefty.”

Thomas Westgard is a local who has joined Ang in “rooting out” what they call “fascists.” He spent many days studying IE posts and photos until he found one that “proved” that Dye and Mackey held “forbidden” views on social issues.

By greatly enlarging two photos of IE activism, Westgard found two bundles of materials in a picture taken near a greenhouse. Two of the bundles are labeled. When the picture was flipped by Westgard’s image analysis software, the labels become clear: “Douglas Mackey D1” and “Douglas Mackey End Walls D1.”

In a June 1 Facebook post addressed to the Nashville Farmers’ Market Board, Westgard said Dye lied about being a “White supremacist” and demanded she be expelled from the market.

“None of us holds any special right to be a part of a farmers’ market, nor is any of us obligated to retain in a farmers’ market persons who hold views we dislike,” the semi-literate Westgard wrote. “Any suggestion that the Board cannot expel a vendor due to a difference of opinion is an inaccurate understanding of the First Amendment.”

A former vendor contacted the Nashville Farmers’ Market board on May 25 about Schooner Creek Farm and shared more information in the following days, wrote new board president Kara Hammes in an email to the Indiana Daily Student.

Board members spent the week reviewing the information before removing Dye as president on June 1, the same day as Westgard’s Facebook post. The board is still reviewing its options under its 2019 vendor contract and cannot comment on any changes or decisions at this time.

The Saturday after Abby Ang’s letter was sent, Mackey set up a lush display of leafy greens and burgundy beets at the Bloomington Farmers’ Market.

Across the market, Abby Ang and other protestors handed out fliers asking patrons to avoid the Schooner Creek Farm booth. One table had pins which read “Don’t Buy Veggies From Nazis.”

“What’s next,” Kevin Strom has recently asked in his American Dissident Voices radio broadcasts, “forbidding outspoken White folks from buying electricity or food?” It appears that the extreme-leftist/Jewish coalition does want to prevent one White family from selling food — thereby cutting off their livelihood.

Ang, who speaks in an odd voice that sounds like she is mocking a mentally retarded person, said she “found out about Schooner Creek Farm” from a friend on Facebook. She started working at informational tables at the market for two organizations, the Monroe County Indiana Chapter of the National Organization for Women and Democracy for Monroe County.

“I wanted to get a letter out as soon as possible in order to help the community feel empowered,” Ang said.

Even if Ang files complaints with the health department and the USDA, it’s unlikely Schooner Creek Farm would be removed from the Bloomington Farmers’ Market.

Joseph Tomain is a lecturer for the IU Maurer School of Law who specializes in free speech rights. He said removing the farm from the farmers’ market, which is run by the City of Bloomington, would be in violation of Dye and Mackey’s First Amendment rights.

“So if all you have here is a vendor, who is participating in the farmers market like everybody else, and it just happens to be that they’re racists, they have the right to participate in the market,” Tomain said.

Tomain said one way the government can prohibit someone’s free speech is if it passes the Brandenburg incitement test.

For the government to restrict the speech of someone advocating a crime or use of force, it must prove the speech is “directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action” and is “likely to incite or produce such action,” according to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute.

“People are people, some are good, some are bad,” Tomain said. “And in our democracy, we tolerate living with diverse viewpoints.”

While the First Amendment protects hate speech, it also protects Americans’ rights to protest against that speech, Tomain said. He said many of the free speech protections that exist today came from cases involving civil rights activists.

“But when we think about the bigger picture, the last thing I think that we want to do is start to curtail First Amendment rights based on the viewpoint of speech because that could turn around and be used against individuals who are seeking to express messages of justice and equality,” Tomain said.

Tomain said nothing, of course, about the legality or constitutionality of trying to take away Dye and Mackey’s First Amendment rights or the right to make a living without harassment, stalking, or ruination of their business based on their political or social views.

Ang wrote in an email she plans to submit her complaints following a Farmers’ Market Advisory Council meeting on June 17, which is open to the public.

“Bloomington United” is one of the front groups in which Ang serves as a public, non-Jewish face. The parent group’s (“Not in Our Town”) slogans include “Stop hate together” and “No hate in our town.” These anti-White haters typically employ a strategy of characterizing any resistance by Whites to their own replacement and genocide as “hate.” The explicit purpose of the group is to hound Whites who resist the Jewish/leftist agenda out of neighborhoods, out of business, and out of community participation and public view. Its council members and leaders include Charene Zalis, Becki Cohn-Vargas, and Rabbi Sydney Mintz. A public “Bloomington United” meeting to plan further persecution of Dye and Mackey is planned for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Hooker Conference Room in Bloomington’s City Hall (!).

Ang said she and others will continue to protest Schooner Creek Farm’s presence at the market until Dye and Mackey leave for good, even if her official complaints are rejected.

“The way I see it, if the city government can’t or won’t do anything to actually ban them, then citizens can still boycott the vendor itself and its booth,” she wrote in a text message. “They can still ask the city to look at their policies for vendors. They can still run them out of the farmers’ market simply by making no money.”

Ang works closely with an extreme left organization calling itself the “Indivisible Project,” whose co-founders and co-Executive Directors are Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg. Levin and Greenberg are Jews.

* * *

Source: based on an article at IDS News and National Vanguard correspondents

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26 June, 2019 10:49 am

I hope there is appropriate group counter-action in the works against the protests of Ang, et. al. on behalf of Schooner Creek Farm. Maybe Identity Evropa can help?

26 June, 2019 7:11 pm

There is no Identity Evropa anymore. They have rebranded themselves as the American Identity Movement. Not very well thought-out name change, as it is WAY to close to the American Indian Movement which has been around for many years and obviously shares the same acronym of AIM.

Looked at the website of the new American Identity Movement. They have had a couple of notable public appearances/demonstrations, but are not touching the “j” question but do touch on issues of white interests. Not sure what to make of them. I’m sure most of the members are salt-of-the-earth whites, but invariably it is the leadership of these organizations that let us all down.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
28 June, 2019 2:21 am

Where I live here in California, the Chinese community conducts itself like a full-blown ethno-nationalist movement. They have their own men’s groups, women’s groups, youth groups, TV channels, radio channels, professional associations, business guilds, spiritual groups, and even their own hospitals! Along with that, most refuse to speak to anyone who is not Chinese. Most refuse to speak English, generation after generation. Any non-Chinese person who lives here has learned the lesson of not attempting any degree of small-talk to them, including even a simple “hello.” They won’t even look at you. This Chinese community does not play any favorites; they detest everyone who isn’t Chinese. “If you’re not Chinese, then you’re not right.” I worked with a guy from Vietnam one time, and he told me that the Chinese… Read more »

Reply to  Josef Tone
29 June, 2019 3:39 am

I’m also from California and I had no idea about this. I looked it up myself and lo and behold, you were right. But god forbid someone have a school, hospital, or social organization that explicitly caters to white people and the English language.

28 June, 2019 10:51 pm

Thank you to the National Vanguard correspondents who helped make this story possible! We’re all the ‘eyes and ears’ in our local communities that help keep the rest of us informed by bringing these events to the attention of NV’s writers.

Time Traveler
Time Traveler
29 June, 2019 9:12 am

Just as we cannot vote our way out of this burgeoning non-white nightmare, we also cannot reason our way out of this by “activism”. Instead, blood-drenched civil war on an unimaginable scale is the only way out.

29 June, 2019 11:00 pm

It is impossible to continually read stories like this (and worse), and not see that breaking up this dis-union into at least the 50 sovereign states and preferably way more independent nations, is the only way to possibly avoid the near-imminent civil war that the intolerant, freedom-hating left/progressive folks are provoking. Most of America simply wishes to be left alone, while an unfortunately powerful minority simply will not leave anyone alone. Before the violence breaks out, support the dissolution of the federal government, for freedom’s sake and sanity’s sake.

Reply to  MrLiberty
30 June, 2019 10:51 am

Our folk need to organize into support networks. It must be done intelligently, keeping a low profile at first. There is a lot more I would say about this, but I think it should start with creating internal markets which expand as close as possible to providing all the needs for which we must rely on a market. This can create a natural protection against those who come against us saying “Don’t buy Veggies from Nazis”.

fuc u
fuc u
25 July, 2019 8:06 pm

That’s fine, rely on the local market. But buy from a vendor not considering their race, color or morals. I am of Norwegian/German decent. I hate white supremacy, tell the donald hi, yes that’s with a small d. Have any of you been to the Bloomington Farmers Market?

4 August, 2019 1:14 pm

Did you know that the Jewish population is only approximately 1.7%, yup, less than 2% of the American Population. Most of them, like most Christians, are probably non-practicing, but still recognize and identify with the family tradition. Yet, you sure do assign them an awful lot of power. What exactly is it that you’re so afraid of? I expect this will be deleted, as this publication clearly states that they’ll delete or modify any comment to promote themselves. I just seriously don’t understand the white pride/white fear movement. (And yes, according to my DNA report, I am as white as they come. White. Hetero. Agnostic. I still don’t get it)

11 August, 2019 12:28 pm

I was at the Bloomington Farmer’s Market in July. Almost all of the non-Amish vendors had yellow signs on their tables proclaiming that they are pro-LBGTQ, pro-this, pro-that. I immediately thought it was creepy. An enormous gang-up on Schooner Creek. I said nothing about it to anyone until leaving. On the sidewalk outside the market there was a young woman (19-ish) handing out a flier denouncing Schooner Creek Farms. I walked on. There was a young guy on the next block handing out the same fliers. And then I lost it. Told him I was for free speech, and he was the bully, he was the fascist. My son did not understand. It upset him to see me yelling at a young adult who seemed nice and polite. I told… Read more »

13 July, 2022 8:01 pm

Deutsches Update

Niederlande: Krieg gegen das Bauerntum

Unter dem verlogenen Vorwand, angeblich schädliche Emissionen (N2, CH4, CO2) reduzieren zu müssen, um den Planeten zu retten, soll eine Hungersnot herbeigeführt werden. Die Bauern der Niederlande sollen zu diesem Zweck ihren Viehbestand reduzieren und schlußendlich enteignet werden.

Der deutsche Widerstand erkennt in diesem Handeln eine Steilvorlage für das zukünftige Handeln der BRD-Regierung.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Oleg
13 July, 2022 11:01 pm

Translation: German update

Netherlands: war against the peasantry

Famine is to be brought about under the mendacious pretext of allegedly having to reduce harmful emissions (N2, CH4, CO2) in order to save the planet. For this purpose, the farmers of the Netherlands are to reduce their livestock and ultimately be expropriated.

The German resistance recognizes in this action a steep template for the future action of the FRG government.