A Happy 2016 from Jew-controlled Fakebook


by Mike Walsh (pictured)

TODAY I RECEIVED a Happy New Year’s greeting from Fakebook; yet another 30-day block — this time in place until January 29th. This was allegedly for posting, a very long time ago, a Press Association image of a former German chancellor.

The real reason for the block is my successfully exposing the enemies of the ethnic European peoples. On my Timeline there are close to 2,500 friends. Fakebook, you have blocked them — not me. I have many irons in the fire.

Zuckerberg, the information highway now has more holes than a poorly maintained Israeli lane stolen from the Palestinians. What Fakebook offers is like just one hole in a kitchen colander filled with holes. Your blocks are futile. There is a legion of Mike Walshes out there who post the ethnic Europeans’ message.

You, Zuckerberg, offer free Internet services to the so-called refugees sweeping through Europe. Simultaneously, you block ethnic Europeans whose posts suggest criticism of their lands being occupied by Arabs and Africans.

You and your ilk are the sweeping’s up of Europe. As and when you are discarded let there be no whinging and whining that you are hard done by. You are internationally reviled for very good reason; there will be few mourners to your passing.

* * *

Source: Mike Walsh

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